My (Late) Christmas Gift Wishlist

I know it's quite late for a Christmas gift wishlist.  But what can a hectic, stressed, pressured, crazy working momma do if she has a l...

I know it's quite late for a Christmas gift wishlist.  But what can a hectic, stressed, pressured, crazy working momma do if she has a lot on her hands lately that she didn't prioritize her needs, wants or wishes this season?  Hahaha!

Well, unlike most of the people I know who got their bonuses already and shopped for what they've been wanting to purchase for their families, I haven't.  I actually am just starting to jot down what I really want to have for myself.  So here it goes:

A Mobile Phone and Tablet Power Bank
I am one of the heaviest mobile phone users I know in my own network of colleagues and friends.  I always use mobile internet to check on my personal Facebook account, Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram to connect to family, friends and online buddies.  I also write blog drafts using my phone on idle or waiting times, making every minute productive.  I also love taking photos here and there.  I travel a lot due to work duties.  The thing that I hate most when I'm always on the go is a DEAD PHONE!  Waaah!  I always run out of battery and I tell you it gets really so frustrating!  I can't call, I can't text, I can't take photos, I can't connect on line.  I can't do anything.  That's why, I badly need a power bank (a red 8000 to 12000 mah capacity.)

Home Office Desk
Although currently, we have a work station/table in the room, most of the time since hubby is an IT guy, he uses that area and I just bring my laptop anywhere to do what I got to do.  When that happens, I lose focus and I feel like a squatter in my own room.  Hahaha!  This time, I would like to get my very own office desk, a black one so it would complement our room color (shades of black, white and grey.)  I'm excited to get myself one and start "working" more efficiently at home (when kids are asleep and when home duties are done.)  When I say work, it's mostly blogging by the way and I love every moment of it.
A Red Comfortable Victorian Chair
I've always been fascinated with curves, swirls, Old English or French designs or themes.  I like what feels to be grand and majestic yet practical at the same time.  Anyway, with that, I wish to match my home office table with a comfortable red Victorian chair.  Red is color for love and passion and it's my favorite color.  It's also close to my personality as I could get really passionate about the things I do.  For my chair, I would want it to be really comfortable and majestic-queen-looking at the same time. It's where I will sit and think.  Sit and read.  Sit and write.  Sit and daydream.  Sit and do other passionate things.  So it has to be a really nice chair. :)
Like this in RED.
Photo Source
Nikon 1 J1 Camera
In my Christmas wish last year, I just listed a red point and shoot camera which I was able to buy for myself.  When unexpectedly, my blog was noticed by more brands and I got invited to more events, I realized the need for a better camera.  I am not into DSLR cameras because for me it's heavy and bulky thus making it impractical for me to carry around.  I'm more of a point and shoot kind of gal.  I heard that this camera has the convenience of a point and shoot but the quality of its photos are like of DSLR cameras.
The bags, shoes and clothes are some of which I don't really wish for anymore.  Not because I have too many of those mentioned, in fact marami na akong hindi kasyang clothes because I gained a looooot of weight, but I guess my wants right now have matured to help me in my personal and professional development.  I also realized, that this year's gift wishlist has something to do with blogging.  I'm happy that I have these wants because it just means one thing, that I am pursuing a better, more active, more informative and more inspiring blog.  That I am serious about growing this craft.  That I have bolder plans and that I am dreaming of taking it to a higher level so that I may be able to reach more moms and women like myself who want the best out of life for themselves and their families but at the same time choose to achieve those by virtue of practicality.  Pray with me that I may be able to achieve my blog goal for next year.  Also that I may be able to purchase (or better if hubby does the purchasing - although he'd given me his Christmas gift already) everything on my holiday wishlist! :)

2014 is just few days shy away from today.  Let me be one of the first ones to greet you a CHEERFUL, SUCCESSFUL and POSITIVE NEW YEAR!  Sama-sama pa rin tayo in 2014 muthers ha?


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  1. Great list of things to have for the new season... I like your choices and wish you much blogging success in the coming year. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Thank you so much @ElizOF Elizabeth! :) Happy New Year to you as well! May 2014 be fruitful and prosperous to us all! :) Take care! :)


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