Breakfast Buffet at Quest Hotel Cebu - Puso Bistro & Bar

In my recent post about  Quest Hotel Cebu , I mentioned that my officemates and I had a comfortable stay during the Sinulog Festival weekend...

In my recent post about Quest Hotel Cebu, I mentioned that my officemates and I had a comfortable stay during the Sinulog Festival weekend.  It is the type of business hotel that you would want to come home to after a long and exhausting day from work.

Usually, when I travel and stay in a hotel, I look forward to what's served for breakfast because I love food, I love breakfast and I love buffet!  My tummy had a lot of partying for three (3) mornings due to the complimentary Breakfast Buffet at Quest Hotel Cebu at their Puso Bistro & Bar, because I tried (almost) everything served.

When you're travelling to Cebu and would choose to stay at Quest Hotel, here's what you could expect from their breakfast buffet.

Reception area of Puso Bistro & Bar where you should inform the staff of your room number.

Quest Hotel Puso Bistro & Bar's sturdy and sophisticated dining table for four.

There are also couches available at the sides should you want to be more comfortably seated.

For starters, choose from four different cereals! 

Pancakes or French Toasts too!

Choose from strawberry, maple syrup, blueberries, cinnamon toppings for your pancakes!

Vegetable salad is also available if you'd want to go green instead.

Pair your bread with these Mickey Mouse's favorite cheeses.

They serve orange, pineapple and mango juice.  You could have all three!

Corn egg soup and congee or lugaw with egg to fill in your tummy.

Now on to the Main Course! Plain and garlic rice are both available.  Mixed vegetables are also served.

TO DIE FOR BACON! AAARRGGHH! I'm now craving for bacon again! Heaven!

Try these crunchy Danggit (dried fish) with special vinegar.

Daing na Bangus (Milkfish) for fish overload.

Longganisa with vinegar, a perfect pair.

Pork and beans!

Chicken Tocino and Pork Tocino is also available.

Scrambled egg here, but you may ask the cook for your choice of egg preparation.

Desserts anyone?  Choose from these pastries!  I love their choco croissant!

Muffins over here!

I particularly cannot forget their cheesy and soft ensaymada!  Banana cake and doughnuts too are here!

Fruits overload!

Some more fruits.

One of the two (2) Buffet tables.

Spacious dining area to fit their guests.

Bistro and Bar for cocktails at night.

Here's the happy me while having tea after eating almost everything shown above for three days!

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  1. The place looks good.. looking forward for your sinulog pictures...:-)

    1. Yes it does! :) Will create another post for it. :)

  2. Oh my! Just looking at the pictures makes me feel like my stomach is bursting already hahaha! Nabusog na ko sa pictures. I think I'll skip tocino, longganisa, daing, bacon and croissants. I'll just sample the danggit (kahit bawal sa kin hehe). The salad and fruit bars are heaven! :-) Glad you're enjoying yourself there.

    1. I was actually going to post what were on my plate, kaso I feel like nakakahiya na. gluttony kasi. hahaha!

  3. wow, plenty of foods! lahat mukhang masarap...kakagutom hahaha

    1. Hi Max! I know right! Super sarap that I tried everything eh!

  4. Great photos! And nakakagutom ang food. Hehe. I hope we can go here when we visit Cebu again!

    1. Yes sis! I'm just really blessed to be travelling for work, of course for free din. :)

  5. Yeah this looks like a nice place! I wonder if they name it after the "puso," which are rice wrapped in coconut leaves and cooked that are famous in Cebu or "puso" as in heart. :D

  6. Wow! I like everything in the buffet. Buti nakuhanan mo ng pics Sis. Before kasi when I check in sa hotels in Thailand, nahihiya ako mag picture sa buffet, dami kasing tao. So I just, endure not to take photos. Hahaha. Glad that you made it!

  7. I'm from Cebu but I haven't checked their place yet. It's affordable naman sis? I'm glad you enjoyed my hometown. :-)

  8. Hi @disqus_irdOYPBa4b:disqus ! I also have a project "balik alindog" for the year, but with all the bacon I can get, for a moment I forgot about it! hahaha!

  9. seems everybody is in a "balik-alindog" project like mommy fleur too haha. pasali na rin

  10. True! But I can't seem to start yet @disqus_irdOYPBa4b:disqus Paano ba? hahaha!

  11. Nagutom ako bigla. Kapg ganito palagi, mukang masisira ang plan ko for weight-loss. hehehe

  12. Hinanap ko talaga ang boneless danggit. Always present in breakfast buffet of Cebu Hotels. :)

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  14. We tried the dinner buffet too!
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  15. Someone knows the room rates of the hotel?


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