A Yaya Farewell Tribute

My youngest son's Yaya  Liza, is leaving us already tomorrow morning.  Liza has been with us for two years, practically since my younge...

My youngest son's Yaya Liza, is leaving us already tomorrow morning.  Liza has been with us for two years, practically since my youngest son was three months old.  She's coming home to welcome the new year with her family.  She's from Bantayan, Cebu and working in Manila is painstaking for her old parents who already misses her so much.
As much as I want her to come back, which believe me I tried hard to negotiate by increasing her salary, allowing her to come home twice a year and giving other privileges, she's already getting homesick.  I just have to let go.  

How My Son Feels
I'm a bit sentimental because my son loves her very much.  Just a mention of her leaving him to come home to her family, makes him cry out loud.  My son may not understand that his yaya is leaving him already, but I feel very sad for him.  In fact, I'm already in tears writing this post because I know that it will be hard for him to be separated from the person who's been taking care of him even before he could walk.  My son is a very sweet little boy which made his yaya Liza very attached to him.  Tonight will be their last night together.

Part Of The Family

I always treat our household helper as a family.  Liza eats together with us on the table.  She comes with us on our family days.  I sometimes act as her Ate, because mom may be too old already, when she needs advice or when there's a need to talk.  Liza has been a big help to me and my husband, both working, especially to my children.  She's with them everyday, all day.  A big part of her will always remain in my youngest son's life.  She's the person who consistently teaches him new tricks, reviews him about ABCs, 123s and colors, the next person to hold my son's hand when he started to walk, the person who feeds him and bathes him everyday.

Thank You
To Liza,  I may not be very vocal about what I feel, but I thank you very much for taking good care of my son.  Thank you for genuinely loving him and making sure he's safe and healthy.  Thank you for holding his hands when he first started to walk, for being patient with his kakulitan, for simply making sure he's safe whenever I am not around.  Thank you for working hard, for not being hard-headed, for being responsible and almost automatic, for being not abusive of your privileges, for being honest and trustworthy, for being quick to learn and for making my son's days very positive and happy.  Thank you for making our lives easier and stress-free.  We wish you the best and we will miss you very much!

My Recommendation
If you are living in Cebu and looking for a dependable, trustworthy and an honest yaya, when she's ready to go back to work (she told me she wants to rest first), I recommend my yaya Liza.  Just email me or tweet me for details or for her contact.

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  1. Awww.. I hope someday she can come visit your little boy, or maybe you can go vacation at Bantayan and visit her :)

    My nephew's yaya also left before Christmas to be with her family. She's quite old already and I guess wants to spend time with her family. She's willing to come back but not until Feb, i think. That's why my nephew is here with us now while my parents are on vacation and can take care of him while my brother and sister-in-law go to work. Amir doesn't seem to miss Manang, perhaps because he's having a blast being with Grandma and Grandpa, but I'm sure Manang misses him much. We are also very thankful for all the love and care he gave our little boy.

  2. Rosemarie/Gven-RoseDecember 31, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    she will surely be miss by the kids..she will always be remember for being a good yaya-Singlemom Reviews

  3. Sweet tribute for Liza. It may be hard for her also but at least you had a good relationship with her.

    Happy New YEar! :)

  4. Bantayan is beautiful so I understand why she wants to go home. I hope you find a reliable yaya soon.

  5. Trusted and dependble person she is. Kudos to Liza and to your for being good and nice to her :).

  6. awww your post made me teary-eyed din... my son's yaya had been with us since he was 1mo old... he's now 1yr3mos... some months ago we had her check for the lump in one of her breast and the ultrasound is showing not nice..although she opted to stay and try to resort to other forms of cure lately she's been complaining about it again, and had even signs of swelling...she might need to stop working with us if she can no longer carry my son's weight...he's super likot pa naman na... :-( was actually hoping she would also be our yaya for the coming baby... :-(

  7. Hi @verabear:disqus , my 2 year old son had asked me more than three times where her Ate Liza is. At an early age, he misses her already. During New Year's eve, I received a call coming from his yaya. I know that she misses him too! :)

  8. Actually @twitter-126958683:disqus , we found a replacement already. Now we're going to let her go because she complains a lot and she doesn't seem to be of good natured. Early on, I caught her making up stories already. Bad sign! :(

  9. Thanks @google-9b446bb085d25df2408cdb7e4325fb9d:disqus ! :)

  10. Awww, hope we find dependable replacements for our yayas soon @facebook-1168642124:disqus . Hirap pa naman ngayon.

  11. Yes she will be @rosemariegvenrose:disqus . :)


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