Max's Restaurant Baptismal Reception and Party Packages

Tweet If you are looking for value for money Baptismal packages , right venue and sumptuous foodI recommend to have it at Max's Re...

If you are looking for value for money Baptismal packages, right venue and sumptuous foodI recommend to have it at Max's Restaurant.  They offer a complete yet affordable baptismal packages that will leave you worry-free on the celebration of your child's Baptismal day!.

My eldest son had his baptismal reception at Max's Malate in 2010 and it was hassle free because they took care of everything we needed.  I was reminded of that precious moment when we attended one recently at Max's Restaurant in Malacañang.

Max's Restaurant Baptismal Reception
Max's Restaurant Malacañang branch

For their Baptismal Party Packages, see their brochure here:
Baptismal Reception Party Packages at Max's Restaurant
You are assured of a stress-free celebration with Max's.  Below are details of a baptismal or christening reception at Max's Restaurant:

Baptismal Party Themes:
  • Noah's Ark
  • Blessed Baby
Amenities Included:
  • 2 hours use of decorated party venue
  • Free use of bassinet
  • Theme Cake (for Premium Package only)
  • Party Balloons
  • Balloon Centerpieces
  • Tarpaulin Banner
  • Invitations
  • Guest Book (for Premium Package only)
  • Gift for the Baby
  • Christening Giveaways
  • 5% discount certificate (for your next party)
My kumare Vandj chose Noah's Ark for their party theme and here were the elements of their Baptismal Reception:
Proud Mom and Baby at Max's Restaurant Baptismal Reception
Proud Mommy Vandj and Roby
Welcome to the Christian world Roby! :)
Max's Restaurant Noah's Ark Baptismal Theme
Noah's Ark Party Theme
The Noah's Ark theme comes with a bassinet, guestbook, gift for the baby, cake, balloons, banner and giveaway cookies.
Focal table where the goodies were placed
Here's a closer look of the yummy chocolate cake baked by Max's Corner Bakery! :) Yummy!
Max's Restaurant Noah's Ark Theme Cake
Baptismal themed cake by Max's
The bassinet could be used when your baby wants to rest or sleep.  While he sleeps, route the Guestbook to family and friends so you'd be reminded who came to celebrate your child's christening.
Baptismal Reception Amenities at Max's Restaurant
Bassinet and Guestbook
The cute gift from Max's is a Chicky plush toy and a fleece blanket.
Baptismal Gift from Max's Restaurant
Gift for the celebrator
I've tasted one of these cookies baked by Max's Restaurant which was given away to guests.  These delicious cookies are part of the amenities in any Baptismal Reception Packages at Max's Restaurant.
Max's Restaurant Baptismal Package Inclusion
Animal designed cookie giveaways from Max's.
Max's Restaurant function room is fully decorated for your Baptismal reception.  Complete with balloons, ceiling decors and balloon centerpieces.  This room in Max's Malacañang can seat up to 100 guests.

Pre-event decorated function room with Noah's Ark theme.

Max's Restaurant offers three menu options or you could create your own feast.  They have a Standard and Premium price list.  The difference between the two is the Themed Cake and Guestbook.    The minimum number of guests is 30 pax.  They have readily available costs for 50 and 100 pax respectively.  If you create your own menu, you will notice that it's a more pricey than the set menus. The menus usually comes with Max's Fried Chicken, Soup Of The Day and the following dishes:

  • Appetizers
  • Pancit Dish
  • Pork Dish
  • Beef Dish
  • Seafood Dish
  • Vegetable Dish
  • Dessert
  • Drink

Menu Options with 30-50-100 pax costs.  
For the reception we attended, Menu 2 was selected.  Here's what we had during our over-the-top tummy filling lunch:
Nachos with Bangus Spread
Soup Of The Day (Vegetable Soup with Egg Drop)
Pancit Canton Noodles
Pancit Dish
Open Fresh Lumpia
Vegetable Dish
Bagnet with Poqui Poqui
Pork Dish
Max's Famous Crispy and Flavorful Fried Chicken
Chicken Dish
Halabos na Hipon
Seafood Dish
Beef Caldereta
Beef Dish
Buko Pandan
Pitcher of Iced Tea
Drinks by the pitcher
Here's a jam packed venue during the reception.  There were enough spaces for the sound system, gift table, center table and the photo booth.  
Max's Malacañang branch function room for 60 to 100 pax
My kids and I were at the venue before the reception started.  I volunteered to ensure that everything was in order that afternoon.  A little program was prepared and was coordinated with them.
My sleepy youngest, me and Kuya. :)
You could expect a good restaurant function services at Max's Restaurant.  The baptismal packages amenities were already prepared when we came there an hour before the reception started.  The tables were set, even the sound system, decors, photo booth and the center table.

The staff were courteous, quick to serve and efficient.  The food was unquestionably delicious, after all it's the House That Fried Chicken built.  While baptismal receptions are usually just a sit-and-eat kind of affair, at Max's you could request for one of the staffs to facilitate any program of your wish

For more information on Max's Restaurant, you may visit their website, "like" them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or on their Tumblr.

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  1. thank you for this! I about the prices though...

  2. Neo had his baptismal reception at Max's Festival Mall Alabang. we didnt get their package because I think its too pricey - but guess what? they designed the place pa din na parang ninong pa din ni Neo si Max. I super love their service and accommodating staff :) kaya like you, I highly recommend them.

  3. Angelie Flores-SarmientoAugust 12, 2013 at 9:32 AM

    Thank's for this Ms. Louise :) I'm currently looking for my baby's baptismal reception. My idea na ako :)

  4. That's great to know! You know what? You could also have it at Shakeys! Check the recommended blog posts at the end of this one. :)

  5. Thank's for the info :) I'm thinking about this for my baby's baptismal.. So for this infos, dun ko na talaga gagawin reception nya sa MAX's Resto.. Just want to ask lang, db sa menu may prices na, inclusive na dun yung buong amenities or may extra charges pa yun? Thanks! :)

  6. Hello Michelle! :) They have a special package if you tell them that you're booking their function room for baptism. :) No extra fees for the amenities. :)

  7. Ms.Louise two lang po talaga ang theme nila? walang pagpipilian na caracter theme?

  8. Hello sis, as far as I know po, 2 lang. They have no characters dear eh. :)

  9. Nag aacomodate din po ba sila ng debut ?

  10. Hello Joysa, I think they can because they also have wedding packages at Max's. Better to ask the Max's restaurant near you for their debut packages. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope I was of help to you! Take care!

  11. Ask ko lang po if yung sa food ba nila is buffet or platted style? worry kasi ako sa serving ng food nila eh... thanks

  12. Hello Fidel. Food is served per table which is already good for 10pax. Not buffet style. :)

  13. Kasya naman po talaga sya sa 10 person? I'm afraid po kasi baka kulangin eh... Thank you po sa quick response :)

  14. Hi Fidel! Actually, more than enough most of the time. :)

  15. Hi....if for example i choose menu 2 for 50 pax premium, the amount of that package includes the amenities, right?.....just want to be clear. Thankee

  16. elow im anthony ask ko lng meaning ng 30paxx ba un?means 30person ska ask ko po if lhat po ng max sa pinas eh my gnyang service ty po

  17. Yes 30 pax is 30 people. As far as I know all Max Restos offer that service. Thank you for visiting my blog! :)

  18. i have two silly questions , haha i just need some clarification .
    1st menu 2 , if im gona choose the premium thats include the cake and the guest book . right ?? im thinking that , thats only aplicable for menu 3
    2nd ung tarpaulin pwede bng maypics ni baby ??

    extra question , ung menu 2 fixed dish n b un o prang choices lng n pagpipilian ??
    needs ASAP ans . thank you n godbless

  19. Hello! For all menus you may choose between REGULAR and PREMIUM. The premium has the amenities you mentioned. Tarp with you baby's pic, you have to provide your own na. :) Fixed dishes na lahat sa menu. THank.s

  20. ask ko lang po anu difference nung regular and premium nila kasi DBA po masmahal yung premium? pro wala naman ko nabago o nadagdag sa menu.. thanks po.. GODBLESS

  21. Hello, premium package has additional amenities(those in asterisk), not po the food. thank you!

  22. Hi, just want to ask yung menu 1 nila yung amount nun (standard) for food and amenities na yun? or food lang yun? another bayad for the amenities? then 2nd question is what's the difference ng standard price and premium price nila :) thanks!

  23. Price of their menu for Baptismal includes amenities, no need to pay extra. Difference between standard and premium, Premium has EXTRA amenities. You may contact the nearest Max's store for other clarifications sis Ruth! I hope I was able to help! :) Have a good day! :)


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