Happy 11th Birthday Dandre Lucas!

Happy birthday to my first-born Dandre Lucas!  When you were born 11 years ago at 9.2lbs through no...

Happy birthday to my first-born Dandre Lucas!  When you were born 11 years ago at 9.2lbs through normal delivery, I was born too. 

You made me a MOTHER. 

I almost died of childbirth but God gave me a chance to still be with you, take care of you, teach you the values you have right now, give you a loving family you well-deserve, put you to a good school, support you with all your interests, witness you grow into a compassionate and talented young man and let you feel all the love, security and happiness in order for you to be able to spread your wings and fly on your own in time.
Gone are the days when you would scream out of excitement seeing all the colorful buntings I hang or the paper decors I surprisingly make to welcome your birthday or with big boxes of toy gifts or blowing candles on your birthday cake, because you are now fascinated with a lot other "grown kid" things.
But to me, and I will always and forever say this, you are still my first baby and I will love you unconditionally until my last breath.
Happy Birthday son! You are a blessing to me and daddy, to your brother and to everyone who has you in their lives. Keep on infecting others with your kind heart, with your talents and more importantly with your compassion to others.
I wish I could stop time from advancing so you don't grow up too soon! There may even be a time in your life when we'll fight over things, but I hope you know that we only want what's best for you and that because we truly love you!

Happy Birthday again Dandre! Enjoy this day!!!! God bless you always anak!

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