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Sometimes, maybe most of the time I think, I make my being a career woman an excuse to my household duties lapses. There you go loves! I ...

Sometimes, maybe most of the time I think, I make my being a career woman an excuse to my household duties lapses. There you go loves! I admit it, as much as I want to be an efficient homemaker like most of you are, sometimes when I get home really tired, I just can't move. I become as hard as a wood and immoveable as the mountains.

Hahaha! Seriously, I admit to not being able to cook as much I would want to. But that doens't mean that I know how to cook. Cooking is actually a skill that I'd want to learn more about. I believe I have it in me, I just cannot put it together as good as Macky does when he's in the kitchen. So I end up performing so much better at another skill related to cooking which is of course, eating.

But if there's one household chore that I'd like to believe I am pretty good at, it's cleaning and maybe a little bit of decorating. So, last Saturday, when a gig didn't happen and I wasn't able to go to Miri, Malaysia with other bloggers, I spent the whole day at home. Mac and I agreed to do a room general cleaning.

Here are some photos which I also shared on my IG of our before and after the general room cleaning.




And because I felt so dirty and tired that whole day of cleaning, the following day, Macky treated me to a mani-pedicure session, of course at the your-friendly-neighborhood-salon.  I chose plum as nail colors.  I'm not your regular dainty pink person, I'm more of a fuchsia or hottah pink kind of belle.  But the color looked perfectly fine on me naman pala!

Let me share na rin loves, that at the onset of December, we put up our Christmas decors as well.  Here are some photos of our decorated humble abode:

Clockwise from top left: 1) 4-ft Christmas Tree which I wish could be more fatter next time 2) Christmas houses and a Church which symbolizes the start of simbang gabi tradition 3) Santa Claus Pitcher and mugs set and lastly 4) Battery operated waving Santa Claus.

It's true when they say that we really couldn't have it all.  That we are never contented.  Personally, those hold true to me when it comes to being an excellent homemaker.  I used to cook frequently.  I used to tidy our rooms squeaky-clean.  I used to change our curtains every other two weeks to match the bed sheets.  I used to scrub the cement floor and wax the wooden floor.  I used to update the children's scrapbooks and photo albums.  We do have household help, but I'm not the type who just leaves everything to them.

But now, since I am busier than I am usually, I don't get to do them as much as I want to.  As a working (outside-of-home) mom, I spend at least two to three hours travel time.  Most often than not, I haven't gotten enough energy to do chores when I get home.  The energy I left would rather be spent horseback riding my toddler, play Dance Central or Kinect Sports with the kuya, check assignments, talk and read books.  Then on weekends, I make it a point to bond with the kids by going out and relaxing.  But don't get me wrong, I still cook, clean and do house chores, but not as diligently as I would want to.  So there goes my frustrations.

Maybe I should be setting a holy time for these home duties and make it more regular.  That would now be part of my 2014 Things To Accomplish.  For now, I'll make do what I could at home.   Afterall, "Good Moms Have Sticky Floors, Messy Kitchens, Dirty Ovens, Piles of Laundry, And Happy Kids".  (Lumulusot pa rin eh no?)

~If you're a working mom, how do you manage your household chores?  Do share on the comments below!~

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  1. Sheena Mamaril MalateDecember 11, 2013 at 8:16 AM

    This is so true Mommy Louise!! I can totally relate to this. As a working (out-of-home) mom, andami kong guilt and frustrations like: "Naku, baka si hubby di na masaya sa akin!", "Nakakahiyang magpatuloy ng bisita sa bahay dahil sa mess!", "Andami ko ng hindi kayang lutuin ah.", "Wala na akong time kay hubby.", "Baka mapalayo ang loob sa akin ng kiddo ko."..and the list goes on.

    I remember what you said to me nung nagkita tayo, "Bumawi ka na lang pag may pagkakataon. I-cherish mo yung moments na kasama mo sila, mag-bonding kayo. Kasi yung time na yun, napakalaking bagay na sa atin yun as working out-of -ome mom." ---- At inaapply ko sya as if last day na namin ng pamilya ko na magkakasama, hehehe! Seize the moment, ika nga.

    Ang gandang pambawi neto, hehehe: "Good Moms Have Sticky Floors, Messy Kitchens, Dirty Ovens, Piles of Laundry, And Happy Kids." Not bad. Hehehehe

    Happy home-making and mothering to you Mommy Louise! Good day! :D

  2. hindi pala ako nag-iisa sa mundo. hahaha paglilinis lang din ang alam ko LOL

  3. Jea Blancaflor



  4. Same here sis. Doing house chores is something I missed out kasi nga I am working fulltime and ang dami bang sidelines, haha. Anyway, I try to do it every Saturday or Sunday. Kasi I can't work in a messy place, haha. Alam mo na being a crafty person I tend to be disorganize especially pag marami orders. That's why we bought boxes for our craft things nang di sila kakalat-kalat sa kwarto namin.

    Mommy Maye

  5. Marie Katrina Bronozo



  6. I'm a work at home mom so I have to juggle my career AND household chores. Nakakaloka muther lalo na't wala kaming maid! Minsan gusto ko na mag resign sa work para lang mabawasan pagod ko. :)) But as I always say, I'm lucky because I have a husband who helps around the house. Ako bahala sa bahay at mga bata pag wala siya, pero pag-uwi niya, tutulungan na niya ako sa lahat.

    Weekends are spent with the family. No work, no household chores (aside from cooking and a bit of sweeping here and there).

  7. Trinket Bulseco

  8. My house is always a mess hehe. I try to appease myself and insist that I thrive in chaos. Di kasi ako oc-oc. I am more of a laid back person (na makalat oops). But I do hate dirt (now how can I reconcile that?mess and dirt) cuz I break out into rashes if the place is dirty, if it is dusty, if the sheets haven't been changed, I get rashes-which makes me strive to clean. And you don't have to do everything naman. You can tackle your messy closet one weekend, the shoe cabinet the next weekend....Although I might finish sa next century pa haha

    Hey, Merry Christmas, sis!

  9. @Momaye I'll try to do it a weekly thing. Kaso di ko kaya ng 2 days, pwede bang tawad ako ng 1 day lang? hehehe! :) Good luck sa sidelines! :)

  10. @Kimberley Reyes pareho rin pala wahming and woohming (pausong work-out-of-home-mom) sa levelz ng pagjujuggle ng workload and household chores and pag-tatambling here and there to make everything happen! :) And pareho rin tayo na weekends are devoted to family bonding talaga. That's the only time I get to be with them kasi uninterrupted. :)

  11. @Marie !!! same here, mess here and there eternally! Same here! two centuries ko pa matatapos ang pag-aayos, kasi pagka-ayos pa lang ng isang part of the house, magulo na ulit siya after a few minutes. :) Galing talaga ng pamilya ko! Taga-gulo lang. Importante happy sila.. so sige na lang! hahaha! Merry Christmas to you too! :)

  12. AAAwww @Sheena Mamaril Malate natouch naman ako that you remembered clearly what I said. Well ganun talaga tayong mga working (out of home) moms diba. Sometimes we're too hard on ourselves. Naguiguilty kahit hindi naman dapat. :) Happy homemaking to you as well! :)

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  17. April Rose Calinog

  18. Kany Vic Perez



  19. Kathyrin Echavez Libre



  20. Kathyrin Echavez Libre

  21. Ruth Presbitero CalsadaDecember 13, 2013 at 10:52 AM

    Ruth P. Calsada



  22. Khrishia Ronquillo-SedenioDecember 13, 2013 at 5:17 PM

    Khrishia Anne Ronquillo-Sedenio




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