No-Cost Pamper Day for Mommy

Hello Mommies!  Do ever felt so happy and yet tired at the same time when you're just at home with the family?  I think it's normal...

Hello Mommies!  Do ever felt so happy and yet tired at the same time when you're just at home with the family?  I think it's normal to feel that way naman right?  While I am enjoying my time with the kids during the four days off work due to the typhoon, I also get so lovingly harassed and physically challenged.  Hence, I sneak out for at least an hour to do a quick-fix ME-Time-Pamper-Time at NO cost!  Want to know my not-so-secret regimen?  Here goes:

Warm Bath
If I couldn't go to a spa for a steam bath or a sauna to release stress, I can always have a warm bath at home!  I could do it even everyday!  Warm bath helps in easing muscle soreness and other body pains.  For me it's therapeutic because I could breath in and out better and clearer.  I love warm baths!
ME-Time Ideas for Moms
Warm Bath is therapeutic and relieves sore muscles
Condition Hair and Have a Fragrant Body Scrub
Being clean all over is unquestionably one step to feeling instantly better.  Deep condition your hair to make your crowning glory oh-so-soft and manageable.  I use Head & Shoulders for shampoo because hiyang na hair ko dun and it definitely gets rid of dandruff plus the apple-fresh-scent smells really fresh!  Other shampoos build up on my hair and give me dandruff, do you experience that too kapag hindi hiyang sa shampoo?  I condition my hair everyday with Creamsilk.  I used another brand before but I came back to this.

For body scrub, I use Camay Romantique Rose scent.  The scent gives me an instant womanly feeling, alam mo yung feeling mong babaeng babae ka na Ms. Universe ang dating?  For me ha, that's the feeling I get whenever I use this.  Fortunately I am not allergic to any products.
ME-Time Ideas for Moms
Conditioning Hair and Scrubbing Your Body give you instant happiness
Facial Cleansing and Toning
For my face, because I have a  Normal-Oily/combination skin type, I use all natural Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash.  My facial skin feels so clean yet not rubbed off its natural moisture.  It leaves it soft.  It's important to choose the right facial wash for you because after-all, fez pa rin ang unang hinaharap natin sa mga tao when we meet and talk to them right?

After cleansing, I tone my face using Human Nature's Balancing Facial Toner.  Toning is an important part of facial care because it closes your pores and readies it for moisturizing and make-up.
ME-Time Ideas for Moms
Human Nature's Balancing Facial Wash doesn't strip off natural moisture
Moisturize All-Over
After bathing and cleansing the face, to keep skin soft from head to toe, I moisturize.  Hindi ko tinitipid ang moisturizing part, especially that my skin is not as supple or young-looking as when I was a teen.

For the face, I use non-greasy Myra Daily Protect Facial Moisturizer, it has SPF 15 already.

For the body, first I put on Dove's Ultimate White deodorant to keep me odor-free and it's not harmful to the underarm skin, plus it helps lighten it as well.  I also use Human Nature's 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil on some parts that need this miracle bottle.  It has a lot of benefits muthers!  Believe me it works, it lightens dark areas of the body like your eye bags, knees, elbows, ankles and can also be used as hair serum.

To moisturize my hand and whole body, my current favorite is Moringa-O2 Malunggay Herbal Mositurizing Lotion.  It's not at all greasy, it's great for dry skin, and my most favorite about it is that it smells REALLY GOOD!  I love the green tea scent, and this lotion is just all about that!  It smells even better than other known brands I've tried.
ME-Time Ideas for Moms
Moisturizing leaves your skin soft and smooth
Lift Your Legs
We often abuse our feet and did you know that just by lifting it at a comfortable angle does the trick in relaxing it?  According to, "Raising your legs will allow the blood to return back to heart and avoid stagnation in the legs."  Few minutes is what you need to keep your legs up and relieve the pain or heaviness your feet feels when they are tired.
ME-Time Ideas for Moms
Lifting legs improves blood circulation and relaxes tired feet and legs
Spend Time Doing What You Love or What Entertains You
When I talk about something I love doing, one of the first things that come top of mind is blogging.  If I can't write one whole post, at least I check on my old posts and see if there are things I could edit or improve on it.  I also think of topics that I believe will be worth sharing so I could inspire others.  Doing something I love which I know helps other people gives me a feeling of fulfillment and happiness, promise!  :)
ME-Time Ideas for Moms
This is one thing I love to do: Blogging
Speaking of something that entertains me, it could be Candy Crush for some but for me, I currently am loving Playsoft's Hotel Dash.  I feel like I could relate to Flo, the multi-tasker hotel concierge.  It started with Diner Dash then this game app.  It's on my mobile phone, so whenever I feel like escaping for a little while and challenge myself, I play this for about 5 -10 minutes, then I'm okay.

ME-Time Ideas for Moms
Currently hooked on Hotel Dash Game App
So there you have it, my simple and practical Me-Time Pamper Day.  At times when we feel like screaming for the chaos at home, these doable and no-cost steps would help a lot! :)

How about you loves?  How do you simply spent your 1-hour Me-Time? :)

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  1. Pearliza Concepcion-Nuval PaguAugust 21, 2013 at 7:35 PM

    Being a full time mommy of 2 kahit pagligo ng more than 5 minutes is a luxury haha i swear lage nagmamadali, so pag day off lang ni jaear ako may pamper day pero i make sure wla rin masyadong house chores kase day off din nya e laundry day lol

  2. hi louise... sarap magpamper ng sarili pagnasa bahay lang and super cold ang weather no? ako naman, i sleep for hours, when I wake up, bukod sa masakit na likod, masakit din ulo ko sa sobrang tulog... but sarap sarap ng feeling... hahaha :)

  3. Haaay! True sis Nerisa! Maligo lang, pamper to the max na sa ating mga mommies diba? :) OO tulog nga pala.. masarap talaga yan! :)

  4. That's so true Pearl! :) I love looong warm baths, breath in breath out pa ako niyan! :)


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