Holy Week Special: Our Visita Iglesia Route in Quezon City

Holy week for me is usually spent at home with the family.  We rarely go out for a vacation like most do.  We follow the tradition of atten...

Holy week for me is usually spent at home with the family.  We rarely go out for a vacation like most do.  We follow the tradition of attending services in the parish to commemorate the Passion of Jesus Christ annually.  What we never miss to do as a family, except when I'm sent out of town by our company for a Holy Week event (like in Boracay last year for six days), is the Visita Iglesia every Maundy Thursday.

Our Visita Iglesia route is usually within Manila or Quezon City.  This year, we visited seven churches within the area of Quezon City.  But the last church we visited was in Manila already, one that's near home.  This year, I documented each church we visited to share with you our Visita Iglesia route in Quezon City.

First Church: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine
Dona Juana St., New Manila, Quezon City
What I like about this church is its grandness.  It is really huge but still solemn.  I like its tall stained glass windows which showed all the stations of the cross.  Its exteriors are not painted up to this day which adds to its old church feel.

Visita Iglesia Route in Quezon City
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine
Second Church: St. Joseph Convent of Perpetual Adoration
Dona Hemady St., New Manila, Quezon City
If you've been to the Pink Sisters in Tagaytay and Baguio, you will get the same feeling when you're inside this small but welcoming chapel.  It has an enclosed area in front where you will occasionally see nuns praying for petitions.  It's located within a non-traffic area almost hidden from the general public.  You may get there easily through private vehicles, no public transportation passing this church unless you ride a tricycle from Aurora Blvd., going here.  This chapel is very solemn and you instantly feel at peace when you're inside.
Visita Iglesia Route in Quezon City
St. Joseph Convent of Perpetual Adoration
Third Church: Christ The King Church
E. Rodriguez Sr. St., Quezon City
This church plays a part in my wonderful childhood memories.  When I was little we used to frequent the convent at the back of the church.  I remember seeing a cemetery for priests, a huge grotto and a lot of trees.  It's perfect for a quick getaway when you're troubled and want to retreat.  If you also want to reflect on your life in a place conducive for it, this is a perfect.  The church itself not your regular four-cornered architecture. It's designed like a half-U with the altar at the center for all churchgoers to see.
Visita Iglesia Route in Quezon City
Christ The King Church
Fourth Church: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Kamuning
Sct. Ybardolaza St., Kamuning, Quezon City
The stations of cross were placed outside the church so it won't be crowded inside.  The church is always packed every mass schedule which made it a good decision for them to put a special stations of the cross. Situated along the busy street of Ybardolaza, expect a lot of vendors outside the church.  From clothes, toys, suman, palabok to silog, they're all there.
Visita Iglesia Route in Quezon City
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Kamuning
Fifth Church: St. Paul the Apostle Parish
Sct. Rallos cor. Timog, Mo. Ignacia & Sct. Santiago Sts,
Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City
You won't miss this church if you pass by Timog near Quezon Ave.  It's in the corner of four different streets.  Looking for parking space could be tough though, but the side streets could make up for it.  There are parking attendants along the streets and security guards in nearby establishments.  Albeit its circular structure, the church is still a bit crowded inside.   For people commuting, the church is very accessible.
Visita Iglesia Route in Quezon City
St. Paul the Apostle Parish
Sixth Church: Carmel of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
Gilmore Ave., Quezon City
My heart always feels at peace whenever I visit this simple and small church.  Although the church is not that big, it's still spacious inside because of its high ceiling.  Inside, the walls are painted white and uses simple decor.  It doesn't make the interiors very busy, allowing the churchgoers to concentrate during mass.  By the way, the only mass schedule in this church is 6:30am from Mondays to Sundays.  It's situated along Gilmore Ave., but you may miss it if you didn't know that there's a church to your left because it doesn't have a big signage, it's secured in high walls and has only 1 grilled gate which closes when there's no more mass schedule or when there are no church activities.
Visita Iglesia Route in Quezon City
Carmel of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
Seventh Church: Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish (Manila)
Old Sta. Mesa St., Sta. Mesa, Manila
One of the nearest churches to our place is this one.  Along the very busy Old Sta. Mesa St., this church is easy to see and accessible to public transportation.  Parking is almost hard to find so it's more advisable to commute going there.  It's a very big church, enough to accommodate a huge number of churchgoers within the area.
Visita Iglesia Route in Quezon City
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Manila

How is your Holy Week so far?  Did you also did Visita Iglesia last Maundy Thursday?

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  1. Nice churches! I wasn't able to do Visita Iglesia for so long. I wished to so that this year but I left the country exactly on Maundy Thursday.

  2. Awesome shots of those churches. Happy Easter to you my Christian friend :)

  3. I did the Visita Iglesia too. Kainis nga lang because super traffic here in Baguio. But there are a lot of chapels and retreat houses here which I think not a lot of people know. Will be sharing it soon

  4. It is also our tradition to visit churches during Maundy Thursdays, ours is 14 though. Thanks for reminding me about St. Joseph Convent, it was there where I laid my prayers before I got married. I'd like pay a visit again, soon.

  5. Lovely old & new church facades. Happy Resurrection Day! :)

  6. visita iglesia is something i want to do in the future.. i didn't do much this time the son is a sick.. I am just glad i attended the liturgy celebration and the procession last good friday

  7. We don't go out of town during Holy Week, too. Unless, there's a family reunion of some sort. :) This is a good list for Visita Iglesia next year sis. Will bookmark.

  8. I hope i will have a chance to do this next year

  9. I am familiar with all these churches because they are all within minutes of my house! But being non-Roman Catholic, I've only been inside Mt. Carmel (twice, both weddings). We had our Recollection at Christ the King when I was in high school (I attended a St. Joseph's College) and we did a walking tour (also saw the cemetery you mentioned) but I don't remember actually going inside the church. I do remember loving the place though.

  10. I love all your magnificent church photos... What a great week. ;-)

  11. The church I go to is just a stone's throw away from St. Paul the Apostle... :-)

  12. I haven't tried doing a Visita Iglesia in years.. But reading your blog feeling ko kasama na rin ako.


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