Let's Eat TV on Lifestyle Network

There's no doubt that Macky and I are food lovers and explorers.  From street foods to buffets and occasional fine dining, we'd love to experience them.  We both love to cook as well, but admittedly, Macky is a better cook than I am, so I let him take charge in our kitchen.  When cooking or looking for our next dining adventure, we look for inspirations from magazines or TV shows, because they are reliable resources.

Speaking of food, kitchen explorations, and shows, "Let's Eat" is the newest food lifestyle television show airing on Lifestlye Network hosted by our friend, the boss, Spanky Enriquez and Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi.
"Let's Eat," aired its first episode last week, with Street Foods as its first theme.  Both of hosts were so engaging to watch because of the rawness of the comments and reviews of the highly-opinionated and very articulate hosts.

McDonald’s Burger Shop Now Open in KidZania Manila

Welcome to McDonald's Kidzania!  
McDonald's Kidzania
McDonald's Philippines President and CEO Kenneth S. Yang and Ms. Maricel Pangilinan Arenas, State Governor for KidZania Philippines
It's a new Mcdonald's branch in town but it's nothing ordinary at all!  If you look closer, you'll see kid-sized kitchen with super cute young crew members having so much fun while making their own McDonald's Cheeseburger.
McDonald's Kidzania

2015 List of Halloween Trick or Treat Events In Metro Manila

Hello loves!  It's that time of the year again when spooky fun and creative costumes are looked forward to!  So here I am again, compiling a List of 2015 Halloween Trick or Treat Events in Metro Manila for kids!  What I'm really excited about is that my younger son is already so pumped up for the trick or treat activities he'd be attending and wearing costumes to!  So I'm sharing with all of you my research on the trick or treat events around the metro this exciting Halloween season.  Some of the events may have participation fees but there will be some which are for free!

Do come back to this post loves because I'll be updating this list as often as I can.  Trick or Treat!!!

October 23 & 24, 2015 at 3pm - Bonifacio High Street
October 28, 2015 at 3pm - Fairview Terraces
October 29, 2015 at 3pm - SM Megamall
Ticket Prices: P550/child (P500 if member) and P250 for accompanying adult
For more details, visit their Facebook page or visit their Website.

2015 List of Halloween Trick or Treat Events In Metro Manila
October 31, 2015
Theme: Hansel and Gretel
Ticket Price: P995/nett 
More details to come!  For more, visit their Facebook page or contact(632) 720 2000 / 588-5888.
2015 List of Halloween Trick or Treat Events In Metro Manila

Preparing Kids For Emergencies

Last July, we had a nationwide Earthquake Preparedness Drill which was executed successfully in schools, offices, and even barangay units.  Why?  Because the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) released statements about “The Big One” hitting the Philippines that may happen in our lifetime, based on its careful studies of the movement of our faults and it also on historical occurrences.  They even released a list of the most affected cities in Metro Manila should the 7.2-magnitude hit us, which of course created panic to people nationwide.  Although we’re a nation of prayerful people, and we’ve proved time and time again how powerful our prayers could move mountains, it’s still better to be prepared.

Training adults, like you and me, is easy because we could read and comprehend emergency instructions, be updated with reports released on television and also on line.  The challenge is how to teach emergency preparedness to members of the household especially our kids.  I’ve listed some practical and creative tips to teach our children about emergencies which I learned from the talks I attended in the past.
  1. Communicate in a manner they will understand. – Don’t use too many jargons when explaining.  Use simple words which they will understand.
  2. Role Play – My children learn faster when we do role playing or acting the part, like what happens in creative storytelling.  Give a situation and explain what to do with actions, then let them simulate it.
  3. Memorize Emergency Numbers through Singing – Music is a big part of our family.  I sing, the kids sing, and hubby plays the instrument for us.  My kids are both auditory learners.  They learn faster when they hear something, especially in a song.  So singing the numbers will make them memorize the information faster.
  4. Teach how their toys could easily be replaced – Sometimes, kids tend to attach themselves to toys or gadgets and feel these are important to them.  Tell them that in emergency situations, we have to leave these things and only carry important stuff with us, such as “GO Bags.”
  5. Prepare a GO Bag with them and show what it’s for – A GO Bag is something that you grab and go when in an emergency situation.  It contains very important matters needed for survival.  Explain what the contents are for as part of role playing or singing too.
GO Bag Contents:

The Launch of Nike Young Athletes Store in BGC

When my panganay Dandre was younger, I used to ask my Titas abroad to look for Nike shoes for him.  So we ended up spending for the shipment of the shoes and deal with the waiting game until it arrives.  Sometimes when we're not lucky, we get the wrong size or apparel with damages.  That's no longer the case now for us because of this great news!

I'm so excited to share that a few weeks ago, we were invited to attend Nike Philippines launching of the first ever Nike retail store dedicated to the athletic needs of Filipino children, at the newly opened Ayala Part Triangle BGC, Taguig, where the Nike Prodigy Young Athletes flagship store is located.  Nike Prodigy Young Athletes retail store is not only a first in the country, but also a first in the whole of South East Asia.
Nike Young Athelets Store Launching

Wedding Preparation Tips on Making It less Stressful

Wedding Preparation Tips


Happy Stress.  Ngarag Stress.  Excited Stress.  These are the different levels of stress that I feel when wedding preparations are concerned.  The anxieties, excitement, and pressures I feel go uphill and downhill.  I don't know if this is normal, but based from brides I talked to it is.  But their number one advice to me is "Just make sure you keep the stresses H-A-P-P-Y!  You'll do fine.  Enjoy it!"

Big word(s).

Well, it's really easier said pala talaga than done.  That's what I realize now.  I may be a campaigns strategist who also handles events at work, but wedding is different.  I'm sure most of you married women reading this would totally agree.  Ako naman, while juggling my deliverables at work and home, and doing my duties to my slowed down blog (which I feel so sad about for not updating as frequently... ), I do all the research, contacting, negotiating, and scheduling of meetings with suppliers.  My better half who's also busy with work would do his tasks as requested, (we all know guys could only do one thing at a time.)

So, which brings me to sharing with you some realizations and tips on Wedding Preparation:
  • Set rules of engagement with better half. - Save yourself from arguments and pointing fingers when things go wrong (or even right) during your wedding day.  Make sure you're all in this together,.  It's not YOUR wedding alone, remember that.  So a good guy fried of mine gave an advice to lay down cards with what you need and expect from each other during the preparation.  There were general rules that we set like, no saying "Ikaw bahala."  The decision to get this supplier or not OR to book this venue or not, should always be mutual.  Tools: Constant loving communication with your husband-to-be and time.

Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney

There's nothing more exciting for my four year old than to see the Disney characters he loves up close and performing LIVE!  Thanks to Sun Cellular for making this possible for me and the kids!
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
#SUNDisney: Disney Live, Mickey's Music Festival

Saving And Preparing For My Children's Education

Back when my brothers and I were still studying, I would never think about how hard my parents had worked to send all four of us to good schools.
Shameless Grade school graduation picture!

Simple Stress Management For Busy Women Wearing Different Hats

Well hello dear readers!  How was your week?  Mine was busy as usual.  If you don't know it yet, I work full-time in Makati (aargh, everyday traffic), plus I blog, plus I am preparing for our upcoming wedding.  So just imagine how insane I could get at times especially when I realize that I haven't done or asked our home angels to do the pamamalengke!  Nakakaloka actually.

We do all have duties and responsibilities at home and work, and if like me you have extra-curricular activities that you pursue because of your passion for that/those crafts.. then, chances are, you too get stressed out with expectations and deadlines to meet.  Waaahh!  So, if not the pamamalengke schedule ang task that you forgot to do, then it should be something else.. like the laundry?

A Del Monte Pineapple A Day, Resistensyang Piña-level Up

I’m sure as a mom, you too worry about the health of your family, especially of our kids.  We feel emotionally and physically stressed whenever our kids get sick and oftentimes hear ourselves saying “Sana ako na lang ang nagkasakit.”  Ganyan tayong mga nanay.  That’s why, we do everything in our capacities to keep our children sick-free.  How?  By making sure they get the right nutrition and immunity booster from their food and drinks intake.  One way to keep them sick-free is adding fruits to their diet, such as pineapples.   Good thing, I found a more delicious way of making my kids eat pineapples through Del Monte Pineapple.
Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits and Chunks in cans.
Personally, I am fortunate my two boys eat fruits and vegetables regularly even if I do not disguise them into something else.  Their favorite is Pork Sinigang and they eat more of the veggies than the meat.  They have daily servings of fruits like bananas, mangoes, papaya, and pineapples too.  They got this from my dad, who at 75 years old, is illness free and in tip-top shape for his age.  Because of my children’s likeness to fruits and vegetables, they rarely get sick.  Being sick-free is almost synonymous to being economical because we don’t have to spend extra for hospitalization and medicines.  Plus, they don’t miss school days and opportunities to play, explore, and learn too.

Given this, I am honored to be trusted as an ambassador of a world-class and trusted household brand, Del Monte Pineapple.  We are a Del Monte household ever since I was younger, from condiments, to pasta dishes and other sauces, and of course pineapples.  I’m happy to be representing something our family uses and loves through the years.
Sharing my mommy experience on making my kids eat fruits and veggies.