How To Do The Ms. Universe Hair Bun

I've been asked by a lot to do a live demo on how to create the "Ms. Universe" hair bun.  Some call it the " Donya &quo...

I've been asked by a lot to do a live demo on how to create the "Ms. Universe" hair bun.  Some call it the "Donya" bun as well.  My colleagues tease me (as the matapobreng Angelica Santibañez) whenever I would come to the office with the latest hairdo I am sporting, asking me "Asan si Facundo? Inutusan mo na naman ba?" (Where is Facundo? Did give him errands to do again?)

The love for the not-so-new-but-now-more-popular-hairdo started when our office department had a 1920s themed Christmas party.  I crammed to buy accessories the day before because almost everything I wore to the costume party was borrowed.  While looking for earrings to match the costume I had, I saw an unfamiliar hair accessory.  The sales lady told me that I could easily do a pretty bun with that and because it was below P100.00 I bought it to satisfy my curiosity.  The rest was history. :)

Would you believe that it will only take you two to three minutes to do this?  It looks complicated but it really isn't.  It also looks like you had it salon-made, but actually it's a DIY "Ms. Universe" hair bun!  

Let me not keep you waiting, here are the easy steps to achieve that "Ms. Universe" hair bun:

Buy this hair accessory at your friendly department store, ladies accessories section to be exact.  
It is foam outside and thin wire inside.

Tie your hair with an elastic as high as you want your bun to be.  

Widen the middle opening of the hair accessory with just enough space to insert your ponytail.

Insert your ponytail in the middle.  From the crown of your hair, raise it to the ends of your beautiful locks.  If your hair is layered like mine, I raised it up to the shortest strands of my hair to keep them all still intact.

Roll your hair inwards or towards you until it reaches the crown.  You may opt to make it tight or loose.  I prefer tight for a cleaner and more swept up look.

Make both ends of the hair accessory meet at the back.  Since it's made up of wire, you can easily bend it to keep your hair in place properly. 

At this point, it may not yet look like a "Siopao" rounded bun.  It may actually look like a mess.  You have to spread the rest of the hair in the bun carefully to cover the hair accessory at the back.  

Using a comb, a brush, a mousse or a hair gel, polish your hair to keep everything neat and in place the whole time you are going to wear it.  

VOILA!  You're on your way to people's lovely stares because you now have a certified "Ms. Universe" hair bun.  Don't forget the tiara, the dazzling earrings and the pageant wave!  

Hope you enjoyed this practical hairdo tutorial.  Let me know if you're interested to get this hair accessory.  I could buy and ship it for you (with a fee of course hehe!)

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  1. cool. I wish i have seen this before I had my hair cut short. :D

  2. Finally! Haha. I've been wanting to try that hairdo, but I'm not sure what to use. Thanks.

  3. aaww... I hope you don't naman regret cutting it short. :) I do want to have a new hairstyle too, but thinking about how long my hair is now, I fear I might regret it. :)

  4. There you have it! Try it soon @53e30d3d1243855bc324081248b31b6b:disqus !

  5. Nice term! Donya Bun! Cool haha, Nice one ate @MommyPracticality:disqus :)

  6. Hahaha! kulit lang @twitter-30815969:disqus ! :)

  7. You made it look so easy to do... and yours is terrific! TY! :-)

  8. Oh you're lovely! I want this!! I actually put my hair up into a bun during the family day, and everyone was amused. LOL I'll check out that instrument. ;)

  9. hahaha donyang donya nga.. I would like to try this one pero wag na lang at baka mag mukhang dalawang siopao na pinatong-patong ang itsura ko sa laki ng face..hehehe

  10. @52eba007ca25dbf13a723cd6bfe29695:disqus hindi naman siguro! hahaha! :)

  11. wow that great sis @4ea149088f53ffd50b2d0332267ef697:disqus I'm sure donyang donya ka rin! :)

  12. Thanks @f425581ef46d17bbc80f46c31183d0f7:disqus you may do it as well!

  13. I have to try this out. We have the same length of hair. I thought it was impossible to make a bun.

  14. Could we find this instrument in SM? The only Department store I could go to in my next visit is SM MOA.

  15. very interesting to be looking good and feeling ms universe with just the hairdo. it is indeed our crowning glory

  16. So funny at the end you have the make that Universe wave talaga hehehe! Thanks for sharing this. I will check if I can find something similar to this.

  17. cute kulit post!!!! hihihihi been wanting to do this kind of hairstyle too... until i decided to cut my hair really short na... hehehe wala akong tyaga, laging mukhang sabog e... :D but your bun's really neat!!! inggit! hehehe

  18. Hi @google-7f5e636c2793f6a73f30f8c1b9e7e1b6:disqus I used to just twist my hair into a bun but it becomes messy after some time and it doens't hold in place for a long period of time. I tried looking for this at SM department store because a friend wants one too, but unfortunately they don't have it. You may check Robinson's department store maam. :)

  19. hahaha! Thanks @ac083410a84eebb89487dc7947909a46:disqus ! :)

  20. Of course sis @f9be72fce99c70f0ca850ae9c64a8a80:disqus , to give justice to the post's title. :)

  21. Thanks @facebook-1168642124:disqus you could do it too! It's easy! :)

  22. I enjoyed this post! I've been forever wanting that polished look with a bun but couldn't get the hang of it. I remember the "pusod" we were forced to do during CAT in high school if you had long hair. Itching to try it but I'm still growing out my hair.

  23. pang tv commercial talaga ang peg! hahaha

    i like the tutorial, i already buy one and waiting my hair to grow...pinapudpod ko kasi last summer

  24. I have actually read this post on my feeder a day ago and talaga namang i went pa at SM to look for this thingamajig ha! Hirap iexplain sa saleslady haha. Walang nabili ang lola mo! I dont know if i could do the bun though. My hair kasi is layered and a lot shorter than yours. Oh i had a bun pala, when we had a choral competition in our christmas party but dahil shoulder length lang ang hair ko and layered pa, nagmukha lang siyang puto, not siopao

  25. Ang ganda ha! I usually do a hair bun using socks but this one looks easier.

  26. Sis @disqus_irdOYPBa4b:disqus I bought this at Robinson's they don't have it at SM. :) I remember when I was part of a choir too! Required to have a bun! hahaha!

  27. Wow sis @facebook-100002482478253:disqus game, pahaba ka na ng hair then go for Ms. U peg already! :)

  28. Thanks @disqus_CCIk3LbTvb:disqus nice to know you enjoyed the tutorial! When you do have a long hair, you'd want to tie it up in a bun because it gets irritating sometimes when it touches your neck. :)

  29. my mom have it, but i cant make it the perfect bun.. i think i need more practice in twisting my hair. hehe

  30. Ang ganda! Kaso ikli ng hair ko e, hehe. Para kang princess :)

    Mommy Maye

  31. I've heard about using socks, that I gotta try too. :) Interesting. :)

  32. practice makes perfect @twitter-559726086:disqus :)

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