2012 Birthday Celebration

Being the practical person that I am, I don't believe too much in celebrating birthdays with a bang unless I will be celebrating it wit...

Being the practical person that I am, I don't believe too much in celebrating birthdays with a bang unless I will be celebrating it with a milestone such as big 40 or 50.. but that's still too far from now.  That's where the difference lies between me and hubby because he loves parties and he tried again this year to create a small party for me, which of course I appreciate very much.

Speaking of practicality, this year, I celebrated my birthday almost for FREE because of some birthday promos, vouchers or gift certificates I got.  Here's a roundup of what happened on that monumental day of mine.

Morning Surprise. 
Early in the morning, I was surprised by hubby with a love letter.  My eldest prepared a greeting card for me with cute drawings inside.  My brother and his partner surprised me with a card and some cosmetics as well!   

Giving Thanks.
I made sure I heard mass that morning to give thanks for another year extended to my life.  To thank God for all the blessings HE has bestowed upon me.  I thanked Him for my loving family, my career, the talents He gave me that I use for His glory, for my achievements and simply for letting me breathe and live.  I prayed for more fruitful and healthy years to come.
Chapel inside La Consolacion College Manila

Free Lunch Buffet at Vikings MOA.
I made sure I avail of Vikings' Birthday Promo (which will last until November 30 only) where I eat for free provided I bring at least one (1) paying customer.  We reserved seats I think a week before to ensure our slot for this special day.  Not only I had lunch for free, but I got a free mini-birthday cake and Vikings' waiters sang for me too.  Truly, I felt special at that time.

Free Movie "The Breaking Dawn" at SM Cinema.
This is one of the best things I get from the company I work for, yearly they give out movie Time-Outs for birthday celebrators.  I was thrilled to know the movie scheduled for November is "Breaking Dawn" which my colleague Jeff is fond of calling it "Breaking Neck."  If you've seen it, you'll know why. =)

The birthday banner right outside the cinema
Free Birthday Cake from Goldilocks.
When I attended Goldilocks' Whimsical Halloween Party last October, I won the Best In Costume Award and got these Gift Certificates as prize.  Lookie here!  I used the GCs in perfect time - my birthday!  We bought the Triple Delight Cake from Goldilocks because you get triple flavors (chocolate, mocha and vanilla) in one classic chiffon cake!

Intimate Gathering with Family
It was hubby who gathered family nearby for a simple dinner and a few drinks to celebrate my birthday.  He cooked "sisig" and his acquired not-your-ordinary-"lumpia" recipe.  I bought a large serving of "palabok" from Goldilocks using my gift certificates.  It was nearly a perfect night, nearly because I wish my two brothers who were a little bit far from where we live were also there.   

My Birthday Wish
I am thankful for another year added to my life.  Another year passed which I spent loving hubby and my kids, using God's given talents, sharing a thing or two through this little blog, helping others one way or another, and striving to become a better person, mother, partner, daughter, sister, employee, band performer and friend.  I don't wish for material things, but rather best of health for me and my family, more gigs or businesses to come, more friendships to build through my little blog, more lives to touch, a steady corporate career and lastly a bright future for my kids.  

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  1. Happy birthday Mommy Louise! :)
    Sweet naman your husband :)

    The Misty Mom

  2. Happy birthday Louise! Glad you enjoyed your day and I pray you'll get all your wishes and things you hope for. And yes, continue touching other people's lives.

  3. happy b-day ms. louise; daming freebies nyan ah...i'm jealous haha

  4. Happy Birthday! More blessings and good health!

    Mommy Maye

  5. Happy Birthday! Nice party you got there... :)

    ps. i like your layout too!

  6. It seems that you had a blast on your birthday! Belated Happy birthday.

  7. Happy BElated birthday. What a great celebration you had.

  8. Belated Happy Birthday!

  9. Thanks @3024e1b5871fa6a251bdbe3929fd5841:disqus !

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Sis! I admire you naman for having so many gift certificates and free treats for your birthday! It was indeed a great celebration with less expense! :)

  11. WOW, That's a lot of free coupons, you sure had a free birthday bash.

  12. Thanks @facebook-100001641156788:disqus ! Just being practical. :)

  13. Lovely day full of freebies! Not everyone could be as lucky as you! I usually celebrate in the workplace because of the people surrounding me! They usually set up a beautiful surprise so I really prepare something for them, too!

  14. Wow! Office party! I like too! :) Thanks @7f5e636c2793f6a73f30f8c1b9e7e1b6:disqus

  15. Simple yet sweet celebration! You're blessed! :)

  16. Happy that you had different ways to celebrate your birthday this year. :) Many more blessings for you and your family as you face another wonderful year!

  17. i dont do big celeb for my bdays too... :-) happy birthday to you! :-)

  18. Same tayo @facebook-1168642124:disqus ! Thanks!


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