Experience Spanish Cuisine at Alqueria Tapas, Paellas y Bistecas

I'd like to think I am of Spanish descent because of my surname, Fandiño.   Hahaha!  Anything with Ñ to me most probably has a Spanish influence.  So, when Macky and I were invited to dine at Alquria Restaurante, I felt like, hey, this is my zone!  Kidding aside, I've always loved Spanish cuisine because it's very close to our own Filipino dishes like Afritada, Caldereta and even Lechon, which all have Spanish influences.  I remember my dear friend Tricia (of authentic Spanish-speaking family) who would always invite me to their home to try her homemade Spanish menu specialties like Churros con Chocolate and Croquettas.  Because of her almost weekly invitation, I've grown love for Spanish cuisines.

Another Year Older and Wiser, My Birthday Reflections

Wow!  I just turned another year older and hopefully wiser and better on a holistic approach.  I used to deny my real age because I guess I was insecure or in disbelief that I turned a year older each year and yet I felt like I didn't grow old.  You know what I mean?
But now, not that I am more confident and feeling super wise, I more comfortable telling people my age.  Loves, I just turned 37 years old.  I am way past mid-30s and a few years before the big 40! :)  So with a lot of thinking and reflecting these past few days, I want to share some of my learning and realizations about life, dreams, love, kids, and other people:

Decluttering? Sell Items on Shopee!

Hello loves!  How’s the area of the heart and home?  Hope all is well?  I shared with you my frustrations about clutter at home in my previous post and what I intended to do with them: either give them away as gifts, donate them, or sell them.  Sa totoo lang, I really cannot breath anymore due to lack of space in our bedroom, in the kids’ room, in our living room, and in our kitchen. There are just too many things in the house which we accumulated over the past months, even years. I’m not really happy about this situation.

Gladly, I found a solution for selling pre-loved and brand new items with Shopee!
My Experience on Selling Items on Shopee PH

The Dove Deo Getaway, Win A Trip For Two!

What is one of the things that women are conscious about physically?  You're correct, underarms.  Of course we want it clean, smooth and light.  Who wants a dark underarm anyway?  Sometimes even if it's not dark, we still tend to be too shy to flaunt it while wearing sleeveless tops. Blame it to the many years of plucking, shaving, and even waxing.  These underarm hair removal actually damages our underarm skin leading it to irritation and bumpiness.

I'm glad there's one deodorant we all could trust in not only keeping our underarms odor-free but really takes care of it making it lighter and smoother.  Dove lessens underarm skin irritation with its unique 1/4 moisturizing cream.  It's the most recommended deodorant by dermatologists, as certified during a 2015 Philippine Dermatological Society convention survey.

I have been a Dove Deodorant user for years and totoo, my underarm skin's lighter and smoother.  This is Dove's commitment to women, to let our underarms experience real care so we could show them off confidently,no matter what the season may be.
And as Dove Deo takes care of women's underarms, Dove now wants to give girls everywhere a chance to experience real care through a relaxing getaway for two!  Yes!  A chance to win a trip for two to Maldives!   We all deserve a getaway especially us moms who are stressed at home at also at work.
And guess what, it's so easy to join!  Just purchase a Dove Deo box, available in major supermarkets and retail stores nationwide for the price  of your regular Dove roll-on (P89 for Dove Original, and P95 for Dove Ultimate White or Powder Soft, along with a FREE tote bag!)
Then by using the promo code found at the bottom of your Dove Deo Box, just text
DOVE DEO <space> PROMO CODE to 2600  
The winner will be contacted directly by the Dove team.  Aren't you excited?!  Join the #DoveDeoGetaway and experience real care with Dove Deodorants loves.

Here are more photos from the campaign launch which I attended with some beauty, fashion, lifestyle and mom bloggers as well:
Food is L-O-V-E!!!
Patty Laurel-Filart hosts the event.  She's with Dove's Assistant Brand Manager Jam Muñasque
Selfie with Rina of Rina's Rainbow, while eating and making mommy chikas at the same time.
Took home a lovely tote bag of Dove products with a pretty personalized bag tag.
For more information, go to http://www.dovedeo.ph/,  like Dove on Facebook, follow them on Instagram (@doveph), and follow them on Twitter .


My Health & Fitness Journey And Discovery Of San Marino Tuna Laing

I enrolled myself in a gym a few weeks ago to officially start my health and fitness journey.  I was encouraged by one of my dearest friends to commit to a lifestyle changing routine for my own benefit.  So, after three sessions with a personal trainer, these were some of the facts that I discovered about health and myself as well:
  • I am bordering obese. – YES.  I couldn’t believe it myself and I felt a little bad for allowing this to happen.  My body fat index comprises of 37% and at my age and height, it should only be at around 20 – 25%.  It’s sad, but at least I have a baseline and that I know what to target with my fitness journey
  • That while cardio exercises may shed off fat, there’s a constant need to build muscles to achieve a fit physique, protein is needed for muscle building which comes from meat and vegetables
  • Weight loss is achievable with ratio of 80:20, the former being food intake and latter from exercise.  So which means, I have to choose healthier meals.

Having these realizations made me decide to eat healthier to be able to achieve my fitness goals.  I now eat more vegetables and healthy meats and less of carbo food.  In my lookout for healthy food I could practically and conveniently bring to work as baon or eat at home without the hassle of long preps or cooking, I discovered San Marino Tuna Laing.  
Tuna has always been the food I turn to when dieting, not starving ha, and at the same time enjoying delicious food.  San Marino has always come up with delicious variety of products for health-conscious individuals like me.

What I like about the San Marino Tuna Laing is that it’s so convenient to bring to work because of its easy-open can and it’s ready-to-eat, perfect for people always on the go.
Since I’ve been told by my trainer to eat more of the good stuff like fish and vegetables, San Marino Tuna Laing is a good choice because it’s made of real taro leaves, coconut milk and of course, tuna flakes.  Parang kumain ka talaga ng lutong bahay when you taste it because it’s flavorful plus it’s healthy.

Perfect choice for my dieting phase because I get the nutrition I need without the extra calories.  The taro leaves naturally has Vitamins A, C, Fiber, and Protein, plus it’s good for the heart because of the Omega-3 in tuna.  San Marino Tuna Laing is great for my workout and dieting needs.
Now, there’s another alternative to our healthy food choices, apart from the usual San Marino tuna variants we buy.  We could enjoy another delicious and healthy treat from San Marino, the new San Marino tuna Laing.  It’s only Php32.00 per can of 180g.
If like me, you also are into your health and fitness journey or the more popular Balik-Alindog-Program, I encourage you to choose healthier food alternatives such as San Marino Tuna Laing.  Like the San Marino Corned Tuna’s Facebook Page to know more about San Marino Tuna Laing. #SanMarinoTunaLaing #SanMarino

McDonald’s 2015 Coca-Cola Glasses Plus A Giveaway!

I'm excited to share with you the good news from McDonald's!  Once again, two of the world’s most loved companies go hand-in-hand to serve more smiles and everyday happiness to customers through the 2015 Coca-Cola Glass Collection.

FERN-C (Sodium Ascorbate), Your Family's Protection From Infectious Diseases

Recently, more and more diseases are virally spreading.  As a full-time working mom, I cannot afford to get sick because I have big responsibilities at home and at work.  Apart from those already busy roles, I have other personal things I’m passionate about like blogging and achieving my fitness goals, so I am very conscious with my well-being.  I also get paranoid when it comes to the health of the rest of the family.  I don’t want my kids to catch common colds, cough or worse flu, because I don’t want him to miss out on school days and the opportunity to learn and have fun with other kids.  For hubby, he runs a team and his role is crucial at work, so his health couldn’t be compromised.  That’s why I make sure we’re protected by taking the needed vitamins and minerals to boost our immune system.

How?  By making sure I incorporate fruits and vegetables in our daily food intake and by also taking our daily dose of Vitamin C.  When it comes to Vitamin C, I trust FERN-C which is a non-acidic Vitamin C.  What I like about this is that it can be taken with an empty stomach so I don’t have to worry with tummy aches I usually experience taking Ascorbic Acid.

The Boudoir Dolls Photography Launch

It's a very rare chance for me to meet people online and instantly feel connected by reading about their life story, challenges, and triumphs.  There's one particular life and love story that I stumbled upon a few months ago while researching about destination weddings.  When I read her story, I literally cried.  I was deeply touched by her story of how she shared that God gives everyone second chances and His timing is always perfect.  This story was of Arlene Hidalgo-Briones.

At that time of reading and researching, I was also looking for a photographer for our wedding.  God talaga is always so good!  It was not an accident that I read her story.  God led me to her because she was appointed to be our wedding photographer!  I cried the first time I read her story.  I cried the first time I received a reply from her through email, and I just held back my tears the first time we met personally.  Galing talaga ni God!

Arlene Hidalgo-Briones is the owner of The Perfect Grey Photography (which I will be writing lengthily about in one of my post-wedding posts) and is also one of the co-founders of The Boudoir Dolls, together with Shayla Sanchez and Madoka Tomas.

A Quick Hello and Life Updates (Relationship, Kids, and Wedding)

Hello loves!  I feel guilty for not updating my blog with personal stories in past couple of weeks because of my tight wedding preps and everything else in between.  I've been busy as always with work, as I've recently launched a nationwide promo.  Of course, my affairs of my heart and at home will perpetually be my life's priorities, suffice to say, medyo inuna ko mga matters about these areas.  I actually miss blogging about reflections and personal mommy stuff.  Soon yan mga loves!  I'll be soooo back!

Well, how's my matter of the heart?  Imperfect but awesome.  Like any couple, of course we argue, we kiss and make up (a lot!  that's the best part), we agree to disagree, and we work hard to keep the fire burning.  It's burning so alive and high right now, nakakapaso.  The couple's retreat I wrote about it the past really helped a lot.

The kids, they are growing up pretty fast and sometimes I fear I couldn't keep up.  My panganay who's already 12 is much taller than I am already and have some issues about his peers and love life.  I am also learning this new parenting style as he is learning his to go through the loops of his early adolescent life as well.  Hirap mga muthers!  Kakaloka!  I have to maintain being a mom/parent but at the same time be a friend and making sure the line's not being crossed.  In short, parang loka-loka na I discipline him and tell him what to do and not to do in situations, then convince him to tell me everything and ask anything he's not sure about.

The little one is a lot more clingy now than ever!  He sometimes even get jealous of his dad when he sees us hugging.  He would ask, "What about me?  No one's hugging me!"  So of course I have to explain that Daddy also needs a hug from me.  We just hug him together and sandwich him with a kiss from both of us on each of his cheeks.  Do you also experience this with your child/children who's at around the age of four to five?

Oh!  Let me update you about the wedding preps too!  It's officially 22 more days until the BIG DAY!  How do I feel?  I don't feel any preyshoore right now!! Waaaaahh!! Nakakangatog actually! I'm not very stressed... siguro soon, kapag one week before na lang.  When I think of the things I need to finalize.. ayan na, nasstress na ako.  But when I think of the things and items that I already have and already accomplished, medyo I feel relieved in a way.  I have a dress na pala loves!   I just bought an RTW gown para #KitchieNadalPeg and dating.  The boys are also going shopping this weekend for their wedding attire.  Besides, I swear it's more practical than have it made.

I already booked our photographer, my videographer, rings (gawa na sila!), the wedding and reception venue, caterer, the officiator, invitation artist, invitation printer, cake, entertainment, and my OTD coordinator.  The only things I need to finalize are the following: Florist, Stylist, Giveaways, and Program.  Other than these things, Macky and I will be DIYing stuff a week prior to our wedding day!  For your visual idea of how I envision our Rustic themed wedding to be, you may check out my PINTEREST Wedding Inspiration Board. Exciting days ahead!

So there loves.  Kayo kamusta?  How's life and do you have any advice for me about the wedding?  Thanks and until my next personal post (when things are back to normal!)!  Have a wonderful day!

Why We Should Attend the Kerygma Conference

Who is not busy tending to the matters at home, at work, with kids, and with your husband?  I think most of us are too caught up with life's challenges and the roles we have to play everyday.  Sometimes we even find ourselves thinking or saying out loud how we wish we have more hours in our hands to get things done for the day or how we wish we have a clone.  We never stop thinking, talking, working, planning, and doing.  We even list all the things to do down, so we won't forget what needs to be accomplished during the day.  We always keep a tab of all our mommy or career woman schedules that we tend to forget ourselves, our welfare and even our inner peace.