How To Let Go Of My Son But Still Stay Connected

My elder son is graduating from grade school this year.  I’m excited as he is, but at the same time a little bit anxious because his graduation would simply mean more independence for him.  More independence also means letting go of him little by little as he enters teenager years.  Yes I know, I worry too much.  Most of his classmates’ parents allow their children to already commute going home every day.  I don’t.  My son’s a few inches taller than I am, a handsome and smart-looking young man, and he still rides his school service every day.  I guess I’m being overprotective.  Bottom line is, I just want him to be safe.

2016 Summer Workshops, Lessons, and Sports Clinics for Kids in Metro Manila

It's only February, but we all know as parents that time flies by so fast that in a blink of an eye, it's already SUMMER!  AND... when it's summer vacation, we want our kids to not be idle and use this time to enhance their skills and talents, to learn something new, and continue to grow by enrolling them in summer classes.

It will not only keep them busy, but also foster new friendships and continuously develop their multiple intelligence as well.  With this, here it is once again, my compilation list of 2016 Summer Workshops, Lessons, and Sports Clinics for Kids in Metro Manila

When: Their Open Clinics has started last January 30.
Fee: Register for FREE over at Jr. NBA Registration Philippines.
For more info, you may like them on Facebook or visit their website.
2016 Summer Workshops, Lessons, and Sports Clinics for Kids in Metro Manila

2016 Summer Workshops, Lessons, and Sports Clinics for Kids in Metro Manila

Glad® ClingWrap, My Practical Solution For Food Protection And More

As a practical mom, I make sure we don't waste food at home.  I've posted several articles on the blog on how I do more with less (less effort, less expense, and less waste) on food keeping, reusing, and recycling.

On lessening food waste, we cook only what's enough for the family to finish.  We also do food planning and buy only what's enough for two weeks.  In prolonging food's freshness, we use two food storage solutions, zip bags and cling wrap.  I'm GLAD that a few weeks ago, our family received a stack of these storage solutions, and more, from GLAD.
I used Glad® ClingWrap for our left-over Macaroni Salad, for keeping fruits fresh, and Glad® Zipper Bag for meats.

Our Rustic Wedding DIY Projects

Our wedding happened a few months back but it still feels like it was just yesterday.  The personal vows we said to each other, which by the way wasn't your usual cheesy expression of love for each other kind of thing, still bring shivers to my spine and butterflies in my preggy belly.

Like what I wrote in my wedding post over HERE, we DIYed some of the items which actually helped save thousands of pesos.  I remember how there were some days that I didn't sleep early just to finish some projects.  My husband even took one week leave from work just to finish his DIY projects assigned to him. :)  No matter how sleep deprived I was or how much back aches we both had, I tell you, it was all worth it!  Not only we saved some money, but actually seeing and using your DIY decors/projects during your wedding is undoubtedly fulfilling.

Our Wedding DIY Projects:
Before I start showing you the projects we did for the wedding, I just want to tell you that we got all the ideas and step-by-step procedure through PINTEREST  This is why I loooooove Pinterest.  Not only it helped my curate wedding pegs but it showed how we could save by doing some DIYs for the wedding.  It was our budget savior I should say.  Here they are ladies and gentlemen:

Invitation Sleeves:
I got the inspiration from Pinterest.  I really want a hand-painted wedding invitation which my very talented colleague Myra Lim lovingly did for me.  I used pattern paper (bought a few years back from Divisoria) as its sleeve, wrapped it with paper doily which I bought online, and secured it with a jute string (bought from Japan Homes).

#DearMommyPracticality: Intimacy In Pregnancy

Dear Mommy Practicality,

First of all congratulations on your third pregnancy!  Just like you, I’m five months on the way.  I’m writing to you because I want to ask how’s your intimacy with your husband now that you’re pregnant? Tumamlay po ba or sumigla lalo?   In all honesty, very active ang sex life namin ni husband, but that was before I got pregnant to our second baby.  Now, it seems like he’s slowly losing interest and I feel bad and insecure.  He tells me that he’s just scared he might hurt our baby and that he’s stressed at work.  Is there a way we maintain our intimacy even when I’m pregnant?  Right now po kasi, I think because of my pregnant hormones, my interest in having more frequent sexy times with him, increased.  Any advice on how to address this matter please?
Thank you and more power to your helpful blog!

Sincerely Yours,
Preggy Mommy X

Opening of Kendo Creative in Cubao X and #MIBInstaMeet

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon when I drove myself to Cubao X, to witness the soft opening of Kendo Creative and attend Make It Blissful's first #MIBInstaMeet event.  Miraculously, there was no traffic that afternoon which made me think the universe conspired for me to be there.  I'm really happy my schedule allowed me to support my friends Martine de Luna and her sister-in-law Nica Cosio and their husbands, Ton and Kayo with the launch of their newest business venture.

#MommyPracticalityPreggyOOTD: Weeks 13 to 17

Here I am being true to my blog goals this year.  I remember my blog # goal #2 which is to continue my blog series.  One of the blog series is this, which is my Mommy Practicality Practical Fashion or better put, OOTD blog series.  It will be a weekly digest of what I wore or how I wore it.

Forgive me for now for the quality of the photos (again listed in my blog goals is to take better pictures I know but for now, here's the best I could do), but I'll do better next time.  I think I just need to hire a good friend who will be willing to put up with my OOTD kaartehan and directions.

What will make this OOTD series interesting is that, I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant.  So the OOTD series for the next couple of months will be me and my big growing belly bebe.

Here are my #MommyPracticalityPreggyOOTD / #MommyPracticalityOOTD 's, the hashtag I use for my IG photos, from weeks 13 to 17.
Week 13:
It's interesting to have found out that I lost 3 kilos during my first trimester, which officially ended a week before posting this photo.  So if you'd compare my frame here to my other photos, you'd see that I dropped a few kilograms.  

Mainly, this was due to better choices of food (chose to eat healthier) which included kicking out some drinks and food that won't help me having a healthy pregnancy such as daily black coffee, too much sweets, and sodas.

Wearing a three year old navy blue and white striped top with my 5-year old Havin' A Baby cute jeans.  I matched the get-up with my comforable Polo by Ralph Lauren white canvass sneakers which I bought two to three years ago on a post-holiday sale! :)

Staycation Experience at Privato Hotel Pasig City

Last month, just after Christmas, my family from the Santoses (my husband's family) decided to have a hotel staycation at Privato Hotel along Shaw Boulevard in Pasig City.  I discovered Privato Hotel through my boss’ recommendation.  I didn’t know about the hotel that time, so when I checked their website, I was actually encouraged to book our family’s overnight stay to relax and recharge after Christmas.  I read the reviews online and also checked photos of the hotel by guests and the clean and modern ambiance are what actually got me.  Plus, they have a swimming pool which is a requirement for me to book a hotel.
That time, the standard room was on promo with free upgrade to a Deluxe Queen (2 Queen beds) with free 1 hour massage for two (2) for only P2,800 nett per night.  This didn’t include breakfast though.   But it’s okay because breakfast per person is only P350/person, half for kids above 6 years old, and free for 6 and below.  Great deal I must say.  This Weekend Staycation promo is extended until end of this month!  This is not a sponsored ad by the way, I'm just pleased with our staycation deal and experience.
They say this famous backdrop is their hotel's photo-op signature wall.

How To Practically and Effectively Plan Your Wedding

Preparing for a wedding is probably one of the most stressful, detailed, tedious, but most fulfilling thing to do for a soon-to-be-bride.  I was once in that position for several months since the time Mac proposed to me last March.  The stress of preparing doubles when the soon-to-be-bride is the one planning for her wedding and didn't hire a wedding planner or coordinator, to save a few thousands at least.

During my wedding, I was asked who my wedding planner was.  When I answered none, I always get a surprised reaction from friends.  They said our simple yet heartfelt wedding looked polished and well-planned.  Whenever I hear that, I never fail to give myself a pat on my back and daydream to turn wedding planning into another career.  Well, the main reason why I didn't get a wedding planner is first to save money because we have a certain wedding budget.  Second, I love events planning and coordination and I do it quite frequently at work.

6 Reasons Why I Love PLDT Home's TVolution by Microsoft

As a full-time working mom and a blogger with a techie husband and internet and entertainment-savvy kids, a reliable internet connection is a must in our home.  We’ve been a PLDT Home subscriber for years already and truly it has helped us in our business transactions, work requirements, children’s school research, and simply in enjoying our bonding time at home as a family by watching videos uploaded online or live streaming of some shows.  As if their service to our family isn’t enough, PLDT Home breaks new ground yet again as it brings to the Philippines another game-changing innovation on the TVolution Stick in partnership with global technology giant Microsoft.
PLDT Home's TVolution by Microsoft