Practical Fashion: June Ender

Hello loves!  Today is the last day and last week of June!  So with that, let me digest the #OOTD ...

Hello loves!  Today is the last day and last week of June!  So with that, let me digest the #OOTD posts I published on my Instagram account.  These are my usual practical work outfit.  

I practically wear pants most of the time because other than it's comfortable, I don't need to consciously pull down any hems worrying that it's showing too much skin (I only show a little skin on my gig nights!)  I do not plan my outfits as well, I just dress based on my mood and based on the weather.  If it's too hot, I wear sleeveless top then cover up with a Pashmina.  I wear a jacket when it's raining and of course bring an umbrella.  So I dress for comfort.  

So here's a roundup of my last week's #OOTD:





The past week was hectic for me, when didn't it become one pala?  I've been doing a lot of preparations for my Blog Anniversary Blowout which will happen this week!  It's my way of thanking all of you for following my humble blog and for giving back to my dear readers for all your support!

Hope you do have a great week ahead loves! :)

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