Cebu Trip and Then Some

Hello there! Nakakainis that I haven't posted something in a span of four days! This just goes to show that apart from my usual busy s...

Hello there! Nakakainis that I haven't posted something in a span of four days! This just goes to show that apart from my usual busy schedule, Christmas season has got something to do with it. Lol! Dinamay pa ang season.

Well it's quite true because everywhere you go, it's traffic and it gets harder to get a ride home that by the moment you're home from work, you're too tired to do anything, you just want to rest. Secondly, because Christmas is fast approaching, I have to chase departmental and finance signatories in the office for my projects because most of them will be on vacation leave already, so I exert double effort to get things done in the office. That being mentioned now makes me lupaypay-kind-of-tired at the end of the day, that I just want to rest. Yup, excuses, excuses! That's why here I am with my quick sharing about my short trip to Cebu!

What's nice about my job is that I get to travel every now and then. It serves as a quick get away from the routines of life. Last Monday, I flew to one of my favorite cities, Cebu for a training I will facilitate. I love my hotel room and I was given a cake as a gift!

How lovely right? I was traveling alone. When a friend saw my FB update that I'm bound for Cebu, she messaged me saying they're flying there too! So I really got super excited! My friend Joy and her hubby took me out that night to a wine place in Cebu called La Vie Parisienne. This is something you may not know about me, so secret lang ha, I love drinking wine, and occasionally I do drink some other types of beverages that makes one a little tipsy. So when they brought me in this French wine place, I felt ecstatic and soshal ng slight. Here are some photos of the place :

My flight back to Manila was scheduled the following day. My soul sister Joy asked me to have breakfast with her and hubby at Marco Polo where they're checked-in at the executive floor.

That being said, breakfast for their guest was of no charge! If you know me enough through my blog posts, you now know too show I love breakfast. So here's what we had:

Here's my soul sister Joy, who's been a friend some college (wag nang magtatanong what batch ha?)

Shortly after breakfast, I had to go but stopped at Marco Polo's grand Christmas Tree.

Oh well, it was a quick but fun trip to Cebu and I will be back definitely next January for the Sinulog Festival, work and pleasure.

But wait, there's more! After arriving Manila, I went straight to our team's Christmas party/R&R! Curacha lang ang peg. I was recognized with an award for some projects I did last third quarter. What a sweet ending to a superbly busy day! Aja!

How about you loves? How's your week so far? :-D

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  1. Sheena Mamaril MalateDecember 20, 2013 at 10:29 PM

    hi Mommy Louise, you're baaaccckk! I missed you and your blogging! I'm glad you enjoyed your Cebu trip! :)

  2. Yup dear I'm baaack! I've got a lot to tell! :) So much that it's overwhelming me too! hehehe! :) I hope to see you again soon dear! :)

  3. Hi Sheena! Yup I'm baaack! :) I've got so much to tell that I'm overwhelmed too! hehehe! Hope to see you again soon! :)

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