Practical Fashion: Let's Think Green

Have you ever bought something, like a piece of clothing that you know the moment you fit it, it's meant for you?  How about, knowing th...

Have you ever bought something, like a piece of clothing that you know the moment you fit it, it's meant for you?  How about, knowing that particular dress came with an unbelievable tag price, worth less than Php500.00 but looks worth more than a thousand pesos?

I know that very EXACT feeling!  Since I've been singing regularly in a hotel lounge, looking good is a requirement, at least with the clothes I wear.  Lately, I've been scouting for sales in the metro because I don't feel comfortable buying an expensive outfit which I will get to wear only once (in my performance days).  Plus I don't like the feeling that all my talent fee will just go for shopping.

Being the practical shopper that I am, I knew I scored 10 on this pretty green long sheer dress!  You wouldn't believe that it costs ONLY Php 399.00.  I bought the winner dress at SMX during their 3rd edition of "The Great Luxe SALE" last weekend.

Mommy Practicality: Practical Fashion
Taken inside the elevator of Luxent Hotel after our gig
Mommy Practicality: Practical Fashion
Necklace for less than P200.00
Mommy Practicality: Practical Fashion
Let's Think Green
Now forgive me for the blurred photos, took this using my mobile phone in a dim-lighted hall of the hotel.  Have you scored on a winner purchase lately?  :)

The Outfit:
Green Dress: P399.00 at SMX The Great Luxe Sale
Shoes: 4 year old Parisian Shoes
Bag: From Ukay-Ukay 
Necklace: Bazaar P150.00

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  1. I love the dress, sis! One of the downsides of being plus-sized is that it's really hard to find inexpensive clothes here in Manila. That's why I usually as my sister in law to buy me clothes from the US. Yun lang, I don't get to fit them before buying. Oh well.

  2. nice finds. ako din i seldom buy expensive clothing. as in seldom. naguiguilty ako bumili ng mamahaling damit kaya i go for those on sale and of course some ukay hunting too. :)

  3. That's so true Camille! :) I would feel guilty as well to buy anything expensive especially clothes! :) I only sigurol shell out money for watches (my guilt purchase) not bags nor shoes. I love sale and ukay too! :)


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