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If I have a chance to be a child all over again and pick where I would want to be, other than Disneyland, I would choose the inflatable pla...

If I have a chance to be a child all over again and pick where I would want to be, other than Disneyland, I would choose the inflatable playground!  I've always wondered how it feels like to jump on any inflatable with a chance to twirl and flip many times.  Back then, there were no inflatable playgrounds yet.

Today, there's always at least one activity center or play area in any mall.  One of which is, my 8 year-old son's favorite,  Jump, Bounce n' Play indoor inflatable arena.  I am so happy there is a branch in my new favorite mall Robinsons Magnolia.
Jump, Bounce n' Play branch at Robinsons Magnolia, QC
My family frequents the malls on weekends.  Our usual activities are: grocery shopping, lunch or dinner out and kiddie activities.  If not the amusement centers, they look for a playground.  I sometimes find other playground prices soaring high and of course, if it's not practical, I don't go for it.  Jump, Bounce n Play's prices are friendly to budget-conscious moms like me.
Pricelist: All-You-Can-Play, 1 Hour, 30 minutes
and Guardian Fixed Rate
There are times when you want an uninterrupted shopping or movie time with hubby.  At those times you will appreciate play areas such as this.  For an All-You-Can-Play pass at Jump, Bounce n' Play, you only pay P300.00!  If your children have a companion, he/she could get in for a fixed rate of P50.00.  Just remember to bring a pair of socks otherwise you need to buy socks for P30.00.  They strictly follow No Socks. No Entry policy, which is good hygienically speaking.
Shoe and Bag Rack/Change Area with benches for your kids' guardian
Security is an issue for us parents.  The staff of Jump, Bounce n' Play logs the children's names, your name, your contact number/s and then issue a claim stub.  ONLY you could fetch your children and nobody else.  I can leave my kids here with some peace of mind.  If you paid for an hourly rate, be conscious of the time.  Otherwise, you will pay an additional fee.

I support any physical play my children choose rather than playing the PSP, the iPad or sit them in front of the laptop for digital games with digital playmates.  Plus, hitting the playground, specifically the indoor/inflatable type, has its good effects on them.
Exciting obstacle courses, ball pit, slides and more
at Jump, Bounce n' Play Robinsons Magnolia
Benefits of playing in an indoor/inflatable playground:
  • Promotes Physical and Motor Exercise 
  • Safer than Traditional Outdoor Playground
  • Stimulates Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Provides an Interactive Learning Environment
  • Available Regardless of Any Weather Condition
  • Teaches Independence, Responsibility and Leadership (for bigger children)
If you are leaving your older kids (like mine), here are some practical tips to remember:
  • Get Jump, Bounce n Play's contact numbers
  • Show your child/ren where the nearest rest room is, should they need to go, tell them to ask the staff to accompany them
  • Remind your children to never leave the premises nor come with strangers when not yet fetched by you
  • Always pack your children's bag with drinking water
  • Bring a couple of face/hand towels for sweat, extra shirts, powder, cologne and alcohol or hand sanitizer to freshen them up after playtime
  • Set Do's and Don'ts when relating with other children
In the many times that I brought and left my older child at Jump, Bounce, n' Play, I am thankful that I've never experienced any untoward incident.  Their staff is child-friendly and I've observed that they really watch over the kids in their play area.  You may visit their website for more information on Jump, Bounce n' Play's branches, parties, rentals, products and franchise opportunity.

Have you tried bringing your kids to Jump, Bounc n' Play?  How was your experience?

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  1. I've never been to robinson's magnolia.. hihi

    Btw, nominated you for this award: http://www.swirlsandscribbles.com/2012/09/liebster-award.html

  2. I would to bring my son in such playground, maybe when he's old enough..:)

  3. i also want my babe to be more outdoor-ish, its healthier than watching tv all day or surf online :) and i used to play in these too.. :)

  4. Hi January, yes it's advisable for bigger children. :) Thanks for visiting my site! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing those tips. I'll keep them in mind in case I do decide to leave the little ones at the Jump Bounce n Play area here in the nearby mall. The playyard there costs only 50 pesos more for unlimited play so that's where we always leave the kids to play.

  6. My daughter loves Jump, Bounce n Play too. Minsan nga kami pa iiwas dun kasi they really drag us. Haha.

  7. Hmn. You know I used to feel sorry for the kids that are left at these play stations. I'm not so fond of the idea of bringing kids to the mall because of how crowded it is. But the pros that you listed made me think otherwise. There aren't that many playgrounds in the metro. This way the kids can play in a stimulating environment on whatever weather.

  8. Hi Olga, glad you appreciated the tips. :) Thanks for visiting! :)

  9. Hi Lady, I used to feel the same way too. But I only started leaving my dear son when he's big enough and independent enough to be counted on. I make sure we talk first of do's and dont's before playing. =)


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