Colgate Optic White's Dream Wedding Launch

Last September 3, Colgate Optic White launched their Dream Wedding Contest at Manila Peninsula Hotel.  I together with other members of the media were invited to witness this event, hosted by the beautiful Solenn Heusaff, the face of Colgate Optic White, and Patti Grandidge.
Colgate Optic White Dream Wedding Launch

Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication Cake Giveaway

Today's been a blast if you would ask me because it's my son's 11th birthday.  He didn't go to school earlier because he wasn't really feeling well and was even sent home by his school clinic yesterday.

I know he's supposed to rest today, but it's his BIRTHDAY!!! :)

We started celebrating as early as breakfast.  We had lunch at his requested restaurant then watched a movie too.  After that, we went to another mall for some fun at an amusement center.  Before dinner came, I secretly sneaked out to go to a Red Ribbon Bakeshop to get a Chocolate Dedication Cake for Dandre.  After dinner, I asked the restaurant staff to bring the cake to our table and surprise him with his cake and a their group birthday song!  I succeeded!  I really thought I couldn't surprise him anymore.

Did you know that you can now go beyond the usual "Happy Birthday" cake greeting with Red Ribbon?  Yes!  It's more personalized and more heartfelt by your loved one.  That's exactly what I did.

Here's my unique birthday message on the 8x8 Chocolate Dedication Cake for my dear son:
Red Ribbon Dedication Cake Giveaway

Happy 11th Birthday Dandre Lucas!

Happy birthday to my first-born Dandre Lucas!  When you were born 11 years ago at 9.2lbs through normal delivery, I was born too. 

You made me a MOTHER. 
I almost died of childbirth but God gave me a chance to still be with you, take care of you, teach you the values you have right now, give you a loving family you well-deserve, put you to a good school, support you with all your interests, witness you grow into a compassionate and talented young man and let you feel all the love, security and happiness in order for you to be able to spread your wings and fly on your own in time.
Gone are the days when you would scream out of excitement seeing all the colorful buntings I hang or the paper decors I surprisingly make to welcome your birthday or with big boxes of toy gifts or blowing candles on your birthday cake, because you are now fascinated with a lot other "grown kid" things.
But to me, and I will always and forever say this, you are still my first baby and I will love you unconditionally until my last breath.
Happy Birthday son! You are a blessing to me and daddy, to your brother and to everyone who has you in their lives. Keep on infecting others with your kind heart, with your talents and more importantly with your compassion to others.
I wish I could stop time from advancing so you don't grow up too soon! There may even be a time in your life when we'll fight over things, but I hope you know that we only want what's best for you and that because we truly love you!

Happy Birthday again Dandre! Enjoy this day!!!! God bless you always anak!

Practical Fashion is BACK! Kids Edition

Hello hello loves!  My Practical Fashion blog feature is back!  It has been on hiatus for quite some time.  I used to feature my #OOTDs but after being too busy to capture my daily outfits and for the lack of a decent place to do photo shoots at work (not to mention a willing colleague photographer), the feature took a back seat.

Now it's back and I'm doing this feature with my sons!  Sure it's still cuter and prettier to dress up a little girl like a doll, but I've been blessed not by daughters but two amazingly handsome boys, the most handsome boys around the metro, in my opinion as their mother of course! :)

Presenting the revived Practical Fashion, Kids Edition!

Wes' First Outfit:
Top: Bossini Kids (Available at SM Kids Section)
Bottoms: Garfield (Available at SM Kids Section)
Shoes: Osh Kosh 
Wes' Second Outfit:
Top: SPIN (Available at Greenhills Viramall)
Bottom: Garfield (Available at SM Kids section)
Shoes: Osh Kosh (Available at Robinsons Magnolia)
Dandre's Outfit:
Top: Justice League Shirt (Available at SM Stores)
Bottom: Dude (Available at SM Stores)
Shoes: Nike Jordan (Sports Warehouse Market! Market!)
Watch: G-Shock (borrowed from Daddy)
So there you have it loves!  The Practical Fashion blog feature will be a weekly post on the blog.  It could be a Ladies', Men's or Kids' outfit features which will show that fashion doesn't have to be expensive.  But remember, when shopping, it should always be quality over quantity.  Also don't forget that clothes should not only be fashionable but more importantly comfortable, especially for the kids!  

Have a great week ahead to all! :)

My Quick Trips To Cebu and Boracay

When I said last August that I already miss travelling and I wish to travel soon, I remember not wishing it to happen immediately and frequently.  "Be careful with what you wish for.." that's what most people say.  Well, a week after that post on my FB timeline, I got what I wished for.  I was given a special task at work which will require me to travel to different parts in Visayas once a week.

My first assignment was in Cebu.  Whenever I go to this lovely city, I usually stay overnight and make sure I pass by the following places: Sto. Nino Basilica, La Vie Perisienne, Zubuchon and Taboan too.  But last week, I didn't because I decided to just fly in and out so I could go home to my family quickly.  Ginawang parang Quiapo lang ang Cebu right?
My Cebu trip won't be complete without devouring a lechon!

My Personal Ingat Na Damang Dama Story, An Act Of Service

Relationships, Marriages, Love - let's talk about that.  There are so many ways to show your loved ones how much you love them.  Some say it's easy, just tell your partner or your spouse everyday those three (I-LOVE-YOU) or five (I-LOVE-YOU-VERY-MUCH) words and you're fine. But for me, it's more than just saying it.

I do follow the five languages of love conscientiously.  These are:
Biogesic Ingat Na Damang-Dama Story
Personally among all five, the hardest and one that demands all the other languages combined or rolled into one is: Acts Of Service.

As simple as cooking for your spouse his favorite food, preparing clean clothes to use everyday, and most especially taking care of him while he is sick are the Acts of Service to show my love for him.

Celeteque Launches Two Products On Its Anniversary!

Milestones in any point of life, love, career or business is to be celebrated wonderfully!  This was just exactly what Celeteque PH did as they reached their 3rd year in the industry last August 26 and hosted lunch buffet at Prime 101 Restaurant.

What made the celebration grander was the launch of their two new products: Céleteque DermoScience Acne Solutions Acne-Clearing Concealer and Céleteque DermoScience Advanced Anti-aging Cleansing Oil.  I was there to witness this milestone and of course to celebrate with them.

Céleteque DermoScience Acne Solutions Acne-Clearing Concealer and Céleteque DermoScience Advanced Anti-aging Cleansing Oil.

The SPA Executive Massage Plus Hand and Feet Pampering

One of the things that relieves our stresses from the daily work-life grind is to have a perfectly paced massage day.  What would make the pampering experience better and uber relaxing than to having it done at one of the best wellness centers in the city - The SPA.

I'm happy I was finally able to use the The SPA gift certificates I received last Mother's Day.  I know, I know.. what took me that long to use it right?  June and July came as two of the saddest and busiest this year.  I wrote about that HERE.

Domesticated Long Weekend

Wow!  That long weekend went by so fast I must say.  While most of my colleagues used the long weekend for an out-of-town or out-of-the-country trips, my family and I just stayed home and used the weekend to relax (at least for them.)

We didn't plan a trip because we're saving up for the boys' birthday party next month.  But I spent the weekend productively and happily by being domesticated.  I must admit, since I am a full-time working momma, I only cook breakfasts daily and whole-day meal during weekends and only get to clean the whole second floor every three days, how I wish I could do it everyday.

This long weekend was spent pamamalengke (as in the wet market, usually the helper does that), cooking, eating, playing with kids and semi-general cleaning: decluttering and re-arranging our living space.  I tell you, general-cleaning is very therapeutic and liberating to do so.  I got rid of things we no longer need and could even be considered trash which we've been keeping for so long.  I was only able to do this chore in our living room/area and I'm planning to do so in the other parts of the house soon.

Let me show you my domesticated side (yes I have! haha!)  I happily cooked for the family and even the hardworking Daddy Practicality also cooked for us:
Mommy's Turbo Chicken Recipe and my Buttered Potatoes and Carrots 

Practical Finds: SM Store 3-Day Sale Shopping Loot

Let's talk about one semi-guilty pleasures here.  Shopping.  I take SM's 3-Day-SALE seriously.  It's like an important life event, well at least in the shopping calendar.  Would you agree that any woman would faint if given a million to spend to shop til she drops?  But since I am not in slumber, of course I don't have a million (but I still wish I do!), I just have a decent shopping money and I want to make sure I use it wisely and stretch the budget so I could fill my loot with inexpensive but quality merchandise.

But where will you get quality merchandise at a low price?  Of course during mall SALEs!  That's why I take advantage of this and make sure I saved up for it.  Hence, shopping is just a semi-guilty pleasure for me because I don't really splurge without thinking or planning.  Recently SM City Sta. Mesa had its 3-Day SM Store Sale.  Hubby and I have been waiting for this because the house needs a little re-decorating and our kids, like balloons, had grown bigger in a span of a year and need wardrobe size updating.

Just to share, here are my wonderful and practical shopping finds:

Blue-Grey Chevron-designed Window Curtain - Php 250.00/panel
Buy 1 Take 1 White Chiffon Curtain - Php 250.00
Matching throw pillow cases - Php 50.00 each
Curtain with matching throw-pillow set.  Total: Php 950.00 (savings of Php 250)
Buy 1 Take 1 Beige Curtain (thick fabric) - Php 500.00
Buy 1 Take 1 Beige Chiffon Curtain - Php 250.00
Curtain Set #2 - Total: Php 750.00 (Savings of Php 750)
Printed Polo Shirt with Red Collar - Php 250.00 (originally Php 500.00)
Long-sleeved Striped Polo - Php 250.00 (originally Php 500.00)
Bossini Blue Polo Shirt - Php 300.00 (originally Php 529.75)
JusTees Green Striped Shirt - Php 100.00 (originally Php 199.75)

Four Tops for the little one: Total: Php 900.00 (Savings of Phop 829.50)
Garfield Khaki Shorts: Php 350 (originally P600 +)
Garfield Denim Shorts: Php 425 (originally Php 600+)
CDN Denim Pants: Php 500 (originally Php 900 +)
Bottoms for the little one: Total Php 1,275 (Savings of Php 825)

For Kuya:
Denim Shorts: Php 450 (originally Php 649.00)
Plaid Button-down Shirt Php 250.00 (originally Php 500)
Kuya's wardrobe.  Total: Php 700 (Savings of Php 449.00)
My shopping finds at SM Store totaled to Php 4,575.00!  If I had not been patient enough to wait for the sale season, all these merchandise would have costed me Php 7,678.50!  I saved Php 3,103.50, not bad right?  Not bad at all! :)

I love shopping!  But I love it more when I am able to stretch my shopping budget a lot more when it's SALE!  Do you also feel the same way loves?  So happy about my shopping loot!

~ How about you loves?  Have you had a winning shopping spree lately? ~