#ThrowbackThursday and About Losing Weight

Warning:  This isn't about HOW-TO lose weight.  You'll be reading quite an emo-post on weight issues.  So forgive me for being a lit...

Warning:  This isn't about HOW-TO lose weight.  You'll be reading quite an emo-post on weight issues.  So forgive me for being a little vulnerable right now. :)

Are you one of the many moms who feel insecure at times because of how their physique changed after having a child or children?  Physical changes could be anything between hair loss, dark skin in some areas, stretchmarks here and there to huge weight gain.

I admit that I am one of them.  But don't get me wrong.  I embraced motherhood from the very instant that I learned I was pregnant with my first born.  I also would like to believe that I am still beautiful and sexy, because both are qualities that are not only seen on the outside, but most especially on the inside.

When I was younger, dieting in a span of two weeks I could effortlessly lose weight and fit into any clothes that I want.  That was when my metabolism was still up and running which of course made losing extra pounds off me easy-peasy, even without exercise.

After having my first child, I still was able to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight, even lighter at some point.     I just cut down on food and involved a little exercise.  That's all it took.  Here's a #ThrowbackThursday photos to share how thinner I was before:
June, 2007
October, 2007
November, 2009
Then BOOM!
After having my second child, I looked like I was inflated.  I exercised when I already could, dieted a little and my weight went down to almost pre-pregnancy numbers.  Now the tough thing is: maintaining it.

Here are some photos of the heavy-weight me. :)
October, 2010 (one month after giving birth)
December 2010, 3 months after giving birth

I am only human to sometimes feel insecure about the extra pounds I have, about the lose skin, flabby arms, layers of love handles, stretch marks here and there and uneven skin.  But most of the time, I feel great about how I look, even confident with the clothes I wear even if I'm on the large size category already.

I feel great because I have a loving hubby whom I know accepts me for who I am, no matter how I look, and what size I belong to.  More especially I have two children who ADORE ME!!!!

Being sexy and beautiful from within is more important than anything else.  YES!  That is so true!  But it's also important to TAKE CARE of ourselves, our physique and our health.  When you are already a mother, all you want to happen is to be with them for as long as you could, to take care of them and see them become successful adults.  Our children are our inspiration and our motivation to always strive for the best and become a better person/mom everyday.

But I definitely know, that STARTING the momentum on our way to LOSING WEIGHT is hard.  We need a lot of HELP and SUPPORT from family as well as friends.

I want to lose weight, all for the right reasons!

Not because I'm pressured to LOOK GOOD.

Not because I want to impress somebody.

Not because people tease me for having double chin and bulging tummy.

I will lose weight because:

I want to live a healthier life.

I want to live longer for my children and hubby.

I want to feel good about myself.

I am already ready.

I cannot force myself, lalo na let other people force me to become thin just because.  I will start when I am ready, at my own phase and time and on my free will.

It's a DECISION to make and a COMMITMENT to stick to, parang relationships lang yan.  So for now, I know for myself, that I want to start already SOON.  I want it nice and slow.  I will still eat and not commit suicide by depriving myself, but in moderation.  I will walk more, use the stairs more, stand up more, laugh more and stretch more.  One day at a time.  No pressure but definitely some effort has to be exerted.

So for now, let me enjoy what I have, what I take in, how I look, all my love handles.  In time, when I am READY and mentally and psychologically PREPARED, I will START.  All for better health and longer years with my family, especially my children.  Just you wait.  Until then... until then...

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  1. Pearliza Concepcion-Nuval PaguJuly 12, 2013 at 12:39 AM

    masarap kase kumain hehe, always remember you are beautiful and sexy nasa attitude lang yan and syempre with the support you get from your loved ones pero if you really wanna lose weight you can try honey and cinnamon you could read more here http://cinnamonhoneyweightloss.com/the-cinnamon-honey-weight-loss-drink.html. Hope that helps!

  2. Those are great reasons to lose weight! When I gave birth to my little girl I just kept on gaining and gaining and gaining for 3 years till I reached a whopping 155lbs. That's when I put my foot down and realized that things had to change. With diet and exercise for 8 months, I was able to drop 40 lbs. I didn't think I could do it as I was a junk food junkie and the most sedentary person in the world! haha. I've dedicated a tab in my blog to document my weight loss journey. Now that I'm expecting again, I guess I have to go back that route once the baby pops out. haha. I suggest you download myfitnesspal app on your phone. That's what helped me lose the pounds. Good luck Louise! You can do it! :-)

  3. I feel you, Louise! My dalaga weight was 45kg then naging 55kg after I gave birth. Kaya lang hindi ko talaga keri ang mag-diet so kapag nakaramdam ng gutom kain lang ng kain. :D Few weeks before my baby turns 1 ang laki ng nabawas sa weight ko dahil sa stress ng preparation. Ngayon, 48kg na lang ako. Inflated pa yung ibang parts ko like my braso pero keri na din. :D

  4. Honey and cinnamon? I both love them! I think this will work! Thank you dear @Pearliza Concepcion-Nuval Pagu! :)

  5. Thanks @Aimee Diego! I'm so excited for you! Wow another bundle of joy sis! :) Ako I want to have another bun in my belly oven next year! The challenge is.. How To Make A Baby Girl?! Any tips? hahaha!

  6. Wow, that's quite a feat sis ha.. 48kg is good! :) Oh well... tama ka.. it's so gooooooood to eat!!!!! :) :) :) I love eating pa naman as in @Krisna is the name!!!

  7. HI sis Louise! ;) I'm preparing to become a wife and a future mom. (Wedding is in December Yey) and I needed to take away the weight to be healthier because I have PCOS which is a condition that hinders weight loss and is bad on my fertility. Your blog helps a lot in inspiring. Anyhow, let me share to you what I did. You can read it in my blog: http://debbieannecastro.blogspot.com/2013/06/secret-easy-work-outs-that-works.html
    Hope this helps as much as i am inspired with your other articles. Go girl! You can do this.

  8. I agree on your motivations why you want to be healthy and fit, that is to live longer for the ones you love and to feel good about yourself. At times sexiness and getting thin are not the real reasons behind why we want to loose weight. Though I never gained that much, I still want to be fit (not sexy) due mainly to health reasons thus I make it a point to do brisk walking, run and join the group-taebo exercise at the BGC park every Sundays.
    You are a creative person and in time I believe you will know the secrets on how to have a healthy and fit life. And I know yo can do it.

  9. aaaww... Thanks Sarah! I agree with you totally. It's for health reasons mainly. I just want to be fit, not really sexy sexy.. because I already have that IN me. hahaha! :) Have a great day!


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