Stress! How To Deal With It?

Hello mga loves!  As a working mom , we tend to be so OC at times and make sure that everything turns out well at home and at work, day in a...

Hello mga loves!  As a working mom, we tend to be so OC at times and make sure that everything turns out well at home and at work, day in and day out right?  We also do so many things everyday and most of the time we multi-task!  We do the roles of being a Mom and a Wife in the morning.  Throughout the day we are a Career Woman and a Raketera too.  When we go home, we are a Mom, a wife at night doing tumblings and circus (hehehe!), and then a mom again to a toddler who wakes you up 3 to 4 times for milk (every night yan ha!)  STRESS diba?

That's why, ganito minsan and itsura natin:

How To Deal With Stress
 But most of the time, ganito talaga ang itsura natin:
How To Deal With Stress

Hahaha!  Kakaloka noh?  Oh well, seriously now, to help ease the stress, we breath in and out deeply to clear the our thoughts and clear the air.

We all know that sometimes unfortunate things happen beyond our controls.  What do you do?  How do you cope with it?  How do you react to it?

Here's a QUICK and EFFECTIVE tip how to REDUCE STRESS:
How To Deal With Stress
JOKE LANG.. baka gawin niyo. :)

On a personal note, most of my STRESS really comes from the workplace.  There are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and deadlines to meet, there are clients to serve, there are bosses and colleagues to deal with, there are suppliers to follow up deliverables from and tons of challenges to overcome everyday.  STRESS ulit diba?  So how do I keep myself sane, ZEN and stress-free?

Here's what I do:
How To Deal With Stress
Hahaha!  Comic relief!  Well, seriously, I think I can deal with stress quite smartly I'll tell you about it after sharing this wonderful infographic why Women are STRESSED OUT.
How To Deal With Stress
How I deal with STRESS:
  1. Pray - I start my day by praying for a good day ahead.  Talking to God gives me inner peace.  I thank him for giving me another day and and to keep me and my loved ones safe.  
  2. Kissing and Hugging - I looooove kissing and hugging my kids (lalo na hubby) so much!  Hugging gives me an instant pump and positive energies.   Great way to jumpstart my day!
  3. Look Good - No matter how busy I could be, I try my best to look good everyday!  Syempre, kailangan maligo muna diba, then put on simple make-up and dress presentably.  More than looking good for others, I make an effort to look good for myself.  Looking good instantly boosts your self-confidence.  When you have self-confidence, you produce positive energies and kills the stress cells in our bodies!  But siyempre alam nating hindi tayo si Anne Curtis so, wag naman masyadong hambog na gandang ganda tayo sa sarili natin.  Baka magkaron pa tayo ng kaaway niyan.. lalong Stress Drillon ang labas. :)
  4. Me-Time - If you're in the middle of a super duper stressful day, I recommend that you stand up from where you're seated.  Go out for a few minutes, look at beautiful things (window shopping at tyangges work for me)  On days when I have longer Me-Time time, I go to a salon for a manicure-pedicure or go to SPA with hubby for a mean massage!  Basta do something you love to eliminate stress from your body and whole being! :)
  5. Ice Cream - Instant stress-buster for me is eating Ice cream or anything sweet like chocolate.  Yup, I do stress eat sometimes.  Makes me feel goood!
  6. Move - They say when you go up or down the stairs, walk, run, or get into any physical activity at least once a week, you actually release hormones which are responsible for plenty of happy feelings.  We release Endorphines (makes you happy and block feelings of pain), Dopamine (pleasure chemicals responsible for orgasam - we like!) and Serotonin (more energy and clearer thinking) when we move or exercise.
  7. Proper Time Management - If you are like me, a full-time Kuracha, then having propoer time management helps a lot so we won't be stressed with the different roles we play or hats we wear throughout the day.  It helps if you record your important schedules on your phone's calendar or a notebook to keep track of events in your life.  This way, you'll have time to prepare for it and not stress yourself panicking or doing last-minute errands.
  8. Laugh or Smile Often - As I've said in one of my Facebook posts, a SMILE is a priceless accessory which a woman could wear anytime to make herself beautiful!  So smile often because it's also contagious.  Wag ka na sumimangot because bukod sa nakakapangit, nakakatanda rin!  Ayaw natin yun!  In laughing, please, LAUGH with a friend ha, mahirap if you're Laughing by yourself.  Alam na kung anong iisipin ng ibang tao.
  9. Let Go or Forgive - This means a lot of things.  In short, wag ka nang bitter!  hehehe!  Joke, but I just simply mean, if you're feeling ill about your boss or a colleague, let go of that nega feeling and move on.  If you've been hurt before or nag-away kayo ni hubby, let go of your pride, forgive, kiss then make out.. ay make up pala! :)  Nakakawala ng stress and negative vibes yan!
  10. Play - FAVORITE ko to!  When you go home to your family, leave your work at the work place and let your home be a play ground.  Super fun to play and laugh with the kids!  Tickle here and there, role playing, watching movie at home and be a kid all over again.  PLAY also applies with your hubby!  Yun another topic yun! :)
So there you have it loves!  Halata ba ngayong, I'm dealing with my stress too?  Hahaha!  Hope you could relate too!  Have a great day loves! :)


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  1. very nice post :) I do all those suggested expect 3 4 5. I'm travelling from Cavite to Pasay, so even though I try to look good pagalis ng bahay, mukha pa din akong bruha dahil sa kadaming commute. And I rarely have me-time :( i feel guilty pag may time ako and i dont spend it with my neo :(... for ice-cream naman, pwde bang ibang sweets? not an ice cream lover e, pero cake, lumalamon ako :D hahaha

  2. Sis, natawa ako sa mukhang bruha...kung maka-bruha ka naman.. hehehe! :P Of course kahit anong sweets.. GO! :D Thanks for stopping by! I just had a red velvet cake given by my friend. Stressed eh! hehehe!

  3. You hit it on the spot!!!

  4. Natawa naman ako sa stress reduction kit. I thought it was something serious, but when I read it for the second time, dun ko naintindihan. LOL! I'm pretty sure maraming stay-at-home moms ang to-the-highest-level din ang stress. Ako, sobrang stressed-out ako sa 16-month old son ko. Kinakarir ang pagtulog ng 1 am. :(

  5. If may Ghost buster,,, sana may Stress buster rin .. Stress is really nakakapangit.. hate it tooo.. Soo Just
    on smiling,keep shining ^_^


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