Valentine's Day Greeting (With My Cover Love Song!)

Hello Loves! :)  Yes, today is a special day!  So with that hubby Macky and I would like to greet you a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! As a...

Hello Loves! :)  Yes, today is a special day!  So with that hubby Macky and I would like to greet you a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

As a treat to all of you, we prepared a little something to make (pwede ring break) your day! :)  As some of you may know, we're both in an acoustic band (so ehem, if you need a band for your events, contact us! Shameless plug diba?).  This morning, we decided to dedicate one of our favorite songs from the 90's to all of you out there as our Valentine's Day greeting.  Disclaimer, video made this  morning, no vocalization yet, so sorry na! :)  Here it goes:

This morning too, as a simple token of my love for the fam bam, I prepared a special breakfast for them.  It's one way of saying how much I love them, this Valentine's Day.  But Valentine's Day or not, we should be saying and showing our loved ones our love!
Honey-glazed Pancakes with Strawberries on Top! :)
RED Juicy Jumbo Hotdogs :)
Heart-shaped Rice. :)

So that's how this Valentine's morning went.  Remember to keep on spreading love not only to those close to you, but most especially to those who need it the most.  There's no harm in spreading love and happiness to your neighbors.  A smile, a kind gesture will surely go a long long why.  No negatrons, nor bitterness, just PURE LOVE and KINDNESS. :)

Happy Valentine's Day loves!  Hope you have a great day! :)

~What are your plans this Valentine's Day or weekend loves?~

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  1. Happy Valentine's day. Thanks for the really nice song.

  2. grabeh,,,,,nakaka goodvibes ang voice mu ateh! winner! =)

  3. Wow, what a cool, lovely clear voice! I LOVE it, sis!!! :-* Applause! More! :D

  4. Thanks so much Meikah! :) We decided to make it more regular nga eh.. :)

  5. Wow.. thank you thank you sis Jenelyn! :) Akala ko nabato ka.. :P

  6. Wow Chin, thanks for taking time to listen to my song. Hahaha! :P I gathered enough strength to post it nga eh! hahaha! ;) How was your Valentine's Day? :)

  7. You should! :) The audio here in your blog is also better than those in our FB page sis... :)

  8. ofcourse not noh...sana mg post ka pa ng ibang vids na kumakanta ka,,,,lge ko to pini-play ha...favorite song ko n tuloy yan hahaha

  9. Thanks Jenelyn! :) We're planning to record some more songs. Yung hindi na bagong gising! Hahahaha! :)


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