10 Practical Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day

It's the time of the year once again when LOVE is so much felt in the air, EVERYWHERE!   Valentine's Day is one of the most celebrat...

It's the time of the year once again when LOVE is so much felt in the air, EVERYWHERE!  Valentine's Day is one of the most celebrated seasons of the year.  It is for the young, the old, the married or not, it could be for singles too! We're reminded of this day when we see hearts, flowers, teddy bears, chocolates and the color red everywhere we look.

You might wonder if long-time married couples still celebrate it?  Yes, yes and yes.  All couples need to spend time alone, away from the kids.  Valentine's Day is one perfect excuse, to make time to celebrate it.  But sometimes, with kids around and household expenses, celebrating it with a big bang becomes hard to achieve.  Even when you are on a budget, you could still celebrate it and let your loved one feel truly special.  I've listed down some practical and creative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one.

  • Go for DIY Greeting Card -  True it's more convenient to just buy a greeting card at your local book store.  But a DIY greeting card involves deep thought, art, time and labor.  Your loved one who'll receive this will truly appreciate the hard work you've put into creating one.
  • For Husbands, write her a LOVE LETTER! - Women usually love talking and yes, even writing.  It also means that we do love to receive one.  So expect that we'll feel like a queen or "Juliet" or "Maria Clara" when we read any letter that would come from our man.  This will make us twirl and blush like a high school girl all over again.
My DIY Greeting Card for Hubby, Chocolates with I-LOVE-YOU notes/flags for Valentine's Day
  • Write love notes on post-its and stick it on areas he goes to in the house. - An unexpected note that express your thoughtfulness and love goes a long way.  Put it in his closet, in his wallet, on his car's dashboard or inside his lunch kit! :)
  • Make a Digital Photo Collage - There are a number of free digital collage software applications that could help you create one.  Choose pictures that remind you both of that romantic out of town trip, your first Valentine's Day together, or it could be any occasion as long as it's something that's memorable to you both. 
  • Cook a special and delicious dinner for your husband/wife - Sometimes budget is not the main reason, it could be that you both just don't want to go out because of the heavy traffic outside during Valentine's Day itself.  Why not, make the home-date truly special by cooking his or her favorite dish. Set the romantic mood at home by lighting some candles, bringing out those expensive chinaware, serve a bottle of wine and toast to an everlasting love, faithfulness and togetherness. :)
  • Play all your LOVE songs in the background - While having dinner or anytime of the day, pipe in some LOVE songs which you both like or are reminded of your crazy youth.  Reminisce together how you started, who winked first, who made the first mood and laugh at those awkward and "kilig" moments during your first date.
  • For Wives, send Husband a bouquet of flowers - One Valentine's Day, I sent a bouquet of flowers to hubby in his office.  Boy it made him blush (hope not of embarrassment) and he was teased by his colleagues!  But he thought it was romantic and he felt really special and felt like a beauty queen! Hahaha!  It's something different that's why he appreciated it.  For all I know, his colleagues wished they were given flowers too! :D
  • Watch Romantic Movie/s on DVD - In bringing back romance instantly in the air, nothing beats watching romantic movies.  Here are some of my recommendations:
The Notebook
Sleepless in Seattle
50 First Dates

Love Actually

The Proposal
Pretty Woman
Dear John
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Wedding Singer
A Walk To Remember
Just Married
My Best Friend's Wedding
Friends With Benefits
Never Been Kissed
Sweet Home Alabama
Bridget Jone's Diary

I could go on and on and on and on..... Aaaww.. now I can't wait to go home and watch at least one of those mentioned. 
  • Decorate Your Room with scented candles and flower petals - Your wife would fall in love with you all over again if she comes home to a room full of scented candles and petals all over.  Plus points if you clean it up also after. Seriously, making your own room look romantic on all sides is a sure fire way to falling in love all over again.
  • Perform a Dance Number before going to bed at night - For husbands, before going to bed, why not put on your naughty smile, dress down a little and perform a sexy dance number for your wife.  Make her smile, giggle, ticklish, excited and feel really special.  End the day with a lovely laugh to share and dance the night away.  
As I write this, I am feeling so mushy and romantic that I wanted to go home already and be cheesy sweet.  But remember, showing your love should be done not only on Valentine's Day.  Securing your relationship, your partnership, your marriage should be done on a daily basis.  Every relationship is a work in progress.  If you want to make it last, each of one of you should maintain it and protect it in order for it to survive.  It's important to talk, to give and take, to understand, to forgive, to support, to laugh, to serve, to love, to kiss and to hug.  



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  1. I cooked for my hubby and have a late dinner because he has an ot.

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  4. I haven't watched that.. will download now! Thanks @ecae21e1049854053e8665917e1dd225:disqus How was your Valentine's Day celebration? :D

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