All About My Toddler and #WordsWithWittyWessie

Hello Muthers and Futhers! :) I'm launching a chronicle of my conversations and what have yous with my toddler Wes, whom we fondly cal...

Hello Muthers and Futhers! :)

I'm launching a chronicle of my conversations and what have yous with my toddler Wes, whom we fondly call Baby Wes or Wessie.  I call it Hashtag Words With Witty Wessie or #WordsWithWittyWessie

I noticed lang kasi loves, he's growing up really fast and even if he's bulol, he's so talkative and expresses himself quite bulol-fluently.  Hahaha! Kagulows dun.  Kaya super nakakatuwa siya ngayon.

Here are some of my funny conversations with my 2 year old toddler...

Saw Wes playing with the umbrella..

Me: Please don't play with the umbrella, it's not a toy.  We use it only when it's too hot or raining.

Wessie: I want umbyeya mommy.

Me: Is it raining now?

Wes went to the sampayan, under the dripping wet clothes then said..

Wessie:Look Mommy, it's raining. 

Oo nga naman, natutuluan siya ng tubig, it's raining. Go anak use the umbrella. Maliit pa lang pilosopo na!

I was changing his diaper this morning and placed the soiled one on the floor (temporarily.) Wes hurriedly stood up with eyebrows meeting in the middle, then looked at me.

ME: Why did you stand up Wessie? I'm not yet done. Come back here please?

Wessie: MOMMMMY!

Me: What?

(Wes, looking mad and pointing at the trash can.)

Wessie: Throw that (soiled diaper) heey (he meant here, his speech has no "R") in the trash can.

Me: Oh, okay, sorry Wessie! (napatayo ako nang di oras, dinampot ang diaper at sinunod na lang ang anak.  baka magalit eh!)

Ayan, nasabihan pa tuloy ako ng anak ko, parang wala na akong ginawang tama! Gagawin ko naman yun eh pagkatapos ko siya palitan. hahaha! So parents, Teach By Example!

Ayan si Wes, buyoy pero matatas, alam niyo yun?   He expresses himself in sentences.  He's so witty and he thinks about what he wants to say, only at 2 years old, turning 3 soon!

So there loves, I just want to document these funny and honest conversations.  Our children grow up too fast really noh?  Let me end this post with this video of him Laughing Out Loud:  Enjoy!

Happy Weekend to ALL! <3

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