The Best Things In Life Are FREE!

While it may be true that you have heard that cliche a million times, but forgive me because I just had a very happy experience earlier when...

While it may be true that you have heard that cliche a million times, but forgive me because I just had a very happy experience earlier when I got home from work.

I was the most exhausted and haggard-looking me coming home to my still awake 9 year old son at past 10 pm.  He stayed awake because he prepared a surprise for me!

After giving my "pasalubong" or treats to him, he dragged me to his room and showed me this:

This was the first letter "clue" which led me to find 1 love letter after the other. He announced to me that he organized a letter hunting activity.
 It reads:
To Our Beautiful Mom:
Mom, find the cards hidden in the room.
And it is (they are) colored green.

 This was the first of the four letters I found inside their toy chest/drawers.
 It reads: 
Dear Mom,
Thank you for the toys that you bought before.
Sorry for not playing (with) my expensive toys (wow! define expensive please anak!)
I love you mom, remember that always po ha.

This next letter, I found under his table.
 It reads:
Dear Mom,
Thank you for my study table for me to study.
I am always there to help you po.  
I love you po so much!

The next letter I saw was in between his stack of K-Zome magazines, his current favorite reads.
 It reads:
Dear Mom,
Thank you for the K-Zones that I read
You are the best Mom that I have/
Thank you po for loving and caring (for) me.
I love you po!

The next letter was hard to find, it was inside his closet lang pala!  This is my favorite among all four letters. :)
It reads:
Dear Mom, 
Thank you for my clothes.
When I am wearing my clothes, I think I am the fanciest 
and the coolest boy in the world!
I love you po Mom!
Everything that you wear, you are BEAUTIFUL! :)

My tears are very shallow and it just builds up inside my eyes for as long as I can hold it.  This was the very example when those tears, of joy that is, just ran down my cheeks.  I immediately thanked, hugged him and said how much I love him!  I am truly ecstatic right now.  Indeed the BEST THINGS in life are FREE!

Let me end this by sharing with you some pieces of advice I give my son, which he will learn to use them when he grows up.
Showing that you truly care or love a person doesn't end in just giving gifts or letters.
When you keep a promise, make sure you don't bend any.
Actions speak louder than words.  
Goodnight everyone! :)  

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  1. awww! you have the sweetest son!


  2. You are indeed one lucky mom Louise ! I bet the stress and tiredness were all forgotten after reading your kids' letters .

    Blessings !

  3. Thank you @SarahBucu:disqus ! That's true! When you see your kids talaga and knowing they did something for you... every negative cell in your body is instantly gone! :)

  4. Awww... so touching, Louise! He's such a sweet boy.

  5. Sis @twitter-19440707:disqus you were are the Blog Inspired workshop pala! I regret not seeing you/chatting with you. Kulang ang time no? Hope to see you again soon na hindi madali.. coffee date with the rest of the bcbloggers community :)

  6. Yeah, kulang time for getting to know each other saka we're hungry na rin, heehee!

  7. Your son is very sweet. I also love it when my children give me simple letters they make. They're not perfect in design or grammar but still truly awesome.

  8. That is so true @Chin chin ! By the way, did you like the King And I? :)

  9. oo nga eh! Next time let's meet up for coffee or play date ng kids. :)

  10. Yes, I did. I wish I my sister came, too. She will surely enjoy it because she also joins musical plays/opera. Thanks again so much for the tickets.

  11. awww...natouch naman ako!
    your son is so appreciative and very sweet....

  12. Sweet! My son writes me lots of letters too and is always, perpetually hugging me! They really are mom's boys lol

  13. Same here @Marie super ang sarap ng feeling when they hug and kiss you!!!!

  14. Yes @Therese Gabriel I hope he won't change kahit maging binata na siya..


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