Robinsons Magnolia QC- Newest Mall in the Metro

There's a buzz in town about the opening of Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City.  It's located along Aurora Boulevard cor. Dona Hema...

There's a buzz in town about the opening of Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City.  It's located along Aurora Boulevard cor. Dona Hemady Street (near St. Paul's QC).  The area used to be Magnolia's office, factory and big ice cream parlor.  When I was younger, we used to frequent this place just to get a banana split.  Seeing the major change in the vicinity plus bringing with me some good old memories, made the quick trip sentimental but at the same time exciting.  I went with the family earlier to get a glimpse of the newest mall in the metro and check out what kiddie activities can be done there.

Entrance facing Aurora Boulevard
It is not surprising to see upon entering the mall, that a number of shops hasn't opened.  The mall is well-lit, spacious and has a sense of it being a little high-end.  There are four levels only but shops or areas are zoned  and categorized, which is good for the consumers' malling experience.  Parking is located at the basement where you will also find Robinsons Supermarket, food court, restaurants, Tom's World, Gymboree and a few shops such as Saizen (where everything is P85) and Mercury Drug Store.

On the ground floor are shoes and apparel,  health and beauty and accessories shops.  The kids' section for clothes, activity area (like bouncy slide) and Toys R' Us  may be found on the second floor along with some restaurants.   If you go a level higher, you'll see four movie theaters of Robinsons Movie World   This is also where you'll see specialty shops for gadgets, phones and accessories.  Robinsons Department Store is from ground to up.
Each floor has an exit to the open-space at the back where you'll see a scenic landscaping (I'm guessing it's not yet fully developed) and my much sought for - the Magnolia Flavor House.
If you would notice in the photo above  it's fully occupied but still, I insisted, and got a menu.  We were told , it might take us forever until we get our orders.  Time is precious especially for the kids who were hungry at that time so we decided to eat at the food court where food is always readily available. :)

I just found a new place to hang out with my kids during weekends or meet up for coffee or dinner with my amigas!  I am excited to see the fully operational mall in the coming weeks.  But as it is, albeit a little bare, we didn't get bored because there was something for the kids to do - PLAY!  Definitely, we'll be coming back. :)

Have you been to Robinsons Magnolia?  How was your experience?  Share by leaving me a comment below.  Thanks! :)

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  1. You have photos of the new place already! It's near here and I am seeing myself hanging out there quite a lot too. hehe. But as of now I haven't visited yet.

    1. Hi Vera! Yes! We went there during the long weekend. Wanted to check out what's new because I've heard so much good comments about it. :) Visit it soon! :) Nice seeing you here! :)

  2. I think I was able to pass that area once or twice. Good to know that it has improved very well. The photo of Saizen made me miss Daiso. I hope they consider putting up a branch here in Bohol :D

    1. Hi Mylene! Oh, you're from Bohol! I've been there and I loooooove Bohol! :) I love going to these Japanese stores (Japan Homes, Saizen, Daiso) their merchandise are of quality and a good buy for P85 only! :) Thanks for visiting!

  3. I must be blind or sleeping on my way to Cubao last Saturday as I didn't see this mall. I'd be sure to visit this sometime soon. Thanks for the heads up! :-)

    1. Hi Aileen! Nice seeing you here again! Yes please do! Matutuwa ka sa area! :)

  4. Wow, they have Saizen! Want to visit there and see what I can buy at below Php85, a real saver!

    1. Hi Thess! Yes they do, plus a lot more shops! Go there with your family soon. Thanks for the visit! :)

  5. So it's a mall now! I remember what a treat it was to eat magnolia ice cream here when I was little in the 80s. Gotta visit sometime.

  6. That's so cool having a new mall near your place. We don't have new malls in our area and have to go quite far away to shop in a mall.

  7. Hi Dominique nice to see you here. Where do you reside? :) Actually this mall is not that near to our place. But it's just one LRT ride or jeepney ride. :) Thanks for visiting.

  8. Really? You too?! I practically grew up with that same Magnolia Ice Cream Parlor and do you remember their Christmas playground set up? I go there too! Thanks Jellybelly for the visit. :)

  9. New place where my husband and I loves to hang out =)


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