Mademoiselles Day Out

I AM RICH! Yes, I tell that to myself whenever I know that I've kept true friends through the years. These are the people that have k...

I AM RICH! Yes, I tell that to myself whenever I know that I've kept true friends through the years. These are the people that have known me when I was at my innocent phase, was with me during experimental stage, stood by me during my "dark ages," guided me during my "wild" days, soared with me during my career highs, and witnessed my zigzag transformation from being single to being married then back to being single again. Then when a miracle happened in my life, being a mother, they were there to share my unexplainable and overwhelming joy. I'm rich. I'm rich.

But now, I AM RICHER! No I don't have a booming business. No, I don't have an unbelievably high paying job. And no, I didn't win any lotto. I am now richer because other than having found a second chance in life and love and with it is having a beautiful family, I have met yet another set of beautiful souls: Martine and Denise.

Meeting Martine

When I started this humble blog last year, my honest purpose was to inspire and help moms. I looked up to this particular person whom I felt I connected with in terms of her purpose of helping, encouraging and reaching out to women/moms to create their own blissful lives. She's Martine of Dainty Mom. I met her online and attended three of her workshops. From these meet ups I saw a sincere, real and beautiful individual. I said to myself, we're alike in some ways, would be really great to have a friend like her.

Meeting Denise
In one of the blog events Martine and I both attended, there was this bubbly and funny bekinese-speaking mom blogger that I met. We had a short chat that time but I'd like to think we clicked at an instant. I got to know her better online through comment exchanges and also through pm-ing.  We then saw again each other in another event and the chikahan went longer.  I didn't feel any awkwardness towards her as I also freely shared my life story with her without any hesitation.  She's Denise of Bebengisms and she's responsible for pushing this  much needed Mademoiselles Day Out.

Mademoiselles Day Out
As fate would have it, October 5th happened when we met up for brunch and desserts. It was almost a half day of no holds barred sharing of anything and everything that concerns us as women, as moms, as wives, and as bloggers. There was definitely a synergy of mommy souls from different walks of life. Martine is a WAHM, Denise is a SAHM and I'm a working mom. Put them altogether, what do you get? RIOT. A beautiful riot which hopefully would blossom to deeper friendships.

Let me share some snapshots of that fateful day:
Myself, Denise and Martine having desserts already at Bizu.
Carbo loading for brunch: Pasta and Pizza quick-fix at CIBO. 
My favorite Le Cirque Mango Crepe with Nutella and Vanilla Ice Cream
Strawberry shortcake and macarons go well with brewed coffee and a good book Martine is currently reading.
Macaron = LOVE
Mademoiselles Martine, Denise and Louise (photo taken by Martine's ex-boyfriend, now husband, Ton)
What happened or talked about on that table, will stay there and will remain sacred to us three.  We could actually create a whole telenovela out out what we shared with each other.  There was comedy, drama, romance (which sometimes led to rated-R,) and also suspense.  All I can say is, it was so much fun and definitely worth repeating.

Why Mademoiselles you may ask?  The three of us carry French names and that's one of the things we have in common.  That's actually how this all started, our NAMES.  Names which came with different and special personalities.  Personalities which were complementing to each other's that when you put together create a harmony, like a song.  A song entitled, New Friendship.  And that's what I definitely found with these two special ladies.

Thank you Martine and Denise for welcoming me to your hearts!  Cheers to more brunches, coffee and dessert dates, and to endless chika about life, love and dreams!  Glad to have met you in this phase of my life when I could say, I am definitely GETTING RICHER because I gained new soul sisters in you. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
How about you love?  Have you found a reason to say you're RICH?  

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  1. Hi Louise,
    I had a great time reading your blog today, as always..hehe! I've been following your blogs and FB posts and really find inspirations from one of them. Anyways, cheers to your friendship with Miss Martine and Miss Denise, more power to you guys. I just remember the quote " birds with same feathers flock together.." that's you guys, same interest, same life style with same passion. You do inspire ladies and moms like me..:) Godbless you always..

  2. Bebengisms | Denise RayalaOctober 10, 2013 at 12:44 PM

    Awww, Louise! Ka-touch naman. Pero yes, we're so random nga. Pati Rated R stuff! Hihi. But that's what I love about our day out, no walls or whatsoever. I hope there's next time. Hugs, madame! :)

    Btw, bait ng ex ni Martine for taking our photos. :)

  3. It sure is fun to have a girl's day out! I think I am rich because I get to be there for my children and that my hubby could support me. :-)

  4. Dearest @Aprilrose Calinog thank you very much for following my posts and I am very blessed to know that one way or another I am able to inspire you! Thanks for your support dear! Hope to meet you in person too! :) Take care always!

  5. Hello @Bebengisms | Denise Rayala aaww.. miss na tuloy kita! I'm happy natats ka! :) Yup bait nga ng ex ni Martine! :) hehehe!

  6. Yes my dear @Cymbelly Marzan with that, you truly are rich! Have a happy weekend dear! :)

  7. Hay! Kung wala lang previous commitments sana naki-join na talaga ako. Nakakatawa husband ko eh, pinu-push ako sumama. Nakakagood vibes daw kasi kayo. Pati siya naaambunan. :))


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