My Open Personal Prayer To God

Dear God,

Today, I received a good news about my upgrade at work.  Yesterday, my TV guesting was aired.  Last week I did a TVC shoot for a brand I trust.  Last month, we got our brand new car and the love of my life proposed marriage to me.  I thank you every single day for all of these beautiful things happening in my life right now.  Thank you for carrying me in your arms and embracing me whenever I cry my heart out due to the passing of my mother last year.  It was a tough year last year God, and you are making it better this year.

It’s easy for me to keep on praying for more to come.  I think everybody would want only good things happening for their family, for their health, for their businesses, and for their careers.  And while everything in my life at this state is great, I know that it’s because You want me to do something for You.

Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest Launch

As a full-time working mom, honestly I feel challenged finding time to cook every single day.  As much as I want to, my schedule won't permit it.  So to make up to my family, I make it a point to cook breakfast everyday and special meals on weekends.  And because I'm more conscious now in selecting food for the family, we are minimizing our trip to the fast food chains and slowly doing away with "instant" meals.  Preparing a home-cooked but restaurant-tasting menu is now easier, thanks to Clara Ole food solutions!  Now there's a practical, and time-saving way to serve healthy meals for the family

Il Ponticello's Brunchissimo And Pizza Santino

It's usually weekdays, specifically lunch time, that my work friends and I go to Il Ponticello.  It was only last weekend that I visited Il Ponticello with my family, for a taste of Brunchissimo and a wonderful Pizza Santino experience for my kids.

Taking Care Of Our Skin and a CELESTY Glow Giveaway!

I could not stress you the importance of taking care of the skin and looking for many ways to protect it both internally and externally.  By eating the right kinds of foods like vegetables, fruits and meat, and also protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun, you're already doing your skin good.

Plus, if you also do your research on the type of skin that you have, then you'd be aware that not all products work the same for each individual.  Every skin type should have a different skin care regimen in order to make the skin look young and healthy.

Here are the different skin types for your guidance:
  1. Normal Skin - least problematic among all skin types.
  2. Dry Skin - easily develops wrinkles, fine pores, prone to aging and irritating, 
  3. Oily Skin - problematic, looks greasy, as large pores and usually breaks into acne.
  4. Combination Skin - skin has patches of dry and oily.  Dry areas are around the eyes and oily around.
  5. Sensitive Skin - usually dry, scaly and becomes easily irritated.
Now having said that, you should be able to decipher which skincare products you should purchase and use for your skin.  If you also want a healthy and glowing skin, there's CELESTY GLOW for you.
CELESTY GLOW SERIES: An expert line of products for all skin types for that youthful glow.
CELESTY effectively removes makeup, oil, deep-seated dirt and blemishes, tightens skin pores, lightens dark pigmentation, prevents wrinkles and dry skin and whitens skin while improving tone.

Key ingredients:
  • YH-15 Yeast Extract (for whitening), 
  • Malachite Extract (lightens pigmentation), 
  • Vitamin B12, 
  • Soybean Seed Extract, 
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Algae Extract
  • Arginine

CELESTY products are available at the House of CELESTY at Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics, Landmark Trinoma, Cinderella G3, PureBeauty Serendra, Cinderella ATC, PureBeauty Trinoma.

Clinic Location: Mezzanine, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center, 6766 Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines

What is Shinagawa?
For 25 years, Shinagawa has steadily evolved into one of the worldwide leaders in Lasik and Aesthetics. Shinagawa has enjoyed the patronage of over 3 Million satisfied patients.

The Shinagawa clinic in the Philippines, Shinagawa’s first major business operation outside of  Japan, continues to stay true to its aim to provide the best, safest, most accessible and affordable services using the latest technologies and techniques in medicine.

For more info, visit their WEBSITE, or call at (02)491-0000.

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My TV5 Guesting Preview and SUN Entertainment Loads To The Rescue!

Hello loves!  How are you all doing this past week?  Ako I'm very excited to share with you that I got to experience a once in a lifetime TV guesting in a mommy-oriented show to be aired on TV5!  What's more exciting was that they shot the whole episode in our humble abode!  If mom would still be alive, she surely would be the first to be aligaga to arrange the house and make sure it's squeaky clean.  But for sure, as she was watching us down from above, she's proud at how I managed the house.

Anyway, here are teaser photos of the shooting at home for Mommy Practicality's TV5 guesting:
Solo interview by the show's crew before one of the main celebrity hosts arrived.

Our Zoo Fun Easter at BEST Western Plus ANTEL Hotel

It's been a conscious effort of mine since I had a child to bring them to Easter Sunday activities such as what we attended last weekend, "Zoo Fun Easter" at BEST WESTERN PLUS Antel Hotel, in Makati City.

Their theme for this year is Zoo Fun and boy, did my kids truly enjoyed (like ride on that tiger and get the other stuffed animal toys)  This was their stage set up last Easter.

5 Skincare Tips for Summer and SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Lotion Review

Since summer has officially begun, I am a bit worried that my naturally morena skin will go darker and shall also result to uneven skin tone due to sun exposure.  We know that during summer, the sun's rays and heat are stronger and could damage the skin more.

I'm continually on the lookout for a skincare product that will help me combat the harmful effects of the sun and also protect and lighten my skin at the same time.  As I've said before, it's not that I'm not proud of my skin color, I just want to have a product that I can depend to as far as skincare is concerned.  When I feel good about myself I feel better and confident within, thus this great inner feeling radiates throughout the day in my interactions with other people like my family, friends, and colleagues too.  Glad I got my SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Skincare line to test and share with you its results on my skin.

The Wet Wedding Proposal And My Reflection On Second Chances

Hello loves, how are you this Holy Week?  Some of you may have gone home to their provinces to spend the long weekend there and some of you are enjoying a staycation in a hotel (which we used to do) and some, like our family, just stayed at home.

This long weekend is giving me some time to pause, rest, reflect and of course pray.  When we do pause and reflect, we get to think of the many blessings we have in our lives and it becomes a very humbling moment.  I have a lot to thank for to God for the outpouring of His blessings this first quarter of 2015.
First, as the title of this post suggests, the Wet Wedding Proposal.  Okay, I'm already sober from the surprise of my life which my loving life partner gave me.  I'm happy to share with you that finally after years of being together, Macky staged a wedding proposal to me with the help of his family and friends, who altogether made the plot and script convincing that I didn't have a single hint it was coming at all!  That beautiful and memorable day was 28th of March, our couple power number.

Here are photos of the life-changing surprise of my life.
The simple white gold diamond engagement ring.

Kerygma's Grand Easter Feast at SM MOA Arena

Holy Week is just a few days from now.  It's a time for us to reflect on the love of Jesus has for all of us and the things He did for all of us in order for us all to be saved.  And on Easter Sunday, we always celebrate Jesus' rising from the dead.

If you want to celebrate Christ's glorious resurrection with Bro. Bo Sanchez and the rest of the Kerygma preachers, then come on over to Kerygma's Grand Easter Feast happening on April 5 at the SM MOA Arena.

The BELO Intensive Whitening (Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid) Skincare Line (Plus GIVEAWAY!)

Winners of the #BELOKOJIC Giveaway are seen below!  Congratulations!!! :)

I've shared over my blog and my other social media sites especially in Instagram that I love travelling!  Hence the hashtag #MPTravels to #InsertNewCityHere was born.  I'm happy that my work gives me the opportunity to travel to different places, because personally, experiencing a new culture or heritage makes me feel so alive.  And when I travel with the family, the first thing that comes to mind is - head the BEACH!  Enjoy the sand, the sea and of course the SUN!  Although I put sunblock on my face, hand and body, still, I get dark in some places and it's uneven.

I haven't really addressed this concern seriously.  I always thought, my color will be back sooner or later.  But with the kind of skin that I have, it's not as easy as others who just have their skins peeled off and after a few weeks, their colors are back.  Not for a morena me.   I just want a lighter color, actually just back to my regular color, faster that the rate it's going.  I'm happy that an innovative and advanced whitening skincare product could address this skin concern: BELO Intensive Whitening Bar (Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid).
My first encounter with BELO Intensive Whitening Bar (Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid) was trying their soap.  It was effective on me and I definitely saw positive results within two weeks of use.  

I'm surprised to know that this time, skincare line has expanded to having BELO Intensive Whitening Face and Neck Cream and BELO Intensive Whitening Body Cream.  It's like a power trio products working altogether to give me the desired results I want for my skin!

I tried using all three for more than a week and so far, I am liking the lightening effect they have on my skin, just how I liked the BELO Intensive Whitening Bar, when I first tried it.  I didn't use any other product while I use these power trio skincare product.  Here are the results on my arm:

Before Using
After using for almost 2 weeks.
Diba?  EFFECT kaagad!  So what are the active ingredients of this effective skincare product?  They boast of a unique combination of two most powerful whitening actives – Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid which are both responsible for a lighter appearance and tempering melanin formation.  Kojic Acid is known to be an organic compound that gives the skin a visibly lighter appearance.  While Tranexamic Acid is a peptide proven to inhibit inflammation and melanin formation. These are ideal for stubborn dark spots that do not respond to other skin lightening ingredients.  

During the first few days using the soap on my face and body, I felt a slight stingy sensation, which is normal because the active ingredients are already working in exfoliating the skin.  It will fade away through continued use.  It's recommended that the soap be used twice a day on face and body to see the results better.  Make sure you don't use any other whitening product while on the BELO Intensive Whitening care.  The soap also has Salicylic Acid which is an active ingredient in effectively drying my whiteheads and blackheads.  It made me a lot happier because of that.  
The body cream is surprisingly light on skin and doesn't leave me feeling greasy like other body creams I used.  It smells really good and even my kids like it.  It leaves a silky finish and yet it's not heavy on the skin.  And because it's SPF 30 it protects my skin for 300 minutes when I go out of the house on my way to work in the morning!  It's recommended to use it after bath and twice a day to get the best results.
I use the face and neck cream just like how I use my other face and neck moisturizers, after cleansing and toning.  Same with the body cream, it's light on the face and neck and it's not at all greasy unlike most of the moisturizers I use!  It's recommended to use this twice a day as well.  It comes with a spatula to help you scoop your desired amount.  But for me the recommended amount for the face is a medium pea-size which you may dab all around your face.  Spread it with your middle or ring finger, which they say, gives the lightest pressure on your face compared to the others.  This way you won't have to drag your facial skin downwards and you may prevent premature sagging of the skin.  Another good thing about this is that it's SPF 30 which protects our skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.  It's expertly formulated, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.
I'm satisfied with the results I see after using BELO Intensive Whitening Skincare products for the face, the neck and the whole body.  What's more, these are seen over the counter and also available online, and believe me, are not expensive at all.  They are sold at very affordable and reasonable prices and hence I believe should be the choice of whitening products of every Filipina, who like me, are looking for quality and effective products which do not come with a shocking price tag.  BELO Intensive Whitening Bar only costs Php 60.00 each, BELO Intensive Whitening Body Cream with SPF30 150ml is only Php 199.75, and BELO Intensive Whitening Face and Neck Cream is only Php 249.75.  Try these practical and effective BELO Intensive Whitening Skincare products to see the results yourselves!

Para you can also say together with Sarah Geronimo "Only BELO touches my skin!"


Because our dear friends from BELO Essentials are very generous, they are giving away FIVE (5) BELO Intensive Whitening Skincare Sets!

Giveaway Mechanics:

1. Open to all readers residing in Metro Manila and willing to claim their prize in BGC, Taguig City.

2. LIKE Mommy Practicality and BELO Essentials on Facebook or follow all tasks in the Rafflecopter.

3. Create an entry by answering this question on the comments form below this post: "Why do you want to have a lighter skin?" 

4. Five winners will be chosen based on how unique and creative the message is.

5. Giveaway ends on April 10, 2015.

6. Winners will be announced on April 15, 2015.

Good luck to all! 
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