DMC Handcrafted: Dare Your Mind To Create Event and Upcoming Workshop

I remember when I was younger, I was so much into arts and crafts.   My mom is an artisan (she made vases, crocheted, sewed dresses and curtains, did macramé art on a full length mirror which still hanged on our wall) and I got that creative side from her.  I loved drawing, painting, making beautiful things out of nothing, making cards, cross-stitching, collecting figurines and making friendship bracelets.  You could say that I was a lot more into arts and I was really passionate about being creative.  Forward to now, what happened?  Well, since I became too busy with work (been working for more than a decade and since I graduated!) and being a mom, I sadly set aside what I loved doing then.  I had forgotten how to be creative.  Until I attended DMC’s Dare Your Mind To Create event a few days ago.
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
So much beauty in every corner of the pretty Early Bird Breakfast Club Restaurant at Century City Mall in Makati City.  Even their food was delicious and came with a good-looking presentation, that I cannot help share.
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
Breakfast Sausages
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
Chicken Adobo Flakes
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
French Fries
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
Choco Banana Berry French Toast (I die!)
The event honestly woke up the sleeping creative monster in me.  It reminded me of my childhood, of how making something beautiful by using my mind and my heart made me truly happy.   It also brought memories of my bonding with my mom who was my role model in creativity.  It was a beautiful first event of the year that I attended especially when seven (7) amazing crafty women stood up to speak of their passion in their creations and how it changed their lives.  These were Alessa Lanot, whom I met during a short painting class I attended in Tagaytay, Candy Reyes-Alipio, Karla Quimsing, Len Cabili, Marielle Nadal-Reyes, Mikko Sumulong and Trey Ajusto.
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
L-R:  Marielle, Candy, Trey, and Michelle Karla Sumulong (who's a full-time crafter and blogs in  Not in the photo is Len and Alessa Lanot (a designer, a crafter and owner of various organic and vegetarian restos in the Metro.  She also writes about her crafts in her website called Life After Breakfast)
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
Candy Reyes-Alipio is the creative mind behind Knitting Expedition which makes knitted products with the locals of Mt. Pulag.  She also works with Ricefield Collective, a group of women farmers from Banaue.
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
Len Cabili owns the fashion line called Filip+Inna where her clothes are designed with traditional Filipino patterns, featured in Elle magazine, worn by Tory Burch and Amanda Hearts.  She also has a collaboration with BAYO.
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
Trey Ajusto sells her own line of crochet yarn and craft supplies called Ganstsilyo Guru.
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
Karla Quimsing owns Damgo (dreams) an online store where she sells beautiful dreamcatchers.
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
Marielle Nadal-Reyes is the founder of CraftMNL, a studio in Makati for crafters where they do workshops together.  She also owns Yellow Bug Love, where she sells hand crafted wedding decors.
I was moved with the stories shared by each of these beautiful women.  They made crafting and creating something unique and meaningful, part of their lives.  They dared to think outside of the box and just went the direction which others don’t take (myself included) to share their hearts and their minds, through the wonderful creations they produced out of crafting.  They weren’t afraid to make mistakes because it’s part of the journey.  It’s so much alike our lives, mistakes are part of it, the important thing is the learning and being wise.  This is what DMC is challenging everybody to do.  As far as I know, it had been successful with me.  I was inspired to once again create, to draw, to stitch, one project at a time, one day at a time. 

So imagine how thrilled I was when I received gifts from these talented women after the event.  For me, it's not just a simple gift.  Each of them gave me a piece of their hearts through their created crafts.  They were all wonderful.
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
If you want to learn and be inspired to do crafts and just dare to create, DMC is holding a craft fair entitled “DMC HANDCRAFTED” for those who want to start crafting and learn how to.  It will run from January 30 to February 1 at Century City Mall Event Center where you could also buy handmade pieces or make your own projects.  There will be free workshops and also live entertainment at night.
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
DMC Dare Your Mind To Create and Handcrafted Event
For more details and updates on DMC's Handcrafted Arts & Crafts Fair, like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.  You may also check their websites for other information you may need: and

20 Ways To Fulfill Your Mommy Role When You Go To Work Everyday

More often than not, working-out-of-home moms feel guilty about leaving their children at home (aaww, talk about ages zero to pre-school) to spend eight or more hours a day or five days a week, to go to the work place and make a living.  If you're a working mom, are you one of them?

My Extremely Close Encounter With Pope Francis

It is not every decade that the Philippines is blessed to be visited by a Pope.  The last two visits were in 1995 by Saint Pope John Paul II during the World Youth Day, then just recently by Pope Francis.  Looking back 20 years ago, I took part of the World Youth Day activities.  In fact, I was part of the official choir who seated at the Quirino Grandstand's front bleachers, just by the right side of St. Pope John Paul II.  I saw the Pope visibly from a distance while he was celebrating the mass and I felt really blessed for the opportunity to sing  officially for the World Youth Day.

But not as visibly close as my encounter with Pope Francis during his recent visit to the Philippines.  On the second day of his visit, he was scheduled for a quick visit to Malacanang to meet President Aquino. Together with our neighborhood friends, we decided to go to Nagtahan Bridge which was very close to home, just one trike away or it could even be a walking distance.  We were up as early as 6 AM to wait for his estimated arrival to the venue at 9:30 AM.
We were at the foot of Nagtahan Bridge as early as 6:00 AM
See that white line where the police is standing?  I was right that very spot after I took this photo.
There were also people at the other side of the bridge waiting for Pope Francis to pass by.
When we went to Nagtahan that early, people were just starting to settle in vantage positions to see Pope Francis.  So did we.  It was a treat to see neighbors who were there for the same reason, neighbors you don't get to see nor talk to often.  That almost four hours of wait was all worth it.  After some chitchats with a number of people, a few cups of taho and pambobola made with the policeman who served as a human barricade (and the only person in between me and the Pope), he passed by right in front of me.
The much awaited moment, Pope Francis was passing by us.  We all felt very blessed by this rare moment.
Goosebumps all over.  The feeling was amazing, it's overwhelming actually! 
Here's the video of my unforgettable experience last weekend:
It was a surreal experience.   A life event which no words could exactly describe the overwhelming feeling I had at the sight of our dear Pope Francis.  He, who is the Pope of the times, who judges no one regardless of gender, age, economic or civil status.  How could anyone not be endeared to him?  He only speaks of love, kindness, compassion, simplicity, humility, honesty, and service.  With due respect to others who think the visit of the Pope is already equivalent to idolizing other god than the main man Himself, Jesus Christ, and who think the Pope's arrival was turned into a national concern worthy of the three day holiday, I disagree with you.  The Filipino Catholics are joyous of the Pope's presence among us.  We are united with the pope in celebrating and sharing the love of Jesus.  It's very far from idolizing the Pope in place of Jesus Christ.  Let respect for each religion or sect reign over any hatred or righteousness.  Personally, the most important thing is we believe in a higher being, in one creator, whatever religion we come from, whatever name we call our God.

At the end of the day, it will all still boil down to how one is living his life according to what his religion teaches.  Are you good, kind, compassionate, humble and honest, not only to others but to yourself?  I hope yes, and if everyone in the planet is indeed good, just imagine how peaceful and beautiful our world would be!  Don't you think?

The Best Things In Life Come In Three's

There are definitely moments when we reflect and count on the most important or memorable persons, events or lessons in our lives.  When asked about it, I always come up with three important answers because I always believe the best things come in three's.  Just recently, when I was asked about the things I miss about my mom (who passed away last year), I came up with the best three:
  1. Her unconditional love to us her children; 
  2. Her strong but happy personality; and 
  3. Mom's service to God and people.
Mom with me as a kikay 4 year-older with my 1 year-old brother.

Wes' Skechers for Kids Shoes with Air Tricks Lightz

Last December, I shared with you how calorie-burning and how fun the Skechers Go Walk event I attended with other blogging ladies.  A few weeks after the event, I got an email from Martha Sta. Barbara of the successful fashion and beauty blog called The Beauty Junkee.  It said that Skechers is giving my child a free pair!  It was a blessing because I didn't have to buy my son new shoes for the holidays (as I was really planning to buy him a new pair!).  Of course it was a thrilling news so off we went to Skechers Glorietta at the last working day before Christmas (yup, I also Christmas-rushed!).
Skechers for Kids Shoes

A Day in a Life of a Multi-Slashie-ME

I've been asked by other Mommy friends, how do I do it?  I asked, "Do what exactly?"  Juggle family time while being an awesome (that's what they think) mom to not just one, but two boys (and we all know how active, eerr, kulit they get), perform well at work (I work smart, not hard), maintain a healthy relationship with Macky (healthy is a good description, because it's not perfect at all), still have some Me-time to relax and de-stress, do some business sidelines, and still manage to blog?

Honestly, I don't know exactly how to answer this in one quick conversation.  I would love to have  coffee and reveal to you the daily manageable craziness I go through just to get things done.  It's no secret actually!  I'm just like any other moms out there who has short and long term goals and simply want to achieve them for herself and her family.  These could be any from the following, not in order:
  • Raise children in a loving and healthy environment. 
  • Give children a good education. 
  • Teach children life values that will prepare them to face the real world and lead good lives. 
  • Put food on the table, provide clothes to wear, and make a happy home. 
  • Be healthy and hopefully live until I see my grandchildren.
  • Serve God by serving others. 
  • Leave a legacy. 
I guess that pretty much sums up my life goals.  Simple and practical I must say.  That's why I align my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities to be able to achieve all those.  So back to the question, how?  I'm still in the process of realizing my life goals, I think I will be until my moment of death.  I'm  work in progress.  My plans and actions are not perfect and will never be, but I try to be the person I would like myself if I meet another me.  So let me take you through a regular day in  life of me.

Everyday At Home with Macky and Kids
5:00 AM - I wake up everyday at this time to (1) prepare my son for school (breakfast, complete uniform, things to bring, our chitchat bonding and reminders).  (2) I prepare two to three meals in the morning.  One, everyone's breakfast, two, children's breakfast and three, our lunch baons.  (3) On the side, I cook red rice, brew coffee, and heat water for bathing.

6:00 AM - (4) Is my 15 - 30-minute ALONE time  (Alleluia!) when Dandre is picked up by his service. I use this time to blog or list my to-dos or watch TV or stare at the wall or go back to sleep for another 30 minutes.

6:30 AM - Macky wakes up. (5) That's our breakfast-slash-bonding time.  The little one wakes up a few minutes after Macky and sits on my lap for our regular power hugs, kisses and tickling, while I eat breakfast.  At 7AM, Macky prepares himself for work, (6) while I get to play with the little one.

7:15 AM,(7)I prepare for work.  I  should be leaving at around 7:30 - 8:00 AM to get to Makati on time via UV Express vans (Me at work on a separate narration).

6:30 PM to 8:00 PM - I arrive home at around this time depending on shift and traffic.  (8) I have dinner with the family.  (9) I dress down, get down on the floor to play with the two boys.  Different styles for each not because one is 11 years old and the other is 4. But what they both enjoy are my kisses, hugs, tickles, and my silly face.  (10) I put the older one to sleep after talking about how each other's day went.  The little one kisses his brother before sleeping and heads with me to our room for (11) more play and reading books.  (12) He enjoys a good massage before dozing off.

10:00 PM to 12:00 midnight - (13) Is my mandatory (says myself) solo bonding time with Macky.  We usually tell each other how our day went or watch a newly downloaded movie or our favorite TWD series or the some other normal couples do.  (14) If I'm not yet too tired or if we finished the movie earlier than 12 midnight, I start a blog post or finish one.
Everyday At Work
8:30 AM - (15) I arrive the office, fix myself a cup of coffee, fill up my 2-liter water bottles, start my laptop, write my To-Do-list for the day, change my ballet flats into my heeled shoes, then shift from a hat of a domesticated woman into my competitive career hat.

12:00 NN - (16) Lunch time and personal errands time.  I warm my personally cooked lunch or buy from our cafeteria if I was too lazy tired to cook in the morning.  Lunch time is also my laughing time with my crazy smart young colleagues, my blogging time (if there's a deadline I need to meet or if I just have nothing else to do), and my ME-time (sometimes I eat alone and enjoy it or go to the salon for quick kili-kili waxing or eyebrow threading).

1:00 PM -6:00 PM - (17) Work, work, work.  I rarely render overtime, not even when I have promos to launch.  I just make sure when I start on a project, I work backwards and plot on my work calendar what I have to accomplish.  I also make sure I don't write any schedule on the day before my launch to ensure I'm chillax before my project takes off and have a devoted time to breathe! :)

And On Weekends...
Weekends are not scheduled.  We could stay at home or go out to malls or watch a movie/show or visit the in-laws or I attend blog events or do my grocery shopping.  But what we don't forget to do on Sundays is to attend a mass.  I also make sure I write at least one blog post during the weekend.  So that makes two to three blog posts a week, without disrupting or changing my daily routine.  Family comes first.

So there it is.  A day in a life of a multi-slashie-me.  I complete 17 major tasks in total daily.  Nothing really extraordinary, I'm just like any mom who aims to gives the best for her family at all times by serving and taking care of the family, taking care of herself (total well-being and pursuing her passion which makes her happy), and continuously searching for her life's purpose and serve the Lord, in order to leave a good legacy.

~How about you?  How does a typical day go for you?~

My Sentimental #TodoBonding Overseas Call Using SUN Todo IDD

Last Christmas (I gave you my heart! - aminin, napakanta ka!) I called family and friends to let them know they are remembered dearly.  A dear Aunt, who has been living in the US since the 80s was one of them.  She is my mom's elder (and very close) sister.  Since the time my mom passed away, until this call, we haven't contacted each other I guess it's because we're both very close and very dear to mom's heart and we're both not ready to reconnect and talk about something else besides mommy.  Mom was our common ground, our topic of all season, and the main reason why we always talk.  

Until I took all the courage to call her overseas during the holiday break.  So just imagine how hard to start and how emotional our conversation turned out.  I thought I was ready, so did she.  Ready in a sense that we won't be crying just to hear each other's voices.  It felt both good and sentimental.  It felt good because the love was overflowing and deeply felt.  Sentimental, because our "reason" and our usual topic of conversations, is no longer present with us.  But the best part of the #TodoBonding my Aunty and I had over the call was that we had an unspoken support, love, and strong bond for and with each other.  That no matter what happens, we'll look after each other.  I hope in the sooner time, we'll be back to our more frequent calls and that we'll no longer cry over both our losses.  I guess practice makes perfect, we should be more frequent with our tawagan.

A Practical, Doable, and Adjustable 24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge

It's been more than 10 years since I started working.  Like most of the young career women (and I admit to not being financially smart enough), a big chunk of my salary went to shopping and recreation.  A part of it went to my parents, bills and some were saved but was touched impulsively when a new model of mobile phone or bag came out.  I always said to myself a few years ago, had I known better, I would have saved at least Php 1,000.00 every pay day let's say for 10 years, I should now have Php 240,000.00 for emergency fund.

But as I always say, it's never too late to start saving (and investing, which I started doing a few years back.)!  And the best time to start is NOW!  Yes, yes, yes, NOW!  I've been seeing on different websites and blogs a lot of money-challenge savings plan.  They're all effective given your sheer determination and discipline to follow the amount to save week on week.  But as much as I want to follow any one of those versions, as a full-time working mom who gets money every two weeks, I think I cannot follow the weekly schemes with the given amount to be saved.

So, I made my own practical, doable, adjustable and customize-able 24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge for you to follow and be richer by around Php 6,000 up to Php 60,000 by the end of the year!  This money-challenge scheme is also good for people who regularly get their salaries twice a month.

What's good about the schemes that I developed, inspired by other Money Challenge schemes, is that:

  • You could choose from Plan 20, Plan 50, Plan 100, Plan 150, and Plan 200
  • You have a summary of all these plans to choose from 
  • Once you've chosen a plan, there's a plan schedule you could follow with a corresponding amount to save and running total.  
  • A check box at the left side of the sheet for you to tick after you've tucked away to your money bank (make sure it's sealed tightly) the amount corresponding to that week.
I have another use for the check box at the left.  Isn't it there are months in a year when we're richer (I meant bonuses, special projects, commissions, or cash gifts perhaps)?  On these months, you could save the bigger amounts on the sheet and just exchange the schedule of saving on lean months.  Make sure you tick the box and make a short note.  It's really up to you how you'd want to use the sheets.  Again as I've said earlier, it's adjustable, customize-able, and very practical.  

Here are Mommy Practicality's 24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge Savings Plan 20, Plan 50, Plan 100, Plan 150 and Plan 200.
24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge
24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge Plans 20 to 200

24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge
24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge Plan 20

24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge
24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge Plan 50
24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge
24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge Plan 100
24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge
24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge Plan 150
24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge
24-Bi-Weekly Money Challenge Plan 200
So there you have it loves. Choose whichever plan that suits you.  You may even create your own savings plan if you wish.  The most important essence of this Money-Challenge is to- SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!  Start the year right!  Be financially smarter, pay yourself first.  Good luck! :)

On Teaching Girly Stuff To My Boys and Our Disney On Ice Show Experience

Before going back to work last Monday, we made sure we ended the holiday break with a grand family activity.   Nothing could be more magical than watching our favorite Disney characters perform live on ice!  Daddy Macky treated us Regular Box tickets to watch "Dare To Dream" Disney on Ice show last January 3 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

My 2015 Specific, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound Life and Blog Goals

Wow!  First post for the year, and I'm pressured to make this a good one!  Hahaha!  Well hello loves!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  This has been the longest vacation I think I've ever had for the last couple of years as a working mom!  I am happy that I was able to spend it with my family and was also able to do long overdue home errands.

How about you?  How's the holiday going on for you?  I hope you too are having a blast!

Anyway, while most of my blogger friends had started blogging since January 1, I on the other hand, was asleep almost the whole day.  Wow!  What a way to spend the first day of 2015 right?  The only thing we did as a family was to go out for dinner at Ma Mon Luk in Quezon Ave. to get some warm Chicken Mami on a cold night.  Hence, our first dinner for 2015 was spent outside our home! :)

Every new year, I usually write down my goals, and not resolutions.  I do so because I feel like goals are more targeted to what you want to achieve which should couple with a working plan and actions.  For me, it's more realistic and time-bound.  As I recall last year, my goals were generic and just talked about how to become a better person and start fresh: Forgive, Let Go. Learn. Be Better. Start.  I even wanted a weight-loss journey, which of course didn't happen successfully.  What happened was I lost someone significant but I gained a lot of realizations and life lessons which totally changed the way I look at things today.  This life-changing moment influences my goal-setting for the year.  Here they are:

I cannot say that I am not a hands-on mom when I am home with my kids.  I am.  But I feel like I have to do more for them, be more involved, be more present, listen more, hug and kiss more, be a better mother than how I am with them presently.  I want to read them more books, keep the school boy more focused on his studies, teach more house chores, and teach more about Jesus.  It's hard to be a working mother because I am away 2,640 hours from them in a year (lunch break and travel time going to and from office included.)  Which means, on days I am with them, I have to compensate for the times I don't see them, that's when I become a hands-on parent.  But when some days turn bad or when I am totally tired, I depend on the helper to do things I am expected to do.  Sometimes I feel guilty about it, but what can I do?  So my goal this year is to be more present for them to meet their needs, wants and expectations from me.  In order for me to achieve that, I have to be more efficient in other areas of my life outside home and to also be healthier so I'll have more energy even when I'm tired from the office.