Adventures With Nestle Kimy Playstix

Hello loves!  How's your week so far?  Mine has been good so far!  A lot of things going on at work, where I spend most of my time in th...

Hello loves!  How's your week so far?  Mine has been good so far!  A lot of things going on at work, where I spend most of my time in the day.  But I'm so glad I've learned to live a more Zen kind of work life and let stress melt away quickly.  That would be another great post isn't it?

Anyhoo, last week, we were surprised, most especially the kids, to see a package from Nestle Kimy Playstix!  We were sent two packages of 10 Nestle Kimy ice cream each!

Nestle Kimy Playstix

Kimy Lava and Kimy Swirl happen to be my son's favorite flavors, so he got really excited! I immediately took photos of it on my Instagram.

Nestle Kimy Playstix

Nestle Kimy Playstix are fun, multi-colored, and versatile sticks that kids could connect and build amazing toys with. This is a type of toy that I recommend because it fosters imagination and encourages creativity from our kids by building something out of a Playstix.

Here are some of the things you can build with it:
Nestle Kimy Playstix

With Nestle Kimy Playstix, you can Bend & Lock, Slot and Twist or simply Slot Together.  You can find one in every pack of Nestle Kimy ice cream.

Nestle Kimy Playstix

Here's my son enjoying his Kimy Lava.  So much that he finished two in one sitting!  Look at the Kimy Playstix he's holding.  Galing!  Instead of the usual popsicle sticks which hold ice creams, with Nestle Kimy ice cream, you get a platstix.  Just wash it afterwards, collect other playstix and our kids could build wonderful creations out of them!

Nestle Kimy Playstix

What's super win for me is that all Nestle Kimy ice cream products contain only the recommended amount of sugar and are 100% free from artificial coloring.

Thank you Nestle for the package and GCs you sent!  My kids are enjoying the adventures of creating structures out of the Nestle Kimy Playstix.  You too could discover adventures like this!  For more information and updates, like Nestle Kimy on Facebook.

Nestle Kimy Playstix

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  1. Makes me want to buy Kimy ASAP! I have sen the banana one before and it looks so weird like a tongue, hehe. Will the Playstix be forever? So we can amass and build over time, because I cannot buy ice cream every day, hehe!

  2. We would but we can't. A family of a diabetic grandma and mom.My kids have icecream about 3x a year, I think. I wish there were more sugarfree options here in our city. But my kids loves building stuff. Baka si hubby na lang ang kumain tapos the sticks go to the kids.

  3. I think my kids haven't tasted Kimy yet or maybe just once. We're trying to be frugal so we''re making their frozen popsicle at home. Maybe we'll try Kimy. Wha't a good flavor?

  4. Nice! I want to buy these, too! Kokolektahin ko yung Playstix para paglaki ni baby, hindi na kami bibili ng toys. :P

  5. Ang galing. So many possibilities with such a toy. Sana there's more than one in each pack kasi the more the merrier! :)


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