Rainy Weekend Food Story and Some

Hi there loves!  I can't sleep actually for two main reasons: 1) It's still raining and I'm quite worried ; 2) may mobile or dis...

Hi there loves!  I can't sleep actually for two main reasons: 1) It's still raining and I'm quite worried ; 2) may mobile or disco na nagaganap sa kapitbahay namin who is still very much into the Fiesta mood.   Oh yes, Fiesta sa amin loves but seems not like it because of the "bed" weather.

Because it was raining heaps all day this weekend,  we decided to stay home for two days.   It's quite unusual that we didn't go out as a family at least a day in the weekend. I missed the Babypalooza Bazaar as well as the Mommy Mundo Clearance Sale, how unlucky talaga.   Last Saturday though, hubby and I had "work" as performers at Luxent Hotel in Quezon City.

Here was my  gig #OOTD pala muna :

Gig #OOTD Blue dress from Uni-Top Mall (Divi-price)
Mandatoy #Selfie during the set! hahaha!
My good looking bandmates, Uriel (guitarist/vocals) and Macky (si hubby ang percussionist)

Anyway, earlier that rainy Saturday, since we all stayed home instead na maki-fiesta sa labas, hubby cooked lunch for us.  We experimented on the Cream Dory and the mixed veggies in the ref and eto ang kinalabasan:


Steamed Cream Dory with Oyster Sauce topped with fried garlic
Eh since nga walang masyadong magawa because it was raining the whole day, of course, masarap kumain!  So, for merienda our guilty pleasures were answered.  Lucky Me Pancit Canton na ito and of course I cooked some Maya Pancakes with Eden Cheese too.  We used Clara Ole Maple Pancake Syrup.
Full merienda in the house!
Each Saturday gig, I have to start preparing myself (the hair and getting dressed) by 5pm, so meaning by 4pm dapat naka-ligo na ako and all.  That's also the reason why I couldn't attend too many blogging events nor workshops by Martine de Luna scheduled on a Saturday because of our gig prep sched.

Since I've been eating almost all day last Saturday, at Luxent Hotel, although it's international dinner buffet, I chose to eat lighter than usual.  I had green salad with roll, carrot and potato soup, herbed chicken and pineapple juice to go along with all those.

Fresh green salad with balsamic vinegar and dinner roll
There's Lechon or roast pig every weekend at Luxent Hotel's dinner buffet.  For the last 3 to 4 months, I've been eating this every weekened and it's the  main culprit why my visceral fats increased to an above normal level.  Which is not good, so I'm proud to say that I was able to resist this (with all my might) even if it was calling my name!!!
Crispy lechon, calling my name, I just ignored it, with tears in my eyes. lol
We have a total of three sets during gigs.  In between those sets, we get to have two drinks each and some pika-pikas.  Here's what I had:
Pesto Chicken Kebab

Ebi Tempura
Brewed Coffee by illy and a piece of yummy choco cookie
Grabe, imagine niyo how much calories I took in diba?  Iwas nga ako sa lechon, bumawi naman sa iba!  How will I ever lose weight?  Discipline talaga is what one needs.  How?  How?  I have Saturday night dates with the Lechon!  

I think I forgot to tell you that the new yaya, after 2 weeks with us, suddenly asked if she could go home to their province to fix some land problems.  Wow, buti pa siya may lupa nang nabili!  So of course I allowed her, so again I'm yayaless for the past week.  Mahirap na masaya alam mo yun.

Because of that, no choice but to do the laundry myself (well yung mga for handwash lang, the rest di kaya ng powers ko, that's why I called the neighborhood Laundry Services to the rescue!)  But even if I washed few pieces only, mostly uniforms of my boys (including hubby's), undies and my delicate pang-alis clothes, for me it was a full-load.  

So came the afternoon, I saw manong pushing a kariton with loads of kakanin!

Ang dami ko atang nabili, so here's what I think I deserved to eat for being a super-tanging-ina that Sunday:

Palitaw with Sugar and Sesame seeds
Suman and Kutsinta
So siyempre, to redeem myself that day for being so tired and all, sa tingin ko okay lang naman mag-Selfie drama diba?  So here's the un-glamorous me right after finishing the laundry.
The different Pagoda Lotion expressions of myself.  Pagbigyan niyo na ako. :)
So there went our rainy weekend.  Di kami mahilig kumain, lalo na ako!  Kayo?  How was your weekend?  Sarap Kumain noh?

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