Our Band Performance at Moomba Bar, QC

Each musician has his dream venues where he'd like to perform.  Top of mind would be Smart Araneta Coliseum.  Personally, it would be a ...

Each musician has his dream venues where he'd like to perform.  Top of mind would be Smart Araneta Coliseum.  Personally, it would be a fantasy (level up sa dream!) come true if I speak these words "Good Evening Araneta," in front of a huge crazy crowd before a concert starts!   But after some slaps on the face and pinches on my kili-kili, realistically speaking, I know that's far from happening.  Hence I stick to dreaming of performing in some popular and well-established bars in the metro, such as Moomba Bar in Mother Ignacia St., QC.

This dream came true last weekend when I stepped foot on Moomba, not as a customer, but as a performer!  Mababaw for some I know, but what the hell.  Hehehe!  I love this place and I love the crowd going there.  Plus, some of the bands performing there at night are popular groups you hear on radio or even see on TV.  So in my fantasy world, feeling levelz ko sila.

We weren't hired as a regular performer in Moomba but as a special performer in a private party held there.  For me that's already an awesome experience.  As agreed with the organizer, we're only supposed to play three sets, but we were given an enormous amount of love that we were requested to perform an extra set!

In my mind I heard myself asking the crowd, "You want MORE???!"  But I didn't say that, na-shy ako.  So we did extend for another 45 minutes or 10 more songs for our energized and ecstatic audience.  I loved every minute spent singing for them.  I didn't mind singing my heart out with already aching feet and legs due to dancing in four-inch high heels.  It's nothing compared to the fulfillment I felt making those people happy that night.

Whew!  All I can say is, we had a blast!  It truly fattens my heart with the abundance of joy seeing happy faces and receiving humbling praises.  I totally love singing!  Thank God lumabas ako ng bahay nung nagpasabog ng talents si Lord!  Nakasalo ako ng ilan!  For that, I'm humbled.

Here's my #OOTD pala that night! :)

The Inception
Let me give you a little background about our band.  Macky and I started in 2006 as an acoustic duo called Euphony Band.  Euphony is a noun which means, "the quality of being pleasing to the ear."  Back then, we were very good friends, until it blossomed into a beautiful relationship the year after that.  Cliche as it may sound but I guess, we made good music together.  In 2008, our guitarist Uriel, joined us, to complete an acoustic trio.  Since then, we've performed actively in bars, hotels, private parties and corporate events.   (Should you be interested to know more about our band, you make view our band profile on our Facebook page over here.)

My Thoughts On Developing and Monetizing Your Talents
Singing is an extra-curricular semi-professional activity I love doing.  Music is what bonds me and Macky and it's something we both do to express our passion for the craft.  Earning from it becomes secondary, just like how blogging is to me.  It starts with the passion and a purpose to inspire and affect others positively.  Once these two are recognized by people who follow you or listen to you, then brands or clients start to trust and work with you.  That's where the monetizing part comes in.

I've always believed that if you have a talent or a skill, you shouldn't be shy about it.  You should be proud because it's a blessing.  You should know that you were given that gift to be able to share it and give joy yo others and do something good about it.  Plus, it's also a way of giving back to our Creator.  Using your talents to give joy to others make you praise our Creator.  So if you have it, flaunt it is what they say.  Use it for your good and the good of others!  You'll be blessed a hundredfold if you do!  Go, SHARE! :)

P.S.  Shameless plugging - should you have a private party or corporate event in need of a live entertainment, contact me immediately!  Let's discuss how we can help you make your event more fun!  =) 

~ Do you have a special skill or a talent?  How do you share or use it for good? ~

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  1. Wow, I'd love to see you perform one day! :) I love performing, too, sis... pero shy ako! =))

  2. Awesome gig. You sure look like you had a lot of fun.

  3. Wow.. so great.I wish to watch you in a gig one day..


  4. Hi miss. Pag nagpareserve ba ng table my additional charge pa? Thanks a lot!

  5. none. you just have to call them to reserve. :) Thanks Rissa! :)

  6. I'll let you know sis @Meikah Ybañez-Delid when we're going to have one next time! :)

  7. Bsed on your experience just wondering if you would suggest to someone that they should have their wedding reception there? Thanks!

  8. Hi :) I like your post of the Vikings. I discovered about it on http://www.webbline.com/vikings-review-a-luxury-buffet-that-is-worth-every-cent/ and now it is my favorite place to hang out :D


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