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I love sponge cakes!  It’s super soft with the right level of sweetness.  But when I discovered Bula...

I love sponge cakes!  It’s super soft with the right level of sweetness.  But when I discovered Bulacan’s local pastry called INIPIT back when I was still in school, I had always looked for bakeshops in Manila selling them.  “Inipit” in its literary sense means pressed.  True to its Filipino translation, Inipit the pastry, is made up of two soft and yummy fluffly cakes with yummy spread “inipit” in the middle.  Good thing, I don’t have to travel far to find the unique taste which only Inipit in Bulacan could bring, because Lemon Square brought it to me, and made it readily available in the market!

Lemon Square Inipit
Lemon Square Inipit
Not only that, apart from the popular Custard flavor it’s known for, Lemon Square came up with five more fun and exciting flavors!  It’s now available in Ube Pastillas, Pandan, Queso, Chocolate, and Lemon.  Always real goodness with Lemon Square Inipit.
Lemon Square Inipit
Different flavors of Lemon Square Inipit
I have a little trivia loves!  Did you know that Inipit has been used by caterers and chefs and aspiring bakers as their base to make unique and delicious recipes?  Ah ha!  I bet you already know that!  And because of that, I was inspired to create my own Inipit dessert which is very easy to make and exciting to do!  It’s like working on an art masterpiece, using the available ingredients you surely could find at home!  Hear this!  I didn’t only create one, but two Inipit recipes!  Anything is possible because there’s #No LimitwithInipit!

Here are my Inipit creations:

First look into your pantry, the ref, the kitchen, for ingredients which you could add or use as toppings to your new Inipit creation.  I looked into mine and put these altogether:
Lemon Square Inipit
First get a Chocolate-flavored Inipit
Lemon Square Inipit
Put sliced bananas on top of the Inipit
Lemon Square Inipit
Get some pieces of cereals and put it on top of the banana slices.
Lemon Square Inipit
Lemon Square Inipit
Give the inipit a chocolate syrup bath!  Yummy!
Now there’s your Choco-Banana Inipit!
Lemon Square Inipit
Start with the Ube Inipit as base
Lemon Square Inipit
Pick violet colored treats like chocolates and fruit loop cereals.
Lemon Square Inipit
Arrange them nicely on top of Ube Pastillas Inipit
Lemon Square Inipit
Put the Inipit creation in the middle of the plate and decorate or smother it with a blueberry syrup for that Ube overload!
Lemon Square Inipit
See, di ba ang dali lang gawin?  Not only that it’s not expensive to do and you also eliminate food waste at home by using only what’s available in the pantry!  What’s more, this could be a perfect bonding activity with the kids as well without having to spend too much!  Plus, sa totoo lang, ang sarap maging kid ulit with Inipit! 
Now, I challenge you bloggers and active social media users to create your Lemon Square Inipit masterpiece and share on your blog or social media accounts for a chance to win Lemon Square products and Baking Tools!  

It’s so easy to join! 
Lemon Square Inipit
1. Create a dessert using Lemon Square’s soft, yummy, and fluffy Inipit cakes.
2. Document how you created the dessert through photos or video.
3. Share the dessert recipe on your blog.
4. Include the message and hashtag below in your blog post:
     “Sarap maging kid with Inipit”
     Hashtag: #NoLimitwithInipit
Five (5) winners will win a baking set worth Php5,000 each and Lemon Square products!
Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:
     50% - Uniqueness of Recipe
     40% - Dessert Presentation
     10% - Blog Post Story

1. Create a dessert using Lemon Square’s soft, yummy, and fluffy Inipit cakes.
2. Take a photo of your finished product.
3. Share the photo on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.
4. Describe your dessert in the caption, and include the hashtag, #NoLimitwithInipit.
5. Remember to make your accounts public!
Ten (10) winners will win Baking Tools and Lemon Square products!
Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:
     50% - Dessert Presentation
     40% - Photo Quality
     10% - Caption

To view the full mechanics of the contest like how to join and where to send your entries, visit

Are you ready for the challenge loves?  Good luck to all!

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  2. Hello Jing! I'm happy that my post was helpful to you and your child. Have a great day! Thanks for following my blog. :) God bless! :)

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    hi mommy. thank you for your blog. imactually looking for gmynastics class for my daughter. and voice. thanks for all the patience and engagement you put in this blog. hope to be an active blogger someday.

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  6. Oh too late for summer camps!! But from now on Im goin to follow you on instagram for next year's summer!!!

  7. by any chance maybe you know a class near bacoor cavite?

  8. hi mommies!! just wondering if anyone can help me... i am looking for a music and art class for babies 2 yr. and below near bacoor cavite? thank you

  9. Hello Joeanna, you may look for a Gymboree branch near you. :) Thanks!




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