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Hello loves!  How is everyone?  If you have noticed, I haven't posted as much as I used to recently.  Super namiss ko kayo, so please fo...

Hello loves!  How is everyone?  If you have noticed, I haven't posted as much as I used to recently.  Super namiss ko kayo, so please forgive me.  I really have been busy with a lot of things at work, with family and back-to-school matters, with our band's weekly gigs and finding time to rest.  Anyway, the closest thing to me next to my undies (err excuse me, hihi), is my mobile phone.  That's why my Instagram and my Facebook Page are always updated naman.

Anyhoo, remember what I told you before, aside from working full time, I also have an acoustic band?  Yup yup, I love singing and I am so fortunate that I still get a chance to do what I love on the side and get paid for it.  One of the requirements in singing in a band is to look good and have presentable clothes.  Waaah!  Which means, just like a celebrity, I can't be seen with dresses that I've already worn in my past performances.

Oh muders, I got a shock of my life one time when I searched for a dress (that still fits ha!) in my closet a few weeks ago after coming home from work to prepare for a gig.  WALA NA kasya sa akin!  I panicked literally, luckily, there's still one piece of clothing that was hidden somewhere and it still fits.

The following work week I went out to shop for clothes.  But I promised myself that it should be less than P1,000.00, better if less than P500.00, otherwise, dun lang mapupunta ang TF ko for singing! :)

True enough, I unleashed my practical shopping powers and voila, I got really fab dresses for less than P500.00 beat that! :)

Here they are:

White and Black jumpsuit that magically elongates me!
Dress that magically hides mommy tummy!
Lakas maka-sexy the off-shoulder dress

I still have two dresses, but I haven't worn them yet so I'm a bit shy to share it, but I'll share it in another post once I've worn them.

Apart from dresses, I also found a super duper fab DONYA shades for less than P100.00!  I shared it earlier via my Instagram account.  Here's how it looks:
I love wearing DONYA shades, make me feel so Donya talaga!
Less than a hundred shades
The tags that made my eyes popped!
Here's where I scored these purchases:
White and Black Jumpsuit: Cinderella, Glorietta Branch - P465.00 only (originally P799.00)
Gold Off-shoulder cocktail dress: People Are People - P499.00 only (originally P1299.00)
Donya Shades: Saizen - P88.00 only! (Everything's P88 at Saizen!)

I love bargain shopping and sale hunting super!  It's where you get super fab stuff for super low and sometimes unbelievable sale prices!

Til next shopping loves!  How about you, have you bargain-shopped for something recently?  Share please?

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  1. Winner! Great finds, Louise! Love your donya shades :)

  2. galing mo mommypracticality, you don't need to spend much just to look FAB! <3 ... :)

  3. Doing great, Louise, if you call "tulala from so much gastos-tuition,school stuff, etc" great hehe. I haven't bought anything for myself lately haha. Parang gusto kong gumawa ng bagong blog and name it "mommy sakripisyo " lol. anyway, happy pa rin naman, even if tulala. I love your clothes, too. bagay na bagay sa yo. I hope you can upload a video of you with your band (at alam mo ba, i am always on the lookout for the joy commercial and say, that mommy over there, friend ko yan haha)

  4. hahaha! Natawa ako sa "Mommy Sakripisyo" hehehe! Oh well.. totoo yan, heart attack nga ang gastos sis @Marie diba? waaahh.. :(


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