Boracay, Here We Come!

Hello dears!  I missed you!  I missed writing!  My schedule's been erratic and super hectic both...

Hello dears!  I missed you!  I missed writing!  My schedule's been erratic and super hectic both at work and home.  Last Friday, I actually got home super late, just so I could finish some of my deliverables because of my planned vacation to the island of pristine white and super fine sand, Boracay!

Yes muthers,we are celebrating the boys' birthdays with a vacation.  It's really exciting because it will be my toddler's first plane ride!  With that, it also becomes my first time with a toddler.  I wonder how Boracay and the firsts would work!  I'm sure kagulowz!

Anyway, while packing I got so concerned!  Why kamo?  Because, as much as I want to pack light, you can't pala with a toddler in tow!  You've got to bring all his stuff completely.  There're his milk, feeding bottles, clothes, toys, vitamins, and what have yous!  So I went to Cebu Pacific's website and managed my booking to increase my baggage allowance.  Voila!  It was that easy.

So anyway mga muthers!  We will be gone for four days!  I can't wait to tell you all our experience and the fun activities to do there with kids.  Also how you could save on a family trip!

Hope for your prayers loves for our safe travel.  I'm going to miss you bunch loves!  :)

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