A Mom's Review of The King And I at Resorts World Manila (plus a Giveaway)

Tweet Last month, my mom, son and I had a chance to watch Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I at Resorts World Manila.   ...

Last month, my mom, son and I had a chance to watch Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I at Resorts World Manila.  

I used to watch a lot of plays back in the days and even starred in a few productions when I was in college, performed in other schools and out of towns.  That's why I got really excited when we got free tickets for The King And I at the Newport Performing Arts Theater at the Resorts World Manila.

Watching The King And I at Resorts World Manila
My son and my Mom.
Watching The King And I at Resorts World Manila
My eldest and I at the Newport Performing Arts Theater before the 2pm show
Theater is a very respectable performing art because a lot of creativity, discipline, energy and synergies are put in to make one great production.  The King And I is made up of all those elements.

"The King And I" banner Photo Source
The King and I, the fifth masterpiece of the celebrated tandem of Rodgers and Hammerstein, is the story of a widowed English school teacher who travels to Siam to serve as tutor to the many children of the King. Anna’s task of introducing the kingdom to the modern world brings about disputes with the King whom he learned to respect and love over time.

Considered as one of the most beloved classics in theater, The King and I has garnered world-wide acclaim, including 5 Tony Awards for its original 1951 Broadway run, and 5 Academy Awards for its 1966 film adaptation. It is a story as beautifully intricate and multi-faceted as the culture it portrays, brought to life with timeless songs and melodies.

The musical was directed by a three time Aliw Awardee, Freddie Santos, who has been in the Live Performance industry for 35 years.  He managed to make use of the very spacious Newport Performing Arts Theater stage and keep the audience focused on the three-hour long show.  All the musical performances and throwing of lines of the actors were fluid.  Every scene change were smoothly executed.  

Meanwhile, the set design was done excellently by Jo Tecson.  Tecson, well-known in the concert staging, used giant backdrops and props that represented the grandeur that is of Siam.  I was particularly amazed by the huge (Spell: Stage-Wide) LED screen which was intelligently used for scenery which added depth to the entire stage design.  The white elephant is to watch for!  It's so authentic!  The carvings and palace set designs truly showed the richness of the East.  Great work on that.

The King And I Set at Resorts World Manila
The intricate Elephant and Wood carving set design as our background
Musical numbers were backed by the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra and dance performance from the Philippine Ballet Theater.  The intricate and well-laid costumes of King Mongkut and Anna Leonowens were masterly crafted by Rajo Laurel.  

The actors were all splendid.  Each character stood out but didn't outdo each other.  Every role, big or small, were performed excellently.  

The King And I Cast at Resorts World Manila
With the whole cast of The King And I
King Mongkut, played by award-winning TV and stage actor Nonie Buencamino, was clearly depicted as one with authority but a great father to his children.  Nonie was able to show the greatness of being a king who has a hard time letting go of traditions and admitting his weaknesses, but at the same time slowly adapts to influences and fresh knowledge that the Briish schoolteacher, Anna Leonowens brings to Siam.  I enjoyed very much each time he threw "Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera..." in his lines every now and then.  My son laughed at it so I guess he's getting the humor.

Anna Leonowens was played by a theater veteran and award-winning Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo.  She portrayed a strong, to the point of being stubborn, Caucasian woman who rightfully knows what she wants and how to get it.  Lauchengco-Yulo was able to show all facets of her character, a political ally, an educator, and that of a loving mother.  What struck me was how she effectively brought out being willful, her grace, modern influence, and being motherly all in one character.  

The musical will be incomplete without the children!  They were all adorable, talented and consistent with their characters.  Prince Chulalongkorn and Louis Leonowens were very effective in the portrayal of their roles.  They affected by son to the point that he wants to try theater too.  All the other children on stage looked they were having fun, singing, dancing and acting.  Their parents must be very proud.

Romance on the other hand was highlighted by Tuptim and Lun Tha, the Burmese lovers.  Both actors showed their musical powers singing their very moving duets, "We Kissed In The Shadow" and "I Have Dreamed."  Lady Thiang, the first wife of King Mongkut, showed a smart and well-composed woman who bridges people to the king.

The King And I is a musical for the whole family to love.  What I'm happy about was the fact that my nine-year old son understood the play and didn't snore away.  
The King And I Musical at Resorts World Manila
My son, glad to watch the musical.
He appreciated every aspect of the musical.  He was fascinated by the set.  My son was particularly affected by the children's performance that he wanted to learn how to act.  He laughed at some comedic lines thrown by the king.  But most importantly, he and I'm sure any children who watched it, picked up good values that the musical imparts to its audience.

Simplified for children, here are some good values that my son got from The King And I:
  • Keeping Promises
  • Value of Education
  • Importance of Reading
  • Respect for the elders and parents
  • Love for the family
  • Acceptance of differences (like other cultures, religions, traditions)
  • Being open to change
  • Forgiveness
As a mom, I recommend you to watch The King And I, or any theater production for that matter, because they do impart great values to your children.  Expose the young to the performing arts to also build confidence and self-discipline.  We truly enjoyed the musical and I assure you that the people behind the production obviously worked hard for this and deserve the recognition they are, and will be, getting.  

The musical already garnered 3 Aliw Awards including Best Director for Freddie Santos, Best Actor for Leo Tavarro Valdez, and Best Musical Production for 2012. The King And I also received 6 other nominations including Best Actor in a Musical for Bo Cerrudo; Best Actress in a Musical for both Monique Wilson and Shiela Valderamma; Best Child Performer for Anton Posadas; Best Actress in a Featured Role for both Gina Respall and Tanya Manalang.

Hence, it was just a right decision to extend the show until May, 2013.  

Ticket Prices are: VIP: P2,400/ Premier: P2,000/De Luxe: P1,600 and Balcony: P1,000.  
King Mongkut and Anna Leonowens (Nonie Buencamino and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo) Photo Source
*Disclosure: Mommy Practicality received show tickets for free in exchange for an honest review.  The views and opinions are purely my own and in no way was influenced by the receipt of tickets.

Here's a chance for you and a companion to watch The King And I for FREE.  You have two (2) ways or chances to join the contest:  
  1. Follow the tasks enumerated on Rafflecopter.  (this is mandatory)
  2. Answer any of these questions in the comment form:
  •  What do you like most about the blog Mommy Practicality and why?  
  •  What topics would you like Mommy Practicality to feature on the blog? 

Selection of Winners
- ONE (1) winner of a pair of tickets via Rafflecopter.
- TWO (2) winners of a pair of tickets for the Comments
* Who knows I might give more, like I've always been doing in my past 2 giveaways, surprise surprise!

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Contest is open to Metro Manila residents ONLY.
  2. Tickets should be picked up at Resorts World Manila. Ayala Avenue, Makati City.
  3. Ticket winners are encouraged to apply for Resorts World Manila Membership Card (FREE of charge)
  4. Giveaway Duration: March 8  to 22, 2013.
  5. Announcement of winners will be on March 25, 2013.
  6. Winners will be notified through email.
  7. Show schedule shall be determined by Resorts World Manila and will be disclosed to the winners only.  
  8. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  9. Should winners not be available on the schedule of the show, tickets will be forfeited and shall be given away to another contest participant.
  10. Mommy Practicality's decision is final.

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  1. It must be really interesting for your son to watch a musical. I haven't brought my kids to any yet this year.

  2. I like the 10th terms and conditions. Hahaha!

  3. Yes he's very happy to watch it @facebook-780463331:disqus

  4. great contest! i like to watch this one, i'll be back tomorrow to join your contest

  5. wow.. so big time the prizes! XD i watched king and i too, last year. i was a great play.. i am hoping for more plays to watch in the future :)

  6. I would love to join but is the place accessible?

    Anyway, nothing really beats watching live plays. It's not only awesome but you get to experience a spectacular plot, together with the characters in full costume and emotions stirring :)

  7. i'm back and joined your contest
    what i like in your blog are your tips on child-rearing its really a great resource for moms and your practical fashion tips, i also like to see you taking photos of your garbs and accessories

  8. You're very lucky sis! I've been wanting to see the show. Wala lang time nun umuwi kami sa Pinas!

  9. I will try to join. This is a must see play. No age limit naman sis? I mean my son is just two e.

    Mommy Maye2

  10. nice prize.. I so much want to experience watching show like this one, I hope I can in the near future..

  11. Lucky! I've always want to experience watching a show like this... indeed you had a great time and it's amazing!

  12. I've watched the movie adaptation (Anna & the King, starring Jody Foster & Chow Yun-Fat), and it's quite good. Watching a live performance of King & I, would be a totally different experience. :)

    Wanna join the giveaway, haha but it's only for MM residents. Better luck next time!

  13. http://www.mommypracticality.com/2013/02/summer-workshops-lessons-and-sports.html
    I really love that post. Giving us mothers a light re summer workshops. And I really,really love your giveaway. Ive never watch a live play. Thank you for the chance.

    Say Yap

  14. Stephanie Lee

    I like most about Mommy Practicality blog is the Practical Fashion =) I really love fashion. I love your OOTD's at the same time. Your post is very helpful. I just want to see makeup reviews on your blog.


    What topics would you like Mommy Practicality to feature on the blog?

    Ans: Fun activities for Kids at heart! :D

  16. Wow! That's a great show. I'd love to join the giveaway, but for Manila residents lang pala. :(

  17. How lucky you are!!! I also want to see the show, though, have not taken extra effort to do so.


    What do you like most about Mommy Practicality's blog and why?

    Ans: Money Matters. I love this section because it gives information and perspective on how to spend money wisely, it also features places of great value shopping, deals and many others.

  19. I like Mommy Practicality because whenever I read her posts, I find real quality content. There may be some new tips that I learn or perhaps an important happening in society which concerns moms like me. I'm actually not very fond of reading newspapers so Mommy Practicality gives me some idea of what's happening. Like also the information on good places to visit especially for my kids.

  20. Ariane dela Cruz

    I would love to see reviews on different beach/pool resorts to enjoy this summer with friends and family or any summer activities.

  21. Kimberly Camille Tiu

    The fashion outfits!

  22. Abbie Real

    1. What do I like most?

    I like the detailed descriptions of practical tips in the blog posts. Very helpful even for non-moms like me.

    2. What topics I want to see?

    Travel/staycation tips, gadget reviews, more photos.

  23. Dovi Amor Sabong

    I love your blogs about fashion in the most practical way :)

  24. Thanks @facebook-100002249787754:disqus I hope you win! :)

  25. I'm just blessed dear @twitter-559726086:disqus to be given these tickets for free!

  26. It is by cabs sis. I'm not sure with other public transportation @facebook-598596513:disqus . Hope you join sis! :)

  27. Hurray @facebook-100002249787754:disqus Thanks for these feedback. It will help me improve my blog content. :)

  28. Hi @twitter-385264532:disqus thank you. When will you be coming back?

  29. You may join naman sis, are you from Manila pala @facebook-100000380911859:disqus ? :)

  30. yes we did @c8bb569d5725d851b615446fed966710:disqus ! :)

  31. aaawww.. sayang naman @superkane:disqus .. :) Next time!

  32. Thank you for your feedback dear @806f704f4a8eaf0b675325f980b601ef:disqus hope you win! :)

  33. Thanks @twitter-154444750:disqus for your feedback, I will try to incorporate some makeup posts under my Practical Fashion segment. Hope you win! :)

  34. Thanks @facebook-1839215983:disqus for your feedback! Good luck!

  35. aawww @google-7f5e636c2793f6a73f30f8c1b9e7e1b6:disqus do watch it, it's worth your time. :)

  36. Hi @twitter-1055153779:disqus thanks for your feedback. :)

  37. Thanks @89f0fb47f424550a2dbbfcb1bc6e7726:disqus for your valuable feedback! Good luck! :)

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  39. Thanks @facebook-1067499459:disqus I should be updating that more often then. Thanks for the feedback!

  40. hahahaha! Thanks so much @6f3a9cc370cfe08c8c55c99a84b1d83d:disqus for joining and tweeting about this. Have a great weekend

  41. Thanks @facebook-541853000:disqus Good luck! :)

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    i want to see more outfit posts and giveaways!:)

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    i like it that in every way the blogs you have cater all aspects(range of ages, what you like&dislike)..you get to talk about your fam and what you like about an event, a place you went to, a restaurant you've eaten at..and everything!
    i hope youe can blog about your hobbies and what activities you would like to try soon..=)

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    What do you like most about Mommy Practicality's blog and why?

    -I like your post about practical fashion. I really really like it because it's really helpful to me about what or what not to wear.

    -What topics would you like Mommy Practicality to feature on the blog?

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    What topics would you like Mommy Practicality to feature on the blog? - best food joint and beach/resort accommodation that are worth trying/seeing, more features about theatrical plays and home improvements as well.

  47. What do I like most about Mommy Practicality? Well all the practical tips of course! Although most tips are family-oriented, or mommy-oriented, anyone else can pick up something. Posts are written well too :)

    Thanks for the chance of scoring free show tickets. I've wanted to see this!

  48. Regina C. Beleno

    I like to read your blog posts all about kids especially your two boys; mommy time and anything that pertains to money. These are inspiring to read and I get to learn many things as well.

    What I want to see more? All about family travel - destinations, practical tips and ideas. A mom like me will surely learn more, given info coming from a mom like you.

  49. Jamelle Katrina B. Castro

    Posts about sidelines or business at home! :)

  50. I've heard that this movie is great on the big screen. Gotta love Jodie Foster for that. But unfortunately I haven't seen the movie. hahaha!

  51. Roel Yap
    Thank you so much for the chance. Im joining for my siblings.This would be a great gift for them.

  52. aaawww.. i can't join.. i'm from Pampanga sis but I would love to join.. Me and boyfie are planning to go at Resorts World too

  53. Ma. Victoria Parungao


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    I love to go also at The King And I reading your blog about that wanting me more to win this give away hope its me!! I wanted to go there too with my kids

  55. Nice give away. I'll go back and jooin this contest.

  56. The set looks magnificent. Looks like they really invested on it. Good luck to the participants!

  57. i have never watched a theater play but i want to! when my son grows up, i would love to bring him to watch theater plays too. :-)

  58. wow, grabe ang generous at massive ang prizes, ha
    goodluck to your contest, ms louise

  59. tin romero
    ohhthatbytin@yahoo dot com
    What i like most - your writing style, nakaktuwa at madaling basahin.

  60. Too bad I'm not in phillipines so can't watch this show.

  61. I'm sooo sad. Bakit ba kasi hindi ako taga-Manila! Hahaha. Good luck to the winners! :-)

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    sherry ann gole cruz


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    can you please feature things me and my kids can do during this summer vacation

  64. Mys Laguitao

    I'd like more practical tips on party planning. As a mom, I want parties to be fun yet practical.

  65. i remember the very first time i watched the movie The King and I in school. I thought it was boring (I was in 2nd year high school), but then the story touched my young heart. its a pity that i can't watch it since i am here in Zamboanga, an airplane ride away.

  66. Came back and now completed all my entries :)

  67. Regina Marie R. LuMarch 14, 2013 at 8:50 PM

    Regina Marie R. Lu

    What topics would you like Mommy Practicality to feature on the blog?

    i'd like Mommy Practicality to feature topics about "school and school activities of your child", i want to learn as a teacher what the parents feel or what are their sentiments during school activities and the ideas of parents as well. in this manner, teachers can also have an idea what parents would like to see or happen in school... (although of course, we still need to consider it closely and go through some process of the pros and cons) :)

  68. I want to watch that.. :-( sad because I live in the South..

  69. I like the story of the King and I. I watched the movie version with Jodie Foster playing a lead role. It would be nice to watch a theatre version.

  70. I've seen the same one. I haven't seen it on a play, however. I wonder which one is better.

  71. Sorry sis, what is meant by accessible is if the place is wheelchair friendly- like if they have ramps, escalators, etc :)

  72. Oh yes sis @facebook-598596513:disqus it's friendly to pwd. :)

  73. Abigail Sy
    I like the practical finds section because it helps us save money

  74. Thanks for this Mys! :) I've shared some parties I prepared for my sons, believe me they are the most practical ones I've had. hahaha! :)

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  76. This brings back memories. I used to really love the King and I, most especially the animated movie version.

  77. My daughter and I watched it a couple of months ago. It wasn't as much of a hit with her as the sound of music. The children were great in the play though.

  78. I would have loved to watch this if only i lie in manila. The RW theater is impressive. I was able to watch sound of music there.

  79. Cristiane Zubiaga

    Just to let you know I joined! Gusto ko manalo nito haha!
    Btw sis, I like your outfit ang fab!
    I like to watch that mukhang maganda nga

  80. Oh, this is a good post, sis! :) Am sure you enjoyed every minute of it. I love Resorts World! :D

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  97. been visiting this blog for like 2723928374 times since rafflecopter's over. Dapat pala nagbabasa ako na sa 25 pa pala ang pag announce! haha

    Thanks for this mommypracticality!
    God bless you, your family & your blog! :D


  98. sayang di ko naabutan ito my mom loves to watch pa nmn the king and i :((

  99. Win FREE tickets to Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I at Resorts World Manila visit the link to know exactly how :)

  100. Take a deep breath, remind yourself of your career successes .


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