The Irony Of It All - Yaya Issues

I have been sharing on my Facebook and Twitter accounts that I have been yayaless for almost a month already.  I even created a blog post ab...

I have been sharing on my Facebook and Twitter accounts that I have been yayaless for almost a month already.  I even created a blog post about it here.

When the previous yaya of my toddler left us and advised me via text message only, I panicked.  My elder son is more manageable and doesn't need a yaya anymore because he goes to school everyday and is now very independent.  As you may have known it's because hubby and I are working full time out of home.  My work schedule was affected because it meant having to go to work on a later time (thank goodness for allowed changed in work schedule) and even filing emergency leaves from time to time.  All for the love of our children diba that we sacrifice these things to prioritize them.

My daily routine changed for the last three weeks.  In the morning, I have to wait for him to wake up, which is around 8am, to be able to feed him breakfast, read books to him, play a little and give him a fun bath.  Although I still stay with my mom, I cannot bear the thought of leaving my toddler unfed and still smelling like his morning breath, if you know what I mean.

In these last three weeks, I found great happiness and fulfillment for the simple yet loving things that I was able to do for him everyday, which I don't get a chance to when I go to the office early.

I laughed with him more.

I played with him more.

I read books to him more.

I played bubbles in the bath with him more.

I held his hands more.

I talked to him more.

I kissed and hugged him more.

I heard "I-LOVE-YOU-SO-MUCH-MOMMY!" from him more!

Just earlier, my toddler's new yaya arrived.  I should be feeling relieved, I'm sure most would do.  But honestly, I felt sad inside.  Not because I don't want a helper anymore, but I will be going back to my old routine.

Lesser time to: 



Bathe Him

Hold Hands





Now, I will be leaving him again every morning begging me not to go to work anymore.  I will be entrusting him to a stranger.

Isn't it IRONIC?  Don't you think?

More comfortable living, BUT lesser time with my kids.

Better performance and attendance at work, BUT kids waiting and missing me a lot.

Oh well, I'm sad the yaya arrived, but we can't not have one.

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Have you ever felt this way too?  Or is it just me?

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  1. ganyan talaga ang dilemma ng mga working moms. there's always that nagging fear na baka the kids will end up closer to the yaya since you have to split time between work and home. but in time you'll learn to work around it. hopefully matino ang bago niyong yaya. good luck!

  2. It's a sign, Sis ;) Believe me when I tell you that you are not alone in feeling this way. That is the very reason why I decided to become a WAHM. Hugs and be strong! It will all work out for the best.

    xo Patty

  3. Pearliza Concepcion-Nuval PaguJuly 10, 2013 at 11:24 AM

    I understand where you're coming from.The irony of motherhood... kids drive us crazy, make us feel so tired, sleepless, but despite it all it is very fulfilling. As a full time mom and yayaless i feel this everyday with a toddler, a 10mo/o and currently pregnant but you know what i am willing to this everyday. But someday i will be working na rin as you know our family is already growing big we need extra income so I will definitely feel the same way as you do right now. Ganun talaga, kelangan mag sacrifice. But surely our kids will understand. Cheer up :)

  4. Awww, I can relate. That's exactly how I felt when my girls were little and I had to go to work everyday. So, when I got preggy with Ziggy, I prayed to God to allow me to be more hands-on with him because it would be my last opportunity to do so. I guess God heard my prayer coz He made it possible for me to be a WAHM. :) Cheer up! You're doing the best that you can, Louise. :)

  5. Thank you so much Janice. Your words mean so much! :)

  6. Thank you so much Pearliza. Up until this morning, I didn't want to go to work early to be able to take care of my little one even with the yaya around. hehehe! Thanks.

  7. I know i know i know Patty... I've been contemplating on it for months already.. :) I'll pray harder for what God thinks would work best for me. :)

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