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An Oxford Suites Gig A Woman Of Many Colorful Hats.  That's what I would want to be called sometimes.  I can be ironically a domest...

An Oxford Suites Gig

A Woman Of Many Colorful Hats.  That's what I would want to be called sometimes.  I can be ironically a domesticated woman and at the same time a natural performer. I could be found nurturing children, taking care of my partner, scrupulously tidying the room, organizing things and zoning areas.  At night or on some weekends, I am in minis and stilettos, singing in a bar or a private function and making sure everyone in the crowd is entertained.  I feel blessed for having this voice, which I never really took extra care of until semi-recently.  I am the voice talent behind a customer care hotline of a telecommunications company.  I keep it on the down low for reasons that I just want to put this achievement in stealth.  I feel humbled for the gift that He has given me and I take responsibility in nurturing it and sharing it as well.

Tide Scrubber TV Commercial
Another hat I wear is that of a TVC talent.  Big bucks await to those who persevere and give it his best.  This is a sideline career that could sometimes be a little lucrative.  Thus competition during VTR schedule is really tight.  You have to stand out and be noticed, otherwise, you will be wasting your transpo fare going to and from the venue.  People whom you see often in vtrs say, if it's yours, it's really yours.  I do so agree, but it's important to always give it your best shot.  Thankfully, I have a background in theater during college.  I landed lead roles in a number of stage plays.

The Monas, Jakarta Indonesia
An adventurer, explorer, traveler, that's what I am.  I can pack bags and just leave to trek a new place, even by myself.  The curiosity in me drives me to just go and discover things outside my zone.  It gives me fulfillment knowing that I can conquer the world.  Travelling expands one's perspectives and understanding of cultural and even domestic differences.  Although, having almost 2 kids now would make it a little harder for me to just pack leave now, the love for new experiences in a different zone will forever remain.

These hats that I wear do not mean to confuse my personality and what I want to become.  For each hat I wear is a representation of who I really am.  Each hat I wear symbolizes the fulfillment of every dream I've ever had since I was a child. I had tried some hats that didn't fit, but the most important thing is I've tried. It is better to try on something and realize it's not for you than to have never tried it at all and later on question yourself the "what ifs."

For now, I am enjoying the colorful hats I wear each day. That hat of a daughter, a loyal friend, a colleague, a singer, a voice talent, a stage actor, a tvc talent, a traveler, an events planner, a life partner, and my most favorite of all, that hat of a mother.

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