Hello Monday and My Weekend Hangover

It's Monday once again and just as any working moms would feel about it, I'm still having a weekend hangover.  Not that I don't...

It's Monday once again and just as any working moms would feel about it, I'm still having a weekend hangover.  Not that I don't want to go to work, but I just don't want the whole bonding with kids to put to a temporary halt until the next weekend which is five days from now (wow!  bilang na bilang ko no?)

Anyways, kwento ko lang last Saturday, we went to Shopwise in Cubao and just to let you know, there's an indoor playground there, PlayWise.  I'm fond of bringing my kids to a play area such as this, because they get to socialize with other kids and I get to observe how they also interact with other children.  Here are my kids having fun at PlayWise:

One of the favorite things he does, sliding into the ball pit.
Wes and his own playing world
PlaySafe is located inside Shopwise Cubao
Here's my almost binata Dandre and I am actually happy that he still enjoys playing here and doesn't get bored going under the hoops and go through mazes and even slide towards the ball pit.  I love it that even when he's almost as big as I am, he's so much still a baby (at heart.)

He's turning 10 by the way TOMORROW!!! So I'm kind of pressured at how else I could surprise him for his birthday tomorrow.  :)

My almost binata ready to dive in the ball pit
My Dandre still having fun with giant balls
On Saturday nights, as most of you would know, I perform with my band at Luxent Hotel for their Acoustic Live Entertainment! :)  After our gig, I went to Centerstage KTV to meet up with one of my dearest friends Radee.  He came from Canada and it's been 6 long years since I last saw him.  Walang pinag-bago, ampogi pa rin!  Si Mac, ang aking hubby, ang kumuha ng shot na yan ha! :)  It's so nice to always see friends kahit once in a blue moon, the connection is just there.  It never went away!  Even if we're continents apart, ganun pa rin!  We used to sing duets in ktv bars before and we still did some songs together!  Just like old times.  I'm so happy to see him.  :)
Me and my good-looking friend Radee who now resides in Canada, 6 years since we last saw each other
Sunday was mass with the family and a little time for malling.  Then off to the inlaws' house to celebrate Grandparents' Day over dinner and drinks. :)

Major hang-over itey mga muthers!  Oh by the way, I have an on-going Mommy Practicality Make-Over Project Drawing and Coloring Facebook Contest ha!  Sorry na sa haba ng title!  If you have an artistic child, he/she is very welcome to participate! :)   Go to my Facebook Page to submit your entries loves!  My previous blog post also details the mechanics!

So how was your weekend?  May hangover ka rin ba?

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  1. wow! advance happy birthday to Dandre. malapit ng magbinata... sis, be prepared na for introductions of girlfriends :P

  2. NOOOOOO Nerisa!! AYAW period! hahahaha! Thanks! He will forever be my bebe! :P hahaha! But thanks for the advance greeting! :)


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