A Compilation of Funny Killer Jokes from #TheMorningRush To Kick Off My Day

Hello loves!  Everyday when I go to work, I need to have my daily dose of positivity, electric energy and laughter.  There's a window of...

Hello loves!  Everyday when I go to work, I need to have my daily dose of positivity, electric energy and laughter.  There's a window of 30 minutes to 1 hour from the house to my workplace, for me to be able to get this good vibe.

Where do I get it?  I get it from reading my favorite blogs via mobile like this, this, thisthis  this, and this.

But while doing all the reading, there's one thing I never ever miss to do which never fails to make me giggle out loud like a crazy woman in a public utility vehicle, that is listening to my favorite morning FM station, The Morning Rush, RX 93.1

Oh good gawd, I love listening to Chico, Delamar and Gino.  I've been a fan of Chico and Delamar eversince I was in college and now I am hooked to Gino's witty quips and his funny retaliation to the two seniors bullying him.

This morning, I just have to share what made me laugh out loud on my way to work.  #TheMorningRush #KillerJokes which happened to be the Top 1 trending topic on Twitter during their airtime.  The killer jokes I compiled came from the entries of their listeners.  I just have to share the laugh trip with you muthers and hope you enjoy them as well.

Killer Joke #1

Titser sa isang estudyante: Spell HORSE

Estudyante (mabagal na nagsspell):  H-O.......R.....

Titser: Bilisan mo naman.

Estudyante (mas mabilis konti): H-O-R......S....

Titser: Mas mabilis pa dyan.

Estudyante: YAH! Tigidigtigidigtigidig

Killer Joke #2

Ano ang pinkamatandang Isda?


Eh di, Century Tuna!

Killer Joke #3

Ano ang mas matanda kesa sa Century Tuna?


Eh di, 555 Tuna!

Killer Joke #4:

Ano ang sabi ng isang Donut sa isa pang donut na nasa taas ng puno?



Killer Joke #5

Anong Computer ang kumakanta?


Eh di, A-DELLe

Killer Joke #6

Anong tawag sa lalaking hipon?

Eh di HE-pon!

Eh ano naman kapag babaeng hipon?

Eh di, SHE-rimp!

Killer Joke #7

Anong sabi ng isang macaroni sa gumugulong na mabilis na macaroni?



Killer Joke #8

Anong tawag sa isdang nahati sa gitna?


Eh di, TUNA (two-na)

Killer Joke #9

Anong numbero ang hindi favorite ng mga negosyante?



Killer Joke #10

Anong ayaw na ayaw na kanta ng Centipede?


I have two hands, the left and the right..

Killer Joke #11

Ano ang tawag sa Green na teddy Bear?


Eh di, BERDE.

Killer Joke #12

Anong paboritong tinapay ng Buwan?


Eh di, MOONay at MaMOON.

Killer Joke #13

Alam mo bang si Rhianna di na R&B genre niya? K-Pop na siya!

Ha? Talaga?

Oo, kahit nga pangalan niya pinalitan niya eh!

Ano na?

KORhianna na siya.

Killer Joke #14

1: What password mo pre?

2: mickymousminimousdonldducdaisyducgoofypluto

1: Bakit ang haba?

2: Duh di ba dapat atleast 6 characters!

Killer Joke #15

A ngongo husband covers his wife's eyes to surprise her, "Ngesh hu?"

Wife: Ikaw nalang naman ngongo dito.

Killer Joke #16

Anong tawag sa tanga na mahirap?


Eh di Foolubi

Killer Joke #17

Anong Katabi ng USA?


Eh di, USB!

Killer Joke #18

Anong tawag sa anak na sanggol ng Taong Grasa?


Eh di, Baby Oil

Killer Joke #19

Anong tawag sa paniki na mababa ang lipad?



Killer Joke #20

Anong tawag sa hayop na walang gilagid?


Eh di, LANG-GUM (langgam)


Haha!  Super laki ng tawa ko!  When I was telling these jokes to my colleagues when I got to the office before a meeting, tawa sila nang tawa.

Akala ko sa jokes ko natatawa, sa AKIN pala natatawa ang mga to!  Di raw ako magaling magdeliver ng jokes!  TSE!

Hope you enjoyed as well loves!  Have a GREAT and POSITIVE day to all! :)

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