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Mommy Practicality strikes SM Stores, Greenhills Shopping Center and Farmers Cubao (accidentally) for the post-holiday shopping just last we...

Mommy Practicality strikes SM Stores, Greenhills Shopping Center and Farmers Cubao (accidentally) for the post-holiday shopping just last weekend and was so happy about her practical shopping finds!  What?  Still hung-over from the holiday fever?  Yes, yes, yes!  Pagbigyan niyo na ako muthers!  If you've followed my holiday events last year, you'd definitely know that it wasn't a time for me to relax and enjoy the vacation.  First, my yaya gave birth early December which meant no help for me with the two kids and the household while I still go to work.  Second, I had flu during the weekend when I scheduled my Christmas shopping.  Third and last, my sons got sick, one after the other.  Imagine that!  Kakaloka ever!  Hence, the acne invasion on my face, which is sad and another issue I have to deal with.

Actually, apart from those reasons stated above, I also love shopping during post-Christmas season.  Why?  For several practical reasons:

  • It's less crowded in shopping malls or tiyannges after the holidays.
  • Merchandise are on SALE almost anywhere!
  • You get great value for your shopping money.
I'm so happy to share what our shopping loot contained:
 Shopping for Wes:
Shirts (L-R): Spin Bl;ack Guitar Shirt - P250 originally P549
Zara Kids Polo Shirt Surplus: Bargained it for P250, selling originally at P350
White and Red POLO Ralph Lauren Shirts Surplus: P500 for 2 pcs, P280 each
Bottoms (L-R): Spin Blue Cargo Pants only P200 originally priced at P875 (no defects yan ha!)
POLO Ralph Lauren Shorts P250
Spin Beige Cargo Pants: P425 originally P849
Tough Kids Top Sider Shoes: P500 only at SM Store
TOTAL: P2,375.00
 Kuya Dandre's Shopping Finds:
GAP Jeans: P600
Keep Calm Shirt: P250
Lebron James Shirt: P350
Zapped Shorts: P400
Dude Army Shirt: P250
Dude: Long Sleeved Polo Shirt: P300
TOTAL: 2,150.00
 20000 mAh Power Bank only P1,350 from Astig Store on Facebook
POLO Ralph Lauren White Canvass Sneakers
Original Price: P2,785
SALE Price: P1,150.00

See loves!  Super fun and nakakakilig when you shop off-season because you get a chance to purchase quality merchandise without the heart-attacking price tags.  Sale na nga kasi almost everywhere!  If you do want to get the best value for your shopping money, shop after the holidays.  This holds true even for gadgets and home appliances.

Also I recommend that if you have extra money and don't feel the need to shop for more little stuff for the house or closet additions, then SAVE or better INVEST it.  :)

~What's your latest nakakakilig shopping finds loves?~

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  1. wow ang mumura nilang lahat Mommy Louise! sa SM Store po ba lahat yan or ibat ibang shops? Bet ko un top sider shoes from Tough Kids. :)

  2. sis, natawa akong maigi sau, promise. mommy na mommy. I am not sure if the POLO Ralph Lauren White Canvass Sneakers are for you or not, but all of your shopping finds are for the kiddos! pag mommy talaga, di baleng wala ka, basta yung sa kids e complete.

  3. Sheena Mamaril MalateJanuary 14, 2014 at 11:26 AM

    Practicality at its finest! Hihi! Me too, accidentally I went shopping after holidays because of tight deadlines that needs to be met before the year ends. I am so happy for your uber practical shopping finds sis!

  4. Hello @Istin Dizon Paigna, sa SM Store yung Top Sider na shoes ni Wessie, and Dude na long-sleeves and army shirt ni Dandre, the rest sa Greenhills! :) Super tuwang tuwa ako kasi super sale! :)

  5. Hahaha! Oo diba! Alam mo naman tayong mga mommies @Nerisa,. Yung Polo na shoes..that's mine.. pang-harabas days.. pang-travel days like this weekend I'll be in Cebu. WINNER sobra yung purchase na yun!!!!! :D Pero totoo ka.. basta sila complete.. kahit ako hindi na.. pero paminsan-minsan I reward myself too pag may time! :) hihihihihihi!

  6. Thanks @Sheena Mamaril Malate !!! May utang pa ako sayo!! Kita tayo next week! :)

  7. Sheena Mamaril MalateJanuary 15, 2014 at 8:39 AM

    Sige @Louise Antonette D. Fandino. I am so excited to see you again, hehe. :)


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