My First Born Turns Seven

Every mother becomes emotional whenever she sees her child or children grow up so fast through the years.  My first special gift, ...

Every mother becomes emotional whenever she sees her child or children grow up so fast through the years.  My first special gift, Dandre Lucas, just turned seven yesterday, Sept. 10.  Memories of him still inside me are very vivid, as if it just happened yesterday.  He was 9.2 lbs when he came out through a normal delivery.  Sadly I had complications, postpartum hemorrhage, 2 weeks after i gave birth to him which nearly caused my passing.  Recalling that particular traumatic moment gives me strength each day and makes me love my first born more and more and more.  Now he is seven, I tell myself, he will soon be a little man, a teenager, a grown-up professional.  My dream for him is that he'll be able to do what he would love to do, be happy, safe and successful.  I will support him in all his endeavors and as much as I can and still can, I will give him all the best that I could give.

I would like to share a photo journey of my son's milestones through the years:
At 6 months, Dandre barely has hair.  He's the cutest baby ever!
1 year old, he started walking at 9 mos
He was never terrible at 2, never.  I could go to the mall
or the supermarket without a yaya because he was such a
behaved child.  He never had any tantrums!
At 3, he started his ABCs, counting, singing &loving cars.
He just loves playing all day, watching Barney and Sesame Street
videos and obviously, he loves to eat! 
He started nursery at 4 years old, he was an achiever!
Still at 4, he loves posing for cam and acting like a Rockstar!
At 5, Dandre continues to amaze me with his achievements
in school and his love for music.
At 6, Dandre is now conscious of how he looks good, his clothes.
He still always is a happy child, playful, positive,
independent and responsible.

Look at how he has grown.  Definitely a Rock Star in the making.
He loves Justin Bieber, GLEE songs, acting, and playing Hot Wheels.
He continues to be a compassionate, kind-hearted, God-fearing child.  He takes
care of me and he is excited to be a Big Brother soon.
Again, Happy 7th Birthday to my son Dandre Lucas.  I just want you to know, that you truly are a special gift to me.  I will never trade the moment that I had you in my life.  You have changed me in more than a million ways.  You've made me a better person.  Whenever I look at you, I marvel at God's creation and his love for me.  You are a precious gift not only to me, but to all the people around you whom you've touched in one way or another.  I pray that you will always do what is good, right and fair.  May you always do your best in everything that you do.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DANDRE!  Happy 7th Birthday!

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