First Love, First Date

"Mommy, lately we don't go out on a date na po. Can we go out mom?" My son Dandré asked me out last week. I stopped fixin...

"Mommy, lately we don't go out on a date na po. Can we go out mom?"

My son Dandré asked me out last week. I stopped fixing my face and looked at him with little guilt and said that I actually had something planned for us that Saturday.
My handsome date last Saturday.
Wait, you may ask, he knows what a "date" already is? Yes he does, but of course not the romantic concept of it. I explained to him that a date is when two, sometimes more, people go out to spend quality time with each other to dine, to have fun, to relax, and to do enjoyable activities. It's important to make the "date" happy and memorable. Spending time with someone means you care. It shows how important he/she is to you. That's how he understands it for now.

My son asked me for a date, that's how I'd like to think of it when he posed his question. So last Saturday I took him with me to a bloggers' residential tour. It's work and pleasure for me. For him, it's all pleasure. Why? Strangely because he has an appreciation for interior design. He likes the smell of new furniture and rooms. He likes clean but decorated spaces. He also appreciates the outdoors like big swimming pools and landscapes. He definitely loves a nice ambiance. He had so much fun! His eyes were fully fed with nice sights. He was truly happy! It was an awesome date indeed!
Dandre lounging by the pool.  He wanted to swim that afternoon but wasn't able to bring a swimwear!

When we got home he hugged me tightly, kissed me all over my face and said, "Thank you Mommy! I had so much fun in our date! I love you po so much!"

Dandré is already 10 years old and three years from now he will be a teenager already. I can never ever prepare myself for that stage. All I know for now is that he still longs to be with me. He still wants to hang out with me. He still wants me around.

I hear some horror stories from other moms who are requested by their sons not to kiss them in public and not to constantly call to check on them. Their boys who are same age as my son don't go to parties with them anymore but rather spend time with their friends. Honestly, I think if that happens to me, I will break down and be depressed a little. But I know that I should let go and accept that he will grow up and would like to be more independent.

So while my little man still wants me around, asks me for plenty of kisses every time I go home, still sleeps with us in our room, goes back to bed in the morning in his well-pressed uniform just to cuddle, believes in Tooth Fairies and Santa Claus, hugs me tightly and gets angry when I don't, writes me spontaneous love notes and asks me for a date, I will just let him, not stop him nor tell him he's too big or too old to do that. While we still spend uninterrupted time together I'll make sure it will always be his happiest each time!
Spontaneous LOVE note from my Dandre.
For a phase in his life will come when he will spend lesser time with me. He will go out more with friends. He will write someone else a letter or ask someone else out. He will, not soon, but he will.

When that comes I will let go little by little. But I know he will forever remember and never forget that I am his first love, his first kiss and his first date.

~ Do you have a son/s?  Are you in a stage where he/they start to spend lesser time with you?  How did you feel? ~

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