Inspired by Johnson's Baby Signature of Love

I had my son DL when I was 23.  The first time I held him in my arms, I felt: Happiness. Fear. Worry. Excitement.  But only one stood out, L...

I had my son DL when I was 23.  The first time I held him in my arms, I felt: Happiness. Fear. Worry. Excitement.  But only one stood out, LOVE.  Back then, I had zero experience on taking care of a little baby.   But our daily activities taught me how beautiful and fulfilling it is to be a mother by doing little things for him myself.

When his brother was born seven years after, it felt like having a child the first time again.  But the experience became smoother because DL was very much involved in everything.  He reminded me of the lullabies I sang to him.  He vividly recalls the bath time talking bubbles I did with his shampoo, the soft strokes on his back when I put powder before and after running, our dancing feet characters, the bedtime massages and the underarm-smelling and tickling play.
Johnson's Baby Signature of Love
My Sons, Dandre and Wes
I realized that I made a strong bond with him.  My very own signature of love are imprinted in his heart and now, imprinting once more on his brother WL.

If you’ve seen Johnson’s Baby Signature of Love TVC, (which I’m sure pinched your heart like it did mine,) it’s exactly the expression of love that I’m talking about.  I appreciate that Johnson’s Baby clearly understands and even celebrates the importance of mom-child bonding through the daily activities we do with them.

Johnson's Baby Signature of Love
Johnson's Baby Signature of Love TVC
I’ve been using Johnson’s Baby products for as long as I can remember because it’s a brand I trust for safety and effectiveness.  We never experienced any allergies nor irritations.  It has played a big role between me and my mom, and now, between my children and I.  Johnson’s Baby is like a part of our family, who will always be there through our journey of growing together.

Johnson's Baby Signature of Love
Our daily loving activities together, my own signature of love
The Johnson’s Baby Signature of Love TVC has inspired me to create this short video dedicated to my children.  I will be submitting this as my entry to Johnson’s Baby Facebook Page contest.   Who knows, they might select my entry and be featured in the upcoming TVC of Johnson's Baby, to be aired on TV and several LED billboards around Metro Manila.

How about you?  I’m sure you have your own signature of love as well.  That’s why I encourage you to submit your 30-second video on their  Facebook Page App.

Johnson's Baby Signature of Love
Johnson's Baby Signature of Love Facebook App
Watch the most heartwarming Johnson's Baby Signature of Love TVC here:

Disclaimer: Some talking points in this post were suggested by sponsor.  However, the views and opinions stated herein are purely my own.

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  1. I must say, Johnson and Johnson's products are really instrumental in strong mother-child bonding. Kudos to them.

  2. Pearliza Concepcion-Nuval PaguJuly 15, 2013 at 7:41 PM

    nice! na LSS na din ako "johnson's baby our signature of love!" hehe. I'm also trying to come up with a video with my toddler and 10mo/o baby :)

  3. Go sis! Then submit it to Johnson's Baby facebook App! :)

  4. J&J is love. even their commercials are nice. I still use their milk bath because it makes my skin soft.

  5. Sweet! I'm just not sure if my little ones will cooperate in case I do decide to make a video. Haha.

  6. Bebengisms | Denise RayalaJuly 22, 2013 at 4:28 PM

    Why didn't I see this kaagad? I subscribed naman to your RSS feeds. Ang cute naman nagnose to nose kayo ng tweener mo. Ang gwapo! Lord, bless me with a baby boy please! Haha! :)

  7. hihihihi! I had problems at first with google indexing this post kaya siguro ganun. :) hihihi! Ako naman sana bebe girl! :)


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