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Tweet Homeys Cafe Miriam House Building 151 Legazpi St., Legaspi Village Makati City Somewhere along the subdued part of Legazpi S...

Homeys Cafe
Miriam House Building
151 Legazpi St., Legaspi Village
Makati City

Somewhere along the subdued part of Legazpi Street in Makati City lies a welcoming restaurant named Homeys Cafe.  Although Homeys Cafe has been around for a year, it was just last week that I had a chance to visit it when my best friend Karina invited me to have dinner with her. It was truly a treat for me to recently discover a new place to dine with friends and colleagues.

Homeys Cafe Makati
Homeys Cafe counter with old bottles

When I got there, I was impressed with the restaurant's interior decors. It's modern yet sentimental at the same time.  The owner intelligently made use of old picture frames, old bottles, old pictures, sewing-machine-turned-table, old wedding invitations, medals, and old letters which give you a feeling of being close to home.

Homeys Cafe Makati
Old sewing machine turned table, sungka and wooden furniture

Homeys Cafe Makati
Old Singer sewing machine turned table and Sungka

Homeys Cafe Makati
Wall of Frames - assorted frames and vintage trinkets and toys

Homeys Cafe Makati
Old kitchen utensils, toaster and frames add to the homey feeling you get when you're here

Homeys Cafe Makati
Another pompous wall with posted old pictures, invitations, newspaper clipping, and air conditioner

Homeys Cafe Makati
Old bottles, remember Cheers, Pepsi, Magnolia and Royal bottles?  These are legit retro bottles!

To add newness to the ambiance, the furniture and the brick wall were clean white and the wall was warm yellow, a color that invites appetite to the diners. The restaurant is well-lit using with warm lights which added to the "homey" feel you get once you're in Homeys Café.

Homeys Cafe Makati
White chairs and tables make the dining area easy on the eyes, inviting and clean

Homeys Cafe Makati
Nice sets of white chairs and tables enough to dine around 40 pax inside.

My BFF Karina and I, oooppss blurrryy

Karina recommended that I try Bagnet because she knows that I'm a "chicharon" and anything crunchy -Lover!
Homeys Cafe Makati
Crispy and flavorful Bagnet (P150.00) is good for two (2)

Homeys Cafe's Bagnet in its plain self doesn't need any sauce.  It was really good that I even had a second serving of rice.  Don't judge please. Hahaha!  I just really love crunchy food like crunchy Sisig or plain chicharon with rice.   The Bagnet comes with a liquified bagoong with bits of tomatoes and onions which makes the experience a notch higher.  One serving is good for sharing for two people.   Don't forget the extra rice!
Homeys Cafe Makati
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (P150.00) is also good to be shared by 2 people
My BFF and I shared her Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet.  The fish was very tender and cooked just right.  I'm not really a fan of sweet and sour, but I am a fan of fish fillet.
Homeys Cafe Makati
A scoop of Mango Ice Cream with Chocolate Syrup and Cherry on top (P80.00)
Finally, to cap of that dinner very sweetly, I had a scoop of Mango Ice Cream with Chocolate Syrup and Cherry on top.  I totally forgot that I was "trying" to diet (yes, trying, is the operative word).  I just couldn't resist having sweets after a filling and happy dinner.

Here are additional menus I've eaten at Homeys Cafe when I came back.  I really love it there!  If you're around Makati, I recommend you to explore this restaurant.  Guaranteed Good Food!  Hence I kept coming back for more!  I plan to taste everything in their menu! hahaha!

Kilawing Tanigue with Grilled Pork Liempo - I am not a fan of kilawin, but on my second visit here with a friend who met other friends, he ordered this to pair with his beer.  It tastes really good!  The fish tasted just right, not too sour nor salty.  What gave a twist to the gastronomic experience was the mix of the grilled liempo.  I could pair this with rice! :)
Kilawing Tanigue with Grilled Pork Liempo
 For those on the diet, their Caesar Salad is a must try!  Their serving is good for two.  The greens are crispy the bacon bits are in abundance unlike with other restaurants which save on their bacon bits serving.
Caesar Salad for two
 If you are drinking here, Homeys Cafe Sisig is another hit in the pulutan scene!  There's something in its taste that differs it from sisig from other known grills/restaurants like Gerry's or Dencios.  It has a character on its own.
Sisig ala Homeys Cafe
If you opt pasta dishes, Homeys Cafe has Aglio Olio which could also be shared for two.  It's a bit spicy for me but for its price it's still a winner!
Aglio Olio Pasta
 If you crave for breakfast meals in the middle of the day, don't worry, Homeys Cafe serves All-day breakfast!  I tried their Tapasilog and I tell you it is another winner.  The Corned Beef Si-Log is another good choice.  You could ask the chef to toast the corned beef for you or serve it the ordinary way. I asked for it to be toasted to have a different corned beef experience.  It was a cross-over of Adobo Flakes but deep inside you know it's corned beef.
Tapsilog - All Day Breakfast Menu
To cap off your day, Brewed Coffee is also served.  If you're there to relax or to have a meeting, you won't go wrong with a cup of their coffee.
Brewed Coffee

Homeys Cafe Menu
This restaurant is open from Mondays through Saturdays.  They offer Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Drinks. They deliver for a minimum order worth Php 300.00.  Their menu consists of All-Day Breakfast, Rice Meals, A la Carte, Pulutan, Dessert and Beverages.  They only accept cash payments for now.   Here's Homeys Cafe's Menu:

Homeys Cafe Makati
Homeys Cafe Makati Menu
Overall, the experience was very pleasant.  The profile of people who came to dine in when we were there were professionals, executives, from advertising industry.  In fact, I want to come back soon to try their other best-sellers.  Indeed, at Homeys Cafe, you are made to feel as if you're just at home.

For more information on Homeys Cafe, you may like them on Facebook or call 02 - 945 7004 or 02-945 7009.

* Disclosure: Nothing to disclose, we paid for our own dinner.  I am not connected to the owner of the establishment.

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  1. They got interesting vintage items there. The food looks yummy! I would like to try and eat here.

  2. Oh, this sure looks like a cozy place! My office is in Legaspi Village, so I will look for this place definitely. Any popular landmark nearby sis?

  3. You did a fantastic and thorough job on this review. Looks like a place I'd love to visit and enjoy a meal.


  4. The place looks like a home. I would be entertained with all the memorabilia. Sarap naman.

  5. Go go go! food there's so great and the ambiance is super win! :)

  6. Starbucks Legazpi cor. Rufino sis.. walk towards the right of Starbucks. Same lane as it @Meikah:disqus ! :)

  7. Hi Louise, Just to let you know that I only closed comments on my recent two to stop more spam. My other posts are open. Also left a comment here before. Hope you got it. :-)


  8. Hmm.. ok will find it. Thanks, sis! :)

  9. It's name speaks for itself. It does look homey. I'll be sure to visit this place. Their menu looks affordable.

  10. Homey and cozy place plus affordable meal. Jackpot!

  11. Yes it is sis @twitter-57459454:disqus for sharing pa siya! :)

  12. Awww, those Singer Sewing Machines remind me of my childhood! Hihi! And the food, looks really yum, it's making me really hungry just reading your description! The bagnet, yay! :-)

  13. Bagnet is to-die-for! and the prices are reasonable affordable :)

  14. The place looks homey, really. I like it, it's like eating at your own patio. I should share this to my roommate. She might like it. Thanks for the complete information.

  15. thanks for sharing this. :) I'm going to check this out next time I go to that side of the Metro.

  16. Sis, I haven't had a real bagnet. They're like litson kawali, right? Great photos, btw.

  17. Looks homey nga! Ayy, bagnet is from the ilocos diba? when we spent summer vacays at my dad's place in Ilocos when we were little kids, we go to this place who makes the best bagnet


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