10 ME-Time Ideas for Busy Moms

Every busy MOM should find a ME-time to rejuvenate, relax, recuperate, reflect and retreat.  But with the busy schedule we have everyday f...

Every busy MOM should find a ME-time to rejuvenate, relax, recuperate, reflect and retreat.  But with the busy schedule we have everyday from waking up early in the morning, cooking, preparing kids for school, juggling work or business with our home obligations, doing assignments or studying with kids, tucking them to bed, fulfilling role as wife to our husbands, how do we ever find time alone?  
Some may feel guilty for this ME-time, but that should not be the case.  We all need some time alone so we could be recharged and feel good about ourselves.  This positive feeling will help us bounce back and give us the energy we need to face the daily grinds of being a mother.

Here are 10 ME-Time Ideas for Busy Moms:

1. Mani-Pedicure at Salon or at Home
For Mylene Perlas, a working mom to Jap, Me-time is "Get some manicure or pedicure in a salon."
Another busy mommy to Krisha, Felicity Manalo, shares that she has very little time to spend outside on weekends, so she just relaxes by having a home-serviced pedicure as her alone time. 
 2.   Massage
Mai Santero, mom to Andi, shares, "I go to my favorite spa shop for a massage, mani-pedi and foot spa."
3.  Facial
"Go to the salon a facial once in a while, mani-pedicure or shop." -Ana Carinal, working mom to Seb and TVC talent on the side.
4.  Sleep
"Sleep to me is a luxury.  It's different when you have 4 kids and sometimes a single parent when my husband is working abroad." - Anna Leal, working mom of 4 beautiful kids
5.  Watch movie/TV series on DVD
"Me time for me is to watch a movie, go to the parlor, have facial and eat at my fave restos" - Vize Suena, working mommy to Dylan.
6.  Write on Journal
"When I have time for myself, I write on my journal. I write on my diary, things to accomplish or dreams while having coffee.  I also have home serviced mani-pedicure." - Trish Banaag, working mommy to Isabel and Lysa
7.  Read or Go Online
"ME time means my silent time to read a book peacefully, update my Facebook... manicure, pedicure, and waxing."  She adds, "one hour daily walking routine is considered a ME time." Marissa Tablante-Saynes, a Jakarta-based working mom to cutie Mico.
"I read newspapers or magazines and once in a while get a massage and polish my nails." - Jhana Mejia, mommy to Elisse and Yohann,  
8.  Shopping
"Shop alone once a month or have dinner, coffee or movie with friends quarterly." - Chelo Garcia, a very occupied working mom to pretty Calista and Cara,
 "..Going to the supermarket, buying beauty products and use these products by myself.  I lock myself in the room and apply these products almost the whole day...cooking, walking the dogs help relieve stress.  ME-time will always have my son it it one way or the other...It's him who completes me!"  Elaine Kusuma, a new mom to Adam, based in Indonesia
9. Dinner or Coffee with friends 
Gone are the days I spend night outs partying with friends.  I manage to find time meeting up with friends over an hour of dinner or coffee to update each other on family and parenting matters, reminisce and laugh on high school or college days and all the petty issues we went through.
10.  Long Hot Bath
My best friend Trish Banaag and I both love having long hot baths as a ME time.  Imagine, on work days, I only give 5 minutes daily bath time to myself.  A long bath with scented candles, deep hair repair or conditioning, body scrub, hand and feet exfoliation and facial scrub would leave any woman refreshed, reborn, relaxed, rejuvinated and stress-free
Yes we are mothers and we have the real powers of a superhuman.  We have our families to take care of and all the more we shouldn't neglect ourselves.  As the woMOM whom our husbands and children depend on, we should be able to find time to recharge.  Because it is from US mothers, that our children and husbands or partners, take refuge when they're lost, hurt, in pain or tired.  As "Ilaw ng Tahanan (Light of Home)" isn't just right that we recharge?

Go ahead and find a ME-time that is practically comfortable for you!  Enjoy! :)

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  1. Recently I found out that starting my weekends early with brisk walking, running and joining the taebo/aero class at Bonifacio Global City had been my new found "me time" as well. It is something I look forward to and enjoy doing especially after working out. It gives me satisfaction knowing I can find the time despite my stressful and demanding schedule. It also gives me peace and fulfillment knowing that this decision I made is one of the things I will not regret and will look back with fondness once I reached my golden age.

  2. Hi Sarah! I would love to do that, brisk walking and even running! I tried running last year and if helped be shed off my post-pregnancy weight. Now because I rush in the morning to commute going to work, the best I could do is alight 3-4 blocks away from the office and walk going there. I also take the stairs in the office going up and down at least 1 floor. I hope that's good enough. =) Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I wish I could do ALL ten present in a month in no particular order. Even that regular morning exercise I have been vigorously doing the last year is slowly swaying to oblivion again. Hmmm..this is a good reminder to start all over again and establish a ME-time. Thanks sis! :-)


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