Ilocos Empanada - A Must Try!

What is an  Empanada ?  According to Wikipedia  " Filipino empanadas usually contain ground beef, pork or chicken, potatoes, chopped...

What is an Empanada?  According to Wikipedia 
"Filipino empanadas usually contain ground beef, pork or chicken, potatoes, chopped onions, and raisins in a somewhat sweet, wheat flour bread."
However, "Empanadas in the northern part of the Ilocos are different. These usually have savoury fillings of green papaya, mung beans, and sometimes chopped Ilocano sausage (longanisa) and egg yolk. Rather than the soft, sweet dough, the dough used to enclose the filling is thin and crisp, mostly because Ilocano empanadas use rice flour coloured orange with achuete (annatto), and is deep-fried rather than baked."
I am not in love with empanadas really, so I don't mind not getting one when they are served at parties.  But that all changed when I was asked by hubby to try out that newly opened Fariñas eatery near our place in Manila.  They serve Ilocos Empanada and sell Ilocandia Original Sukang Iloko.  He said he wanted to try it out because the Ilocos Empanada was featured in Kris TV (Oh diba hubby is watching morning talk shows!) We ordered and while waiting for the infamous empanada, I watched and documented how Ilocos Empanada is prepared.

Ilocos Empanada Ingredients:
Rice Dough

Shredded Papaya and Mung beans

Fresh Eggs

Ilocos Longganisa 

First, an orange Rice Dough is kneaded by a rolling pin to make it flat and thin.

The shredded papaya and mung beans are prepared and arranged in the middle of the flatten dough, somewhat to look like a bed for the next ingredients.

A fresh egg was put in the middle.  Then the Ilocos Longganisa was cut into small pieces and generously sprinkled on the preparation.

The rice dough was folded into half moon to envelope the filling.

The dough was cut further closer to the enclosed filling and was folded at both ends to secure it.

Deep fry the Ilocos Empanada in hot cooking oil for a few minutes.

Finished Product: Ilocos Empanada

Best with Original Sukang Iloko

OR Catsup for kids, like my son W is shown enjoying here.

Ilocos Empanada - A Must Try
For somebody like me who's not a fan of empanadas and also for my 2 year old son, the Ilocos Empanada is a delightful try!  It's not just flavorful, it's also nutritious because it's packed with not just meat and dough but also with vegetables.  

I was actually surprised that both my sons liked it the first time they tried it.  They put catsup while hubby and I bathed ours with Sukang Iloko (Ilocos Vinegar.) Pairing it with Sukang Iloko gives the delicacy a notch higher because the whole experience for the taste palette was euphoric!  One serving of Ilocos Empanada could substitute one heavy meal for lunch or dinner.  It's filling, satisfying and definitely mouthwatering.
If you have not tried one yet, I recommend that you do.  

Care to share what something new you've tried eating lately? 


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  1. There was this one store where we bought yummy empanada. recently, my cousin made some and she did very well. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    1. Wow that must be a real treat, knowing how to cook it and savoring it right away! :)

  2. Oh my, sarap tingnan! I also saw that episode of Kris TV. I hope magkaron din nyan sa Davao!

    1. I think you can make it your own, it's easy to do sis. :)

  3. Ok, nagutom po ako. Gusto ko din i-try ito sa bahay.hihihi... Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sounds and looks absolutely wonderful. I may have to make these for myself one night.

  5. We used to frequent a store in Katipunan that made Ilocos Empanada way back when I was in college in Manila. We also take advantage of buying some when there are trade fairs in the next city. They are truly yummy, but nothing beats the experience of sitting at the sidewalks of Ilocos and buying it from there. Yum!

    1. Agree! Truly yummy! I want to experience it the authentic Ilocos way! :)

  6. i like empanasa, one of my faves and this one is different, healthier version...yum!

  7. I'm not much into empanada but I love Red Ribbon Chicken empanada. It's super!

  8. why i had not experience eating this one when we visited Ilocos before? Buti na lang it is available here in Manila.

  9. Another must on my list. I just don't know when will I be going back to Ilocos. The first time I've to Ilocos was just a stop by while on our way to Cagayan. Perhaps next time will be a week stay or more.

    1. i'd want to experience the same when I go to Ilocos one day.. eating it on the side streets! :)

  10. I haven't tried this one and I am thinking of doing this at home. I know that this is one of the best foods of Ilocanos.

    1. YES!!! indeed! Go ahead and try it then post on your blog your end product. :)

  11. I love Ilocos empanada more so if the sukang Iloko is authentic! Good thing, Farinas empanada has a shop not very far from our place and we indulge every so often to satiate our cravings :)

  12. Same here, we indulge our cravings every so often. My 9yo son loooves it! They use authentic sukang Iloko that we could almost drink a glass half-full. :)


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