Our Jollibee Kiddie Party Experience And Jollibee Party Packages 2018

Jollibee is one of the top choices of party venue for parents who want to celebrate their child's birthday to make it truly special and ...

Jollibee is one of the top choices of party venue for parents who want to celebrate their child's birthday to make it truly special and memorable.  I know so because we've celebrated my children's and nephew's birthdays in Jollibee!  In 2005, still a first-time mom back then, I celebrated my panganay's 2nd birthday there.  A lot has changes since then - but all for the better.

Celebrate your child's next birthday with a Jollibee Kids Party
Recently, my nephew celebrated his 7th birthday and his parents gave him a surprise party.  I was there to attend this special occasion and experience the fun of the surprise and games for the kids, witness my own kids participate and exemplify sportsmanship during games, and of course enjoy the meal!

There are new themes and packages for a memorable Jollibee Kiddie Party.  Here they are:
Jollibee Kidde Party Themes: Jollibee's FUN-tastic Factory, JolliTown, JolliRace, and Hello Kitty Fun Carnival
When you choose a theme from these, you have to pay either Php1,500 or Php2000 (with 10 loot bags) for the Party Favors which are the following:

  • 30 Name tags
  • 30 Balloons
  • 15 Assorted game prizes
  • 15 Party hats
  • 15 Invitation cards
  • 10 Trayliners
  • 5 Boxes of crayons
  • 1 Message board
  • Jollibee Mascot appearance
You may however add more theme party favors here are its individual/set prices:
  • Loot Bags - Php 60.00 each
  • 1 Set of Party Favors (Invitation card, Party hat, Name tag, Trayliner) Php 7.00 each
  • CAKE (from Red Ribbon) 
    • Medium (8 X 12) Php 900
    • Large (12 X 12) Php 1,100
  • Additional Mascot - Php 1,000 each with 30 minutes appearance

My brother chose the JolliRace Party Theme and let me show you now the party favors and what to expect when you book a Jollibee Kids Party for your child:
Personalized Birthday Banner
Fully decorated party venue
15 invitations, 15 name tags 15 party hats, and 15 tray liners (Php 7.00 for each additional set of these favors)
15 assorted game prizes
Here are some of the game prizes PLUS five boxes of crayons
Message board to write your wishes for the celebrator!
Get all those mentioned above for Php 1,500 Party Fee.  Get 10 loot bags if you pay the Php2,000 Party Fee
Loot bag or giveaway content.  You may get more loot bags for Php 60.00 each
You may opt to get your cake from Jollibee for only Php 900 (Medium 8 X 12 in) or Php 1,100 (Large 12 x 12 in)
If cake will be coming from outside, candle blowing during singing of birthday song is okay, but not to be eaten. 
Jollibee Kids Party has leveled up their party balloon decors with balloon cake arc, balloon pillars and balloon ceiling decor.
I didn't get her name but this party host was so energetic, so fun to watch, so nice to kids, and funny!
The venue was filled with kids who enjoyed so much in games!  There were about six games in total
Some of the games played were Bring Me, Boat is Sinking, Stop Dance, and Coin Collecting
Mascot appearance is part of the Party Theme.  Jollibee had a dance number and stayed for candle blowing, and photo ops.
Dance number by Jollibee with matching blinking eyes pa!
During candle blowing and birthday wishes, Jollibee mascot stayed

There's a minimum food purchase of Php5,000.  You may avail the food party packages or Create Your Own Package (with minimum of Php5,000 SOLO food items or those not part of value meals).

The package that we got was Food Package C costing us Php 206.00/pax which consists of the following:
Jolly Spaghetti
Regular Fries
Cheesy Yumburger

Regular Softdrinks
Chocolate Sundae

Other packages available are the following:
Jolly Spaghetti
Regular Fries
Regular Softdrinks
PHP 161.00 each
1 pc Chickenjoy with 
Jolly Spaghetti
Regular Fries
Regular Softdrinks
PHP 210.00 each
1 pc Chickenjoy with rice
Joilly Spaghetti
Regular Fries
Regular Softdrink
PHP 236.00 each

I am not sure if the prices vary per branch because I read different prices for the same food packages.  So it's better to check with the Jollibee branch of your choice.

We all love Jollibee and my youngest had a #Sepanx moment with Jollibee during the party, which I posted on my Instagram story and feed.  He's just adorable aarrgh!  :)  Love your own ang peg!

We all had fun, kids and kids-at-heart.  Games though were the usual party formula which no host would ever go wrong but it's still fun.  In my experience, if you have other games in mind, you may coordinate this with the program host.  During this party, we just left all the program to the host - and boy she definitely rocked it.  She was energetic and very patient with the kids.  She was also entertaining the adults and made them participate in the games.  For sure they have a party program formula including the timing and I am happy that the program went smoothly and on time as well.  Food this time (compared to the previous parties I had at Jollibee) were served with speed, spoon/fork/sundae spoon/table napkin/straw were packed and easily distributed to all the guests.  It definitely is an improved process because it saved a lot of time compared to giving guests those one by one.  Food was served hot and fast.  I am amazed the party is more organized and service is faster now!  The loot bags made the kids giddy excited!  Everybody had a great time at the party!  Kudos Jollibee!

For more information about Jollibee 
and to book your party at Jollibee visit the nearest branch
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  1. Hi! May I know which Jollibee branch this party was held? The interior looks clean and new. Thanks


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