Jollibee Birthday Party Packages - My Son's 2nd Birthday Party

Have you  looked at your kid/s and said to yourself, how time flies indeed so fast?  I've done so very recently with my two sons, the e...

Have you  looked at your kid/s and said to yourself, how time flies indeed so fast?  I've done so very recently with my two sons, the eldest who turned nine last September 10 and now, my youngest just turned two last September 18.  We wanted to give our two year old son a special celebration because that's what we did for our eldest.  Our youngest is now more responsive, appreciative, active and interactive.  It's for these reasons why we really pushed to have a party for him.  We decided to celebrate it at Jollibee
Jollibee Birthay Party Packages
Jollibee Birthday Party Set up at Puregold (Araneta Ave. cor
E.Rodriguez Ave. Branch)
Here's to share other elements of his party.
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Own-designed Party Invite.

Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Own-designed Tarpaulin Banner
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Buttercream Icing Cake with Jollibee Face by Delishaes
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Cupcakes with personalized printed toppers by Delishaes 

Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Used brown bags to as support to pro-environment campaigns.
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Chose a friend's photo booth services  Photo Fun Machine 
It's easy to create your party package at Jollibee, here are the steps to a well-put celebration:

STEP 1: Find A Store and Select The Date of Your Party 
You may do this now through Jollibee's Online Party Reservation
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages

STEP 2: Plan Your Party
- Choose from the available themes:
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
 We chose My Best Friend Jollibee as our theme for my son's party.
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages

- Party Fee of Php 1,250 includes the following Jollibee Kiddie Party Favors
         * 1 Jollibee Mascot Appearance
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Jollibee Mascot Appearance and Dance Number
      * 20 Assorted Game Prizes
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
 20 Game Prizes from Jollibee
      * 10 Crayola Crayons
      * 30 Balloons
      * Guest Book
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Registration manned by efficient party staff of Jollibee Puregold
For additional party favors, here are the costs:
      * 1 Set of theme favors - P7.00 each (includes name tag, party hat, invitation card, party liner)
      * Name Tag - P0.50 each
      * Party Hat - P4.00 ech
      * Invitation Card - P1.50 each
      * Party Tray Liner - P 1.00 each
      * Prizes - P10.00 each
      * Guestbook - P10.00 each
      * Crayons - P6.00 each
      * Balloons - P12.00 each
      * Lootbag - P60.00 each (JolliTown)
- Actual contents may vary without prior notice, just like what happened in my case.

You may opt to purchase loot bags from Jollibee in line with your chosen theme (for P50.00 to P80.00 each) or bring your own provided it's generic (no other characters allowed.)  

Cakes are also available at selected Jollibee branches, supplied by Red Ribbon.  They only have 1 size of cake 8' x 12' cake, which is kind of small for P900.00.  You may bring your own but as their rule, could not be served to your guests during the party. 

Choose Food Packages:

Food Package #1: P3,840.00 (good for 30pax)
      * Jollibee Spaghetti
      * Regular Fries
      * Regular Drink
      * Chocolate Sundae
  Food Package #2: P5,130.00 (good for 30 pax)
      * Jollibee Spaghetti
      * Jolly Hotdog Classic
      * Regular Fries
      * Regular Drink
      * Chocolate Sundae
 Food Package #3: P4,680.00 (good for 30 pax)
      * Jollibee Spaghetti
      * Regular Yum
      * Regular Fries
      * Regular Drink
      * Chocolate Sundae
  Food Package #4: P5910.00 (good for 30 pax)
      * 1 pc Chickenjoy with Rice
      *  Jollibee Saghetti
      * Regular Fries
      * Regular Drink
      * Chocolate Sundae
In our case, we created our own food package.  The requirement though was to at least order Four Thousand Pesos (P4,000.00) worth of regular meal before we you could order any value meal.  We ordered 80 packs of the following:
      * Chicken and Spaghetti Value Meal (1 regular drink included) - P105.00
      * Regular Yum - P28.00
      * Regular Fries - P28.00
      * Chocolate Sundae - P25.00

STEP 3: Online Payment now accepts online payments using the secured Peso Payment system.  You may choose to pay P3,000.00 as down payment or pay in full through your VISA or Mastercard accounts.

I.         Registration
II.       Welcoming of Guests (Jollibee Party Staff performed a cute birthday dance number)
III.      Opening Prayer
IV.      Games
V.       Serving of Food
VI.      Jollibee Mascot Appearance
VII.    Happy Birthday Song and Candle Blowing
VIII.   Thank You Message From Parents
IX.      Loot Bags Distribution

Originally, I booked our party at another branch.  But there was a BIG confusion in terms of party room assigned to us.  They gave us a smaller room different from the room shown to us during ocular. Three days before the originally scheduled party, the first branch couldn't confirm if they could give in to my request.  I decided to scout for another STILL-available branch close to the original party schedule for I cannot compromise the comfort of my guests.  Good thing, Jollibee Puregold Araneta was still available plus I also got a refund from the first branch.

As if the universe conspired to put things in order, all my suppliers were available on the new schedule because the didn't book any other event on that day.  The next challenge was to send out a new invitation to all the confirmed guests 3 days prior to the new party schedule.  Happily, almost all of our expected guests were present.  What better way to celebrate my son's birthday than to have a perfect weather.  Our son got a bike as a freebie for the amount of food package we availed and a pillow as a gift.
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Bike and Pillow from Jollibee
The place was packed with beaming and excited faces of our friends and family.  They went out of their ways to still make it and bring joy to the young heart of our son Wes.  It was a tiring but a truly successful  event.  We give thanks to everybody involved in making this party a well-celebrated one! And to our dear son, remember that Mom and Dad will do anything and everything to give you the best that we can as long as we live.  We love you so much!  

For more information on Jollibee Kids Party you may visit Jollibee's website or follow @iwantjollibee on Twitter.

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  1. I feel your sentiments. Time does fly very fast. Blink and you've missed it! Our eldest is now 12 and is starting to go out with friends! Looks like a fun party! I love Jollibee. Their chickenjoy is still king for me. Sarap! Belated HBD to your babylove! :-)

    Come join our blog contest and get a chance to win P10k FREE gas/diesel vouchers from Shell Philippines! Thank you! :-)

  2. I want a Jollibee party for Z's 2nd birthday also! HAHAHA, the first one's not yet over and I'm already planning the next party! Happy Birthday, Wes!

  3. hahaha! Thanks sis! :) let me know if you need contact to suppliers! :)

  4. My daughter turned three last 22nd of September ans celebrated it a Jollibee store too! Children really loves Jollibee. I also posted about our simple celebration.

    I would like to inform you also that I have nominated you to receive the Leibster Blog Award. You'll know the full details of this award by reading my post about it.

  5. Hi Hanny! Thank you for the nomination! I will try my best to answer the questionnaires and make a list as well! :) I'm honored! :)

  6. I dont like the loot bags and it contents.....

  7. Hi Evelyn the lootbags were not from Jollibee. We bought them last minute because of my change in venue. Jollibee's lootbags are awesome! Too bad we weren't able to book earlier..

  8. How much will I pay if I had 80 guests? Will I receive a gift base on the amount I paid?

  9. had fun reading ur blog..i was planning for my daughters' 7th bday party end of this month and we both want to celebrate it at jollibee..i want the package #4 except for the rice ..and want additional burger too..thanks i was able to read ur article..i never knew i can include value meal with drinks in their create their own meal :) i guess we're all set up! thanks so much..God bless

  10. Thank you for the kind words Jazz. I emailed you. God Bless too! Good luck on your party! :)

  11. Hello, glad to see a Joliibee bday party post like this, been looking for one. My daughter will be 2 this Sept 15th and we will be celebrate it at Jollibee. Do you know if they accept extension for party hours? 2 hrs is not enough I don't think especially with chit-chat and picture taking.

  12. is the cake from jollibee too? how about the tarpaulin and invitation card? my son will be celebrating his bdayin december.....need to plan.....thank you

  13. Hello sorry for the late revert. Cake is from a supplier, Delishaes Cakes. You may find them on Facebook. She's a friend of mine. Just send her a PM and tell her that you found out about their cakes through me. :) Tarpaulin and invites were done by my hubby. :) Thanks.

  14. Hi Louise, I just want to ask if how much you spent on this party?

  15. Hello Javiziel! Food cost was at P16K, Good for 120 pax. Thanks.

  16. Hi Louise, may I know where you had the tags for the lootbags made and how much each? I'm also planning on brown paperbags as lootbags.

  17. Hello Liza, I designed it myself, bought photo paper and had my friend printed it for me. :)

  18. Hi Louise, I just wanted to ask if there will always be a gift from jollibee if you celebrate you child's birthday there or it depends on the amount of what you've ordered? Thanks

  19. Hello Willianne!

    The type of gift they give to the celebrator is dependent on the amount of the party, but they ALWAYS have a gift for the celebrator. :)

  20. Hi Louise.. Just wanna know if its really required to order a side dish (fries) and dessert (sundae or pies) for the create your own food package? Or it depends on the Jollibee branch? I was kinda confused coz it was not stated in their online pary reservation..

  21. Hi Michelle,
    Jollibee has packages/set meals for the party. You may only create your own package provided you meet their minimum order requirement for a meal of at least 30pax. :) From there, you may choose which food combi you like. :)

  22. Hi! did they allow you to serve the cupcake to the guests?

  23. The agreement was to only SERVE it and that guests don't eat it inside. :)

  24. Thank you Jollibee Kids Party,has birthday of 2th name Wes.


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