IMMAP Summit 2013 Takeaways, For Brands and Bloggers Too!

Good morning loves!  First of all, I wish you, yes you who's reading this, a very happy day today!  Please do wish me the same.  The wor...

Good morning loves!  First of all, I wish you, yes you who's reading this, a very happy day today!  Please do wish me the same.  The workplace is always a jungle or a war zone for me and the times that I get some breather is when I attend workshops, events or training.  I love attending those mentioned because I absorb new learning about the field that I'm into which can be relatable to my blogging.

Last week, I attended the 7th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit 2013 (IMMAP) "Digital Drive" at the Powerplant Mall.  It was my second time to attend it and I've learned heaps from the speakers whose expertise are in digital marketing, SEO, TV, telecommunications and advertising.  Numerous cases and sample executions of successful campaigns were also exhibited by some speakers.

If you are a blogger, a social media specialist or a community manager, this post is for you.  I will be sharing my IMMAP Summit 2013 takeaways which are all insightful and compelling thughts.

My IMMAP Summit 2013 Takeaways 

"Media is a component of business" - Ruth Stubbs

"By understanding Search we could somehow understand what consumers want" Ruth Stubbs

"it's really Data driven for brands". - Ruth Stubbs

"It's important we link our content with sharing facility" - Nick Fawbert

"If we fail to engage our innovation, we fail our client." - Nick Fawbert 

"Modern Customer Experience: Inspire. Inform. Engage. Interact. Transact. Empower." - Fawbert 

"To Create Awareness, Inspire. To Create Interest, Inform. To Break The Ice, Engage.Interact.Transact.Empower." -  Nick Fawbert

"Campaign planning is about managing the customer experience." - Nick Fawbert

"Google is indexing YOU, YOU and YOU. For Brands, it's a dream come true." - Dan Petrovic talking to consumers like us

"Search Engines want a richer experience and more interesting content." - Dan Petrovic

Bloggers, hear this: "Google is penalizing Link schemes, Link Building and next  Guest Blogging. So, start cleaning up." - Dan Petrovic

"Big or Small you gotta be in the Organic Search. SEM still works!" - Dan Petrovic

"It's not about the number of likes, but what the business objective is." - Thomas Crampton talking about Facebook pages for brands

Measure reach of Social Media: Reach Preference and Action - Awareness. Evaluate. Engagement. Conversion. Loyalty. - Thomas Crampton

"Focus on Business Impact. Communications measures are impt, but business is primary." - Thomas Crampton 

"Get an Influencer, such as a known BLOGGER to talk about your brand in Social Media." (ehem)- Thomas Crampton

"Always find a way to measure your Social campaign to justify your efforts." - Crampton

Leverage Multiple Touchpoints, combine online, offline and mobile ads. - Crampton

KPI: Engangement is better than Fan Growth. - Crampton

Analyze negative comments on your Social Media. Don't delete nor hide, they're going to come back. Answer and service them. - Crampton

"Only compelling content will satisfy the unchanging human instict." - Eugenio "Gabby" Lopez III

"14% of video content posted are viewed on Facebook." - Joe Nguyen

"Being seen matters more than being clicked." - Jon Nguyen talking about banner ads on websites for brands

"Mobile is not a replacement, it's complementary to other media" - Leah Besa-Jimenez

"Life is Mobile. Mobile is engagement everywhere, anywhere and anytime." - Leah Besa-Jimenez on Mobile Marketing for brands

"Embrace mobile into your marketing strategy." - Leah Besa-Jimenez

"Ability to measure is not present in any other medium but digital" - Leah Besa-Jimenez 

"In SEA, we spend 34% of our time online. Globally it's only 29%" - Rob Vasler

"Only small percentage actually clicks on an ad. They just want the content." - Vasler

"TV (advertisements for brands) never aspired to be measured." -  Vasler

"Have you seen this ad? Seen not seen, brands still pay.There are no guaranteed eyeballs. Measure the Opportunity To See." - Vasler

"SALES come from sustained longer effort, not from short termed and immediate campaigns."-Vasler on Brand Impact. 

How do you measure a campaign's Brand Impact? Through: 1) Media Exposures. 2) Brand Perceptions.-Vasler

"Valuing what you measure, rather than measuring what you value." -  Rob Valsler

"Social engagement has an enormous impact on loyalty." -Will Adeney, OgilvyOne

"Fans are not enough." - Dr. Donald Patrick Lim

"Every social media metric should tie to a business metric which should map to a business goal." - Lim

"Let us not push digital marketing to straight sales." - Lim

"4 levels of Engagement: Involvement. Interaction. Intimacy. Influence." - Lim

"Online HAVE to integrate with Offline." - Lim

"The start you look at so many jargons, that's when digital fails. Talk in simple terms. - Lim

"Social Media is Indicative, not Predictive." - Lim

"You can have Brand quick wins if you integrate Online with Offline. Make sure you focus on Experience first than Sales." -Lim 

"Mass Media and Digital each has its own role." - Lim 

"Brands still need Mass Media for awareness and tie it up with Digital" - Lim 

"Content needs to provoke emotional response." - Budgette Tan 

"If you (Brand) talk to people/followers like your friend they will interact more." - Budjette Tan

So there my friends, hope you pick up a thing or two which you could actually apply to your business, mommy businesses, brands, and blogs as well.  Have a great day! :)

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