I May Not Be Perfect, But I'm The Best They Have

Dear Louise, You have always been the strong woman your close family and friends knew.  You also admit the fact that you are not perfect, ...

Dear Louise,

You have always been the strong woman your close family and friends knew.  You also admit the fact that you are not perfect, but so are others, that's why you kept on pushing forward and improving yourself in the aspects you know you already do well but more especially on things you know you are not at all good at.

Looking back at you as a naive high school girl from an exclusive school, you've always thought of yourself as someone special but still was very insecure.  You started to explore on your talents and were thankful to your parents for supporting you and staying up late to pick you up from your rehearsals in glee club and acting class.  You started to blossom because of their trust and because they gave these all to you.

In college, the time your family experienced financial challenges, you were crying inside because you least expected it.  You even compared your situation then to your older siblings who didn't experience what you and your younger brother were going through.  But from that, you learned to be practical and frugal, you learned to be more sensitive to your parents and most of all, you became resourceful.  Your heart got broken the very first time from a relationship of almost four years, but it taught you a lot about love, acceptance, moving on, re-channeling stress and appreciation of yourself.

You've been a go-getter after graduating from college but like others, had stumbled so many times from stupid mistakes and wrong choices in life, at work and in love.  When you got pregnant and was forcefully married, you knew, your LIFE WAS GOING TO CHANGE.  Indeed it happened, from a flourishing career woman to being a plain, dependent, and insecure housewife.  You weren't happy with that marriage and you and your ex-husband always fought.  It was the most depressing part of your life.  The only treasure you were holding at that time was your child.  You knew despite your depression, you had to fight, you had to move forward, you had to plan, you had to be stronger, all because you wanted to give your child a better future.  So you did.

Do you remember that you've been thrown too many stones and gossiped about by both people you knew and didn't?  You've been judged because of your decision to be annulled.  But you said, it's your life, not theirs.  You didn't mind them and instead you focused on regaining the life you turned back to, the person you always were, but this time with a little hand holding yours, your child.  The child who was the reason for your strength, your hope, your optimism, your careful choices, and even your fears.  You focused on rebuilding your career to support your son solo and on being the best mom you know you could be.

Somewhere along the recovery road, you met this wonderful guy who became your best friend, your band mate, your business partner and little did you expect, now the love of your life and the father to your second child.  Since then, you were at peace, at a happier place, at the moment in time when things just fell so rightfully into places.

You are the woman who has gone through a lot but didn't let the depression win you over.  You fought and found happiness and peace, all for your children.  With that, you've created this blog to share, to help and to inspire others.  I am happy for you and I hope that you achieve more so you could give back more.  You've always believed that in giving you are also receiving.  And that's what you're doing.  Because it is in doing that, that you are blessed.

You always say, You are not Perfect, but You are the BEST that your Children and your Hubby have.  Your children can never ever replace you.  You feel guilty sometimes for working so hard, don't, it's for them.  You feel sad at times when you don't give them everything they want except if they do good deeds, don't, you're teaching them to value the things they have, because they worked for it.  You cry after disciplining them for doing something wrong, don't, you want to them to learn their lessons, lead good lives and be better persons.   You fear that your boys will be grown up men and leave you, don't, because with the way you show them your love and how you communicate with them, they will never forget the first woman they love, YOU.  You are not perfect, but you are in your children's eyes.  You may not be a supermodel, but you're assured by your hubby always, that you're the most beautiful woman in his eyes.

Yes Louise, you may not be perfect, but remember nobody really is.  Enjoy the ride called LIFE.  It's not assured to be a smooth one on a straight road, there will be bumps and curves, but you can always have a stopover to rest, recharge and pray.

Yours Truly,
Your Partner in Crime - Yourself :)

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  1. What a beautiful thing to write to ones self :) so touching!

  2. As what they all say, " In every cloud , there is a silver lining." So far, this is the best post that I have read.


  3. I love this post. Continue inspiring women. :)

  4. Thank you @rhoda your comment means so much to me. :)

  5. Many thanks @sarah bucu! :) I'm humbled. :)

  6. continue writing blogpost like this one. share stories to uplift women. It is like women empowerment din kasi. make your voices heard through blogs like this. :)



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