Emergency Tips During a Typhoon/Monsoon

Today has been a stay-at-home day for me and hubby.  Thankfully, the companies we work for had suspended work and allowed their employees to...

Today has been a stay-at-home day for me and hubby.  Thankfully, the companies we work for had suspended work and allowed their employees to stay safe with their families.  Outside is a knee-deep flooded driveway.  We live in the heart of Manila, one of the most flooded areas.  Rapidly, hubby asked help from neighbors to build a fence at the entrance to keep the flood from entering our house.  We checked on food stocks, batteries, charged our cellphones immediately, prepared candles, listened to the AM radio station and also kept ourselves updated by staying online and watching the news on TV.

A lot of our kababayans are stranded, on their rooftops waiting for rescue, trapped in their flooded house, evacuated, and victimized by the heavy downpour this August Monsoon has been bringing. Photos below show the devastating and sad situation in the flooded Metro Manila.
Flood victims being rescued - photo from  @mikeehidalgo 
The Dark Manila - photo from   @jakestatic 
UST Hospital's 2nd floor - photo from  @jojjaiLOVERS 
Image of flooded Del Monte, QC - photo from  @marscallo 
Red Cross Rescue Boats - photo by  @khelseyshmelsey 
RECTO - photo by @akoposimarcelo
Roxas Boulevard - photo by @alyzzamae
It's good to know that on Twitter, celebrities make use of their influences in a good way, by keeping the media informed about people in need of rescue.

On the bad side, a certain Marian Tan said on Twitter that our country is poor and she's glad she's not in here.  Apparently that Marian Tan account is a poser of the real one.  How sad.  Here's the trend right now on (3:48pm) Twitter:
Now trending on Twitter
Marian Tan tweets
Also on Twitter #PrayForThePhilippines and #RescuePH trends are helping Filipinos unite and be channels to help the flood victims, to spread emergency infographics and simply update everyone what's happening in the different parts of the Philippines (specifically Luzon).

Preparing for an EMERGENCY:

Here's a tip I got from our beloved company on how to prepare an Emergency Kit (which you should put in a water-proof bag) good for 72-hour survival:

  1. Flashlights (preferably self-powered)
  2. Portable, battery-operated radio
  3. Extra batteries
  4. Fully-charged cellphone
  5. Rescue Aids (e.g. whistle, glow sticks)
  6. First Aid Kit and essential medicines
  7. Water and non-perishable food
  8. Cash and Credit Cards
  9. Sturdy Shoes/boots
  10. Hygiene items (wet wipes, tissue)

Sharing some Infographics on Emergency Hotlines, SMS SOS and more:
Emergency Hotlines by ABS-CBN News

Emergency Hotline Numbers of other Government offices

Hazards of Flood to us

IskoOperation of USC UP Diliman Donate Operations 

Rescue Hotline Numbers per city
Emergency Load for SMART and Globe subscribers photo credits to @Jakestatic
For now, all we really could do is PRAY.  Probably too this is a way the Mother Nature is telling us that we should take conscious effort to care more for the environment.  In as little as throwing your garbage in a segregated trash bins to as big as stopping the illegal logging and mining, we can make a difference.

Keep SAFE everyone.  God Bless The Philippines!

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  1. Marian Tan?! ah.... people can be so self centered sometimes. It's crazy how they find joy in other people's mystery.

    Thanks for your tip, Mommy!

    Here's praying for all Filipino's safety espcially for you there in Manila from me and my family down south.

  2. Hi Lalah! Thanks for visiting! There's another typhoon coming, Helen. Hope it won't hit our country as hard as this. Keep safe! :)

  3. Exactly why I didn't wade in murky flood waters...overflow kaya ng Pasig River yun...and I have a small wound on one of my toes, so double risk for me. I hope it doesn't flood like that again.

  4. True, nakakatakot na ngayon. Glad you and your family were safe. Sana wala nang monsoon nor typhoons as large-scale as that. Keep safe sis! =)

  5. I just hope that everything is okay now and that no threats of heavy downpour in the skies over Metro Manila. Just one thing, in that case of Marian Tan?! That could've just left behind. Anyway, next time, we know what to avoid and just leave this kind of people who only motive is just to make other people's lives more miserable.

    1. Hi Filman, each tragedy that happens, we pick up a lesson or two. Hope that our government will better their bests each time. Thanks for visiting!


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