Childbirth Preparation Class by Joy Domiguez-Yap

Hello MOMs, expecting or not or expecting to be expecting soon, I have an announcement to make!  A very close friend of mine from college, J...

Hello MOMs, expecting or not or expecting to be expecting soon, I have an announcement to make!  A very close friend of mine from college, Joy Dominguez-Yap, has recently found her bliss which is to teach moms about natural birth and also basics of breastfeeding.

Joy happens to be Wes' ninang.  I have a lot to thank her for actually.  If not for her, I had already given up on breastfeeding.  Yes muthers, I breastfed my toddler for eight months, although I wish I could have done it longer.  I was desperate to get my days-old baby to latch on my breasts because I didn't have support that time, I didn't know how as in I was clueless.  I called her to come over our house and demonstrate how to.  She came with her 1 year old son and showed me how.  Since then, I had one of the most wonderful experiences of being a mother, which was to breastfeed my son.

Going back to the announcement, my friend Joy is now teaching Childbirth Preparation.  I would like to help her by letting all of you know about this.  So if you are pregnant now and would opt for natural birth, this class will truly benefit you as well as your partner, because you will be going together!  Here are more details:

What is Childbirth Preparation Class?

A class given to expectant parents who are between 24 to 31 weeks pregnant.  This class tackles different topics regarding pregnancy, role of birth partner, breathing &relaxation techniques, timing contractions, labor, delivery, different medical interventions, postpartum & newborn care and breastfeeding.

Benefits of attending a Childbirth Preparation Class:
  1. Couples attending the childbirth class reduced their fears and anxieties when they learned what to expect during this stage. They are more confident to make informed decisions if anything happens.
  2. You will meet other couples and get to share your anxieties, fears and experiences.
  3. You will get to do hands-on practice during class and be facilitated by your teacher.
  4. Fathers or partners will be more involved with the pregnancy and parenting.
  5. Strengthen the bond between couples.

Class schedule
It is a 5 consecutive Saturdays, September 28 to October 26 from 8am to 12noon.

The class venue will depend on the number of couples enrolled.  Class are usually held in Quezon City and Fort Bonifacio.

Joy Dominguez-Yap is a mother to two kids, one of which was born via Lamaze.  She is mentored by Nanay Mercy Fabros, one of the founders of PACE (Philippine Association of Childbirth Education). She is currently a volunteer teacher of natural birth and breastfeeding in Nazareth Home.

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