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Hello Loves!  I am very excited to share with you that Mommy Practicality had been chosen as one of three blogger partners in the Philippines by a very prestigious, exciting, and well-known global brand.

Pause, let me BREATHE!  WHEW!  Continue...

I posted this photo on my Facebook page already and I want to share with you the story behind this photo.
I love everything about this set, comfy chair, colored brick wall and the cute owl plush!

Birthday Boys' Practical #OOTDs

September is the birthday month of my two boys.  The older future-performing-artist-basketball-player turned 11, and the little charmer-singer turned four.  If we'll have another baby, we're planning for him or her to be born on September too.  The idea is just cute, at least for me.

Sometimes I disagree when they say, it's more practical that my kids celebrate their birthdays at the same month, because I will only prepare one party for both.  No.  We don't actually do that.  We make sure we treat each child specially on their special day.  They have their individual cakes and they have individual house parties too (house party since the little one turned two).  September, (apart from June and December) is one of the most expensive months in a year for our family.

But if there's one that's not too expensive it's the styling I have for my boys.  Let me share with you their birthday suits! :)
On Wes:
Top: JusTees (Sale only P150.00 at SM Store)
Bottom: CDN Kids (Available at SM Store)
Shoes: Osh Kosh (Robinsons Magnolia)

It Still Hurts At Three, A Poem for my Mom

I never understood how painful it was for a bereaved son or daughter until I became one with the sudden passing of my mother.  It's been three months already and I still find myself crying in one corner of the house when I think of her and wish she's still here to celebrate life with us all.  I cannot express well my emptiness and sadness through a status or a blog post, so I just wrote a lovely poem for her.

I know I'm not the only daughter in the world that lost a mom because of cancer.  I know too if you're like me, you could somehow relate to how I am feeling.  Let me share with you a simple poem I made for her.  I just wish I could still hug her, take care of her and tell her how much I love her.

by Louise Antonette D. FandiƱo

I know you're now happy
Because you're now free
From earthly pain, sadness, hardships and suffering
But it still hurts at three

It's been months that had passed
Time flew by that fast
But until when will this last, I ask
The emptiness is just to vast

I've accepted and let go right after
But when I think of you I shatter
Loving memories of you will always linger
Your presence we all still long for

When you left, I promised I'll be fine
I'll take care of everything you left behind
Though it's hard to do it, I know in time
Close to your perfection, in what I do, I shall find

At times I sit crying remembering you
Your voice, your laughter and everything you do
I miss the morning chats and even the little arguments we get into
Losing all that now is something I should get used to

I pray hard to God everyday
That by His side and grace you now stay
The sadness in our hearts hopefully fades away
"I love you Mommy" I wish I could still personally say to you all day

It's been a while but it still hurts at three
I know I should move on and set this pain free
From heaven I hope you could see
How we all miss you and wish you were still here.

2014 List of Halloween Trick or Treat Events In Metro Manila

It's that time of the year again loves when we'd get all excited and creative to do a DIY Halloween costumes for our kids for the many Trick or Treat events they will be attending this coming October!  If you aren't creative enough, RTW Halloween costumes are also available in department stores nationwide.

As a tradition (been compiling a list since 2012) here again is the much awaited 2014 List of Halloween Trick or Treat Events in Metro Manila.  Do come back often because I will be updating this blog post as many other establishments like malls and hotels announce their Trick or Treat Events, Parties and Contests in the coming days! :)
Trick or Treat for UNICEF
Grand Event Launch
October 4, 2014 at 3:00 PM
SM Southmall
More updates on their Facebook page.

Manila Ocean Park
Fear vs. Fantasy Halloween Costume Contest
Venue: Manila Ocean Park’s Concourse Plaza
Date: October 25, 2014
Time: 11:00 am
2014 List of Halloween Trick or Treat Events in Metro Manila
Luxent Hotel
Fangtastic Halloween
Date: October 25. 2014
Venue: Seasons Ballroom
11:30am - 3:30pm
Ticket: Php 1,500 net (Adult and 1 Child 4-12 yo)
children below three years old comes in for free
2014 List of Halloween Trick or Treat Events in Metro Manila
 Fun Ranch
Boo-Time Halloween Party
Venue: Ortigas Branch
Date: October 25. 2014
11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Venue: Alabang Branch
Date: October 30, 2014
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
2014 List of Halloween Trick or Treat Events in Metro Manila
SPOOKtacular Halloween Party
Active Fun Bonifacio HighStreet
October 23 & 24, 2014
Time: 3:00 om
Activities: Trick or Treat Parade and Costume Contest
Ticket Prices: General P550/ Fun Club Member - P500/ Adult Seat P250
(all inclusive of snacks)
2014 List of Halloween Trick or Treat Events in Metro Manila

So are you and your kids already gearing up for the Halloween?  Most probably YES!  Just always remember when preparing for this exciting event, don't forget to prioritize comfort and safety of our little ones.

Do come back to this post for more Halloween and Trick or Treat Events listing loves!  <3

Physiogel's #FreeInMySkin Movement Launch

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the #FreeInMySkin Movement launch by Physiogel at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.  

This movement aims to empower women to embrace their lives and achieve their dreams and aspirations.  If there is one thing that I am proud to say, it's that I think, I'm a living testament to that empowerment.  Which is why, I am glad that Physiogel started this movement, I felt instantly connected.
Physiogel comes in Lotion, Cleanser and Cream.  the number-one most prescribed moisturizer by dermatologists

The Sun Villas Beachfront Resort In Boracay, A Short Stay

One should be called crazy when he or she would just stay for a short while in the beautiful island of Boracay.  But one is crazier when she's already in Aklan and not visit Boracay right?  That's me, the crazy one, who braved traveling alone to the island one afternoon (after work assignment) and stayed in the island for less than 24 hours.  Albeit the shortness of my stay, I made sure it was worth while.

One of the things I find fulfilling when travelling alone is continually discovering something new in an already familiar place.  One of these new discoveries is The Sun Villas Beachfront Resort & Spa Boracay, a quiet but homey hotel accommodation right in between Stations 1 & 2.
The Sun Villas Beachfront Resort is located between Station 1 & 2.

Colgate Optic White's Dream Wedding Launch

Last September 3, Colgate Optic White launched their Dream Wedding Contest at Manila Peninsula Hotel.  I together with other members of the media were invited to witness this event, hosted by the beautiful Solenn Heusaff, the face of Colgate Optic White, and Patti Grandidge.
Colgate Optic White Dream Wedding Launch

Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication Cake Giveaway

Today's been a blast if you would ask me because it's my son's 11th birthday.  He didn't go to school earlier because he wasn't really feeling well and was even sent home by his school clinic yesterday.

I know he's supposed to rest today, but it's his BIRTHDAY!!! :)

We started celebrating as early as breakfast.  We had lunch at his requested restaurant then watched a movie too.  After that, we went to another mall for some fun at an amusement center.  Before dinner came, I secretly sneaked out to go to a Red Ribbon Bakeshop to get a Chocolate Dedication Cake for Dandre.  After dinner, I asked the restaurant staff to bring the cake to our table and surprise him with his cake and a their group birthday song!  I succeeded!  I really thought I couldn't surprise him anymore.

Did you know that you can now go beyond the usual "Happy Birthday" cake greeting with Red Ribbon?  Yes!  It's more personalized and more heartfelt by your loved one.  That's exactly what I did.

Here's my unique birthday message on the 8x8 Chocolate Dedication Cake for my dear son:
Red Ribbon Dedication Cake Giveaway

Happy 11th Birthday Dandre Lucas!

Happy birthday to my first-born Dandre Lucas!  When you were born 11 years ago at 9.2lbs through normal delivery, I was born too. 

You made me a MOTHER. 
I almost died of childbirth but God gave me a chance to still be with you, take care of you, teach you the values you have right now, give you a loving family you well-deserve, put you to a good school, support you with all your interests, witness you grow into a compassionate and talented young man and let you feel all the love, security and happiness in order for you to be able to spread your wings and fly on your own in time.
Gone are the days when you would scream out of excitement seeing all the colorful buntings I hang or the paper decors I surprisingly make to welcome your birthday or with big boxes of toy gifts or blowing candles on your birthday cake, because you are now fascinated with a lot other "grown kid" things.
But to me, and I will always and forever say this, you are still my first baby and I will love you unconditionally until my last breath.
Happy Birthday son! You are a blessing to me and daddy, to your brother and to everyone who has you in their lives. Keep on infecting others with your kind heart, with your talents and more importantly with your compassion to others.
I wish I could stop time from advancing so you don't grow up too soon! There may even be a time in your life when we'll fight over things, but I hope you know that we only want what's best for you and that because we truly love you!

Happy Birthday again Dandre! Enjoy this day!!!! God bless you always anak!

Practical Fashion is BACK! Kids Edition

Hello hello loves!  My Practical Fashion blog feature is back!  It has been on hiatus for quite some time.  I used to feature my #OOTDs but after being too busy to capture my daily outfits and for the lack of a decent place to do photo shoots at work (not to mention a willing colleague photographer), the feature took a back seat.

Now it's back and I'm doing this feature with my sons!  Sure it's still cuter and prettier to dress up a little girl like a doll, but I've been blessed not by daughters but two amazingly handsome boys, the most handsome boys around the metro, in my opinion as their mother of course! :)

Presenting the revived Practical Fashion, Kids Edition!

Wes' First Outfit:
Top: Bossini Kids (Available at SM Kids Section)
Bottoms: Garfield (Available at SM Kids Section)
Shoes: Osh Kosh 
Wes' Second Outfit:
Top: SPIN (Available at Greenhills Viramall)
Bottom: Garfield (Available at SM Kids section)
Shoes: Osh Kosh (Available at Robinsons Magnolia)
Dandre's Outfit:
Top: Justice League Shirt (Available at SM Stores)
Bottom: Dude (Available at SM Stores)
Shoes: Nike Jordan (Sports Warehouse Market! Market!)
Watch: G-Shock (borrowed from Daddy)
So there you have it loves!  The Practical Fashion blog feature will be a weekly post on the blog.  It could be a Ladies', Men's or Kids' outfit features which will show that fashion doesn't have to be expensive.  But remember, when shopping, it should always be quality over quantity.  Also don't forget that clothes should not only be fashionable but more importantly comfortable, especially for the kids!  

Have a great week ahead to all! :)