A Different Christmas

Christmas day had passed.  Truthfully, I was super stressed the past few weeks before Christmas.  Two weekends before Christmas week, I had ...

Christmas day had passed.  Truthfully, I was super stressed the past few weeks before Christmas.  Two weekends before Christmas week, I had flu.  (It was that weekend I scheduled gifts shopping for family and friends to avoid the rush, but I couldn't move a muscle, so I just rested two days at home to prepare myself for a flight come Monday.)  Several days before Christmas, I brought Dandre to St. Luke's Emergency Room for fear of having Dengue fever (thankfully it wasn't, it was a viral fever.)  

The last weekend before Christmas, was hubby's family reunion.  I had to rush shopping for gifts and wrap them afterwards.  
That Sunday, was another Christmas rush shopping and I think the number of gifts I wrapped was the number of acne and blackheads that surfaced on my face due to stress and pressure.  Sorry, no photo of the be-pimpled haggard face.  This is when #Selfie cannot be allowed.  

The day before Christmas was our family's pre-Christmas potluck lunch.  It was a wonderful reunion with my brothers and their families, happy gift giving and endless sharing of life events.  
Lechon, Fried Chicken, Chicken Pastel, Cheesy Baked Fish, Macaroni Salad, Buko Pandan and Leche Flan
The Fandiños
Christmas Day
This has got to be one of those different Christmas eves in my life.  We didn't have Noche Buena and didn't wake up the kids to open their gifts.  I was too tired (spell dead tired) from the celebration with the family that I could barely wake up from sleep.  So Macky, knowing how stressed I was in the past days, didn't pressure me to come with him to his parents' house to have Noche Buena.  
The kids got the gifts they wished from Santa.  My 10-year old nearly caught me sneaking Santa's gifts near the Christmas tree that morning.  He was closely watching for Santa's arrival, so I had to call him up in the room to "help" me bring down some stuff.  Of course I made his task very difficult for him to carry the things I asked him to, which meant, more time for me to run tip-toed downstairs with Santa's gifts (then I had to silently go up and pretend to come from the other room.)  My mission was a success!  He still believes in Santa Claus.  The little one has just started to believe in Santa Claus so I have no trouble hiding yet.

We went to mass that morning to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!  Here are my boys at the altar after the mass.
After hearing mass, we went to Macky's  parents to for lunch and gift giving.  The kids had fun playing with their cousins while Mac had to go to work for his holiday duty.  I know it's Christmas and I should be giving myself a break, but I had to do some groceries after putting the little one to sleep.  Oh by the way, I still have no yaya up to this day which adds to my stress during the busiest season of the year.  

Post-Christmas Sad Events
The following day was a regular working day.  That's a working mom's life, I didn't have vacation leaves left and I was tasked as an OIC by the boss.  But what I WAS excited about was the last day of work this year (which is actually today.)  My office mommy friends and I planned to bring our kids to work, watch the lights show at Ayala Triangle, have dinner and exchange gifts.  But when this morning, my little one was crying because of mouth sores.  He couldn't eat anything and was in pain.  In less than an hour, I noticed rashes on his feet, ankles, elbows and stomach.  I got so alarmed, Macky and I brought him to the ER to know what's happening.
He has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  It's a viral disease which is highly contagious.  Healing will happen after five to seven days.  Which means, we'll be welcoming 2014 with this.  I fear that Dandre might also get this anytime from today until next week.  I pray not.

Loves, please do pray for my son's fast recovery and that he may soon eat, even soup.  Because since this morning, he hasn't eaten anything.  

But as what Martine (DaintyMom.com) wrote in her post And The Soul Felt Its Worth 
"Christmas means that everyone can HOPE.  There is always hope.  There is always a Savior for the different seasons in our lives."
With this, I do hope for my son's speedy healing.  I pray that he will sonn eat and that his sores will all be gone in no time.

How about you?  How did you celebrate Christmas?  Were you also stressed this season?  If not, good for you!  Merry Christmas!"

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear your little one's sick with HFMD! :( Praying for his healing, and for protection for you guys in the family. Praying for YOU, mommy, that your heart may grow larger with this experience, and that you will emerge stronger, as I know you will! Hugs!!!

  2. Aww Louise. I pray he gets well sooner.

  3. Happy Holidays! Me? not really stressed, I make sure not to join the holiday rush! ahihi

  4. Thank you so much Martine! @Dainty_Mom When I read your post about HOPE, although I already know it in my heart, it became an instant boost to my faith, that the little boy will be okay, we will all be. Up to this time, he still hasn't eaten anything. I really pray he gets well soon. Thanks Martine! :)

  5. Good for you dear! I got sick several weeks before Christmas so my schedule to buy gifts was postponed. I learned my lesson well! hahaha! Happy Holidays ELNz! :)


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