New Attractions Open In Fun Ranch

What are your most unforgettable childhood memories? My childhood memories were made of afternoon naps, clay pot cookware, Barbie, doll ...

What are your most unforgettable childhood memories?

My childhood memories were made of afternoon naps, clay pot cookware, Barbie, doll houses, toys and amusement parks.  I will never ever forget my first bump car ride at Fiesta Carnival in Cubao when I was 4 years old.  The thrill and excitement of riding a car, a roller coaster or a carousel for a child is priceless.  It shall create a happy memory he or she will look back to every now and then. However, Fiesta Carnival has long been closed down.  Fortunately, nowadays,there are a lot of amusement centers/parks to bring my kids to, one of which is Fun Ranch!

I've discovered Fun Ranch a few years back when I brought my then 4-year old elder son for loads of fun that's not confined inside the mall.  Then we kept on coming back to attend parties at their different party rooms and attended a Halloween Trick or Treat event last year.  We never grew tired of coming back to Fun Ranch.  Especially now that they opened new attractions, Fun ranch takes excitement to a new level!

Last week, I was one of the fortunate bloggers who was invited to a heart-throbbing-air-gasping event and the unveiling of these new attractions at Fun Ranch!

Participants were given instructions to the Amazing Hunt.  The first clue was given onset but for the succeeding, the team should be able to hunt and complete the task of riding the featured attraction before the clue to the next will be handed.

The clues led us to these rides and attractions:

The Balloon Flight is their latest addition to their pool of transportation.  Their kids go up and down, forward and backward.  It's like flying in a hot air balloon.
Balloon Flight ride goes round and round
 The second attraction was the GO! Speed Racing which is one of our favorites.  We love riding in cars and we love racing!  My son drove it for us.
GO! Speed Racing 
This is one of their newest attractions, the Dragon Roller Coaster which is perfect for kids who want more adventure in their ride experience.  "Bunny Hills" were installed on the track to make the ride more intense.  The kiddie roller coaster can sit the entire family, even the kids-at-heart.  Boy, my son enjoyed it a lot that he had several rounds!
Dragon Roller Coaster
The Mini-Golf course is an air-conditioned area where kids could relax a bit while trying to shoot the golf balls into the holes.  We were asked to shoot the ball three times in our chosen course before giving out the last clue to the next awesome attraction.
Finishing our task at the Mini-Golf
Last but definitely not the list, the Playdium was where my son dove into the ball pit to look for the Fun Ranch sign.  This has always been a favorite playground of his because of the slides, the ball pits, the tunnels, and other obstacle-like parts of the Playdium that intensify any child's play.  Even kids-at-heart would enjoy here (guilty of that!)
Playdium, the last destination of the Amazing Hunt at Fun Ranch
We started late but we didn't finish the last so for us that's an accomplishment.  Before the awarding of the winners of Fun Ranch's Amazing Hunt, our merienda buffet was served.  Perfect for the tired hunters!
Merienda buffet for the adults.  Kids had their set meals and my kids ate aplenty! :)
Their food was delicious and the servers were very efficient which are both requirements for a perfect gathering or party.  Speaking of parties, Fun Ranch also has function rooms for any occasion which could fit a small group of ten to a large group of five hundred people.

Going back to the awarding of winners, our team won the 7th place and received goodies from Fun Ranch!  Here are the other blogger participants with their kids for a winning group shot.
We're all winners by just simply being there and meeting new friends.
Come to Fun Ranch for your children's memorable play experience.  A great way for family bonding too!  Now on its sixth year, Fun Ranch continues its innovation of products and services to guarantee the best experience for the entire family!

For updates on events, promos and other attractions, like Fun Ranch on Facebook or you may also visit their website.  

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  1. Cute naman...ala Amazing Race pa...

  2. That's a a very fun place for kids. :)

  3. I like the bump cars and.... the food! hehe

  4. I am sure the kids would really love the place... I like the Playdium! Where is this?

  5. We live nearby and have brought the kids there several times. We're definitely looking forward to trying the new attractions. :)

  6. This is a fun place for kids! :D Mine would have loved that go-kart! Ha ha!

  7. Brought my kids here and they love it! Will definitely go back again for a whole day of fun for them! :)

    Saw this promo of theirs from Metrodeal btw, lookie here!

  8. Thanks for coming! We had fun having you guys as well.:)

  9. Wow, What a great attractions for kids. The rides are awesome and force to come here as soon as possible. At this time, I am going to new york to Williamsburg tour. I hope I will enjoyed there a lot and will spend a great time here.


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