Jollibee Birthday Party Packages - Batman Theme

Jollibee , the leading Filipino fast food chain, is the choice of venue for practical moms like us, to have a birthday party for our childre...

Jollibee, the leading Filipino fast food chain, is the choice of venue for practical moms like us, to have a birthday party for our children.  At Jollibee, birthday party packages are complete and will truly make your child's birthday party memorable.

Both my children had their birthday parties at Jollibee when they were celebrating their 2nd birthdays.  I also shared in my previous blog posts our experience during my toddler's Jollibee birthday party and the available party packages over HERE.  Now it was my nephew's turn to celebrate his birthday at Jollibee and let me share with you details of the birthday party.

Did you know that it's now easier to book for your child's party?  Jollibee now has an Online Party Reservation where in just three steps, you could book and plan your child's birthday party.  I simulated booking a party, now let me share how easy it is.

Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Jollibee Party Online Reservation
I simulated how to book a party online and it was no sweat!  Done in less than 5 minutes.  It even computes automatically the running cost of the party you are planning.

STEP 1: Find A Store
Select the municipality, branch, date and time of your child's birthday party.  A complete detail of the venue of your choice will show on the screen.

STEP 2: Plan Your Party
Here are the available Jollibee Party Packages themes to choose from.  Select from any of the following:
- Hello Kitty
- Batman
- Jollitown
- My Best Friend Jollibee
- Barbie (available until October 15, 2013 only)

Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Jollibee Party Themse

The party theme fee costs P1,250.00 which includes basic party favors already such as:
- 1 Jollibee Mascot appearance
- 20 game prizes
- 10 boxes of crayons
- 1 message board
- 20 balloons

Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Party Theme is P1,250.00 which comes with these favors
Should you need additional party favors such as lootbags, invitation, party hats or trayliners, you may add more.  Indicate the number of pieces of any additional item and the online reservation will compute the running party cost for you automatically.
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Additional Party Favors
A party is not complete without food right?  The next step is to choose your Food Package.  You may choose from any packages below (good for 30 pax) or you may create your own.
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Food Packages or Create your own
Food Packages:
Food Package #1: P3,870.00 (good for 30pax)
      * Jollibee Spaghetti
      * Regular Fries
      * Regular Drink
      * Chocolate Sundae
  Food Package #2: P5,160.00 (good for 30 pax)
      * Jollibee Spaghetti
      * Jolly Hotdog Classic
      * Regular Fries
      * Regular Drink
      * Chocolate Sundae
 Food Package #3: P4,710.00 (good for 30 pax)
      * Jollibee Spaghetti
      * Regular Yum
      * Regular Fries
      * Regular Drink
      * Chocolate Sundae
  Food Package #4: P5940.00 (good for 30 pax)
      * 1 pc Chickenjoy with Rice
      *  Jollibee Saghetti
      * Regular Fries
      * Regular Drink
      * Chocolate Sundae

You may also order your child's birthday cake (Red Ribbon is the official cake supplier) online for only P900.00 (8x12) to P1,100.00 (12x12) only.  You will be prompted to input the cake message details, your personal details/customer details.

Here's the total cost of the Jollibee Birthday Party Package I availed for a group of 60 people.

Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Cost of simulated party booked online for 60pax

STEP 3: Pay Online
Only major credit cards are accepted as online payments.  You may opt to pay the down payment of P3,000.00 first or the full amount already.

Before the party started, the venue in Jollibee Greenhills was already set up with the huge Batman birthday banner in front with my nephew's name on it.

Birthday Party Banner
Birthday balloons which were part of the party theme paid, were also set up and hung on the walls of the enclosed party room of Jollibee.
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
While waiting for the program to start, this Jollibee guestbook was going around.  This is a good memorabilia of the birthday party and something nice to look back to years from now.
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Jollibee Guestbook
The host started the program with a prayer and with singing a birthday song to the celebrator.  Games for kids and adults-alike started momentarily.  My elder son's competitive side comes out each time there are party games because he likes winning the prizes.  Below were some of the prizes that he won for himself and his younger brother.
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Game Prizes
These were the other game prizes included in the party theme paid (P1,250.00)

Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Additional game prizes
To keep guests entertained while waiting for the food to be served, the message board which also came with the party package were passed around so people could write their wishes for the celebrator.
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Message board
We ordered Food Package D which costs P198.00/person.  The package includes 1pc Chicken Joy, Spaghetti, Regular Fries, Regular Drink and Sundae.
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Loads and loads of spaghetti for all
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
One and onlyJollibee Chickenjoy
The highlight of the party is none other than the appearance of Jollibee himself.  Jollibee performed a cute dance number, sent his birthday wishes for my nephew and was ready for a lot of goofy photo-op with the guests.
Jollibee Birthday Party Packages
Jollibee Mascot Appearance
Honestly, all the Jollibee Birthday parties I had for my kids and even those we just attended as guests, were nothing but superb fun!
Happy Family, Guests at Jollibee Birthday Party
Kids do love Jollibee and I personally love it that they came up with different themes to choose from.  Their party favors are already complete.  They are quite flexible should you want to bring additional prizes, loot bags, banners, additional balloons or cake from a different supplier.  What's important is the happy feeling everyone experiences after leaving the party, most especially of the birthday celebrator.

Sa Jollibee, BEEda talaga ang saya!  Agree?  So for more information on Jollibee Kids Party you may visit Jollibee's website or follow @iwantjollibee on Twitter.

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